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One stormy night at the onset of what should have been a nostalgic trip to the lake, Easter and his friends make a pit stop at an old, abandoned house along the side of the road. What should have been a short-lived indoor camping adventure, however, turns into a hellish nightmare when something begins hunting them down one-by-one.

The house is not what it seems, and memories from the boys’ past could be the key to everything… if they can only make it through the night.

  • Search for clues to reveal the truth!
  • Three different endings depending on how much of the story you uncover—can you unlock the true ending?

Easter is a independently-published horror adventure game developed using the RPG Maker VX Ace software. It’s recommended for mature audiences only on account of:

  • Strong language
  • Disturbing, thematic elements
  • Pixelated gore
  • Sexual violence

This game goes to some pretty dark places. Please keep this in mind when deciding whether to play our game. It's definitely not for the young and the squeamish.

Need some help finding all the endings? Check out this hint-based guide!

The first game from Carrot Patch Games! We hope you like our short little horror game. Though the game has gone through some internal and external testing, there's always the chance for more bugs to pop up after a public release, so please write to us with any errors (or quirky oddities) you encounter in the game, and we'll get to them ASAP!

[05.06.18 Update] Fixed two bugs that occurred under specific conditions in the true ending track. Not sure how many people may have experienced them, but this should keep them from ever happening again! Thanks as always for all your support for the game :)

[12.05.18 Update] A few more bug fixes and small tweaks. Fixed a strange bug that only occurred if you tried to walk out a door at the exact same time as the killer appeared, updated some visual and timing issues that had been bothering me, and added a new save before the attic.  As always, let me know if you run into anything else!

[30.04.18 Update] Uploaded new 1.0.6 version with a few small tweaks and various fixes. Mostly things only I would notice. Also finally figured out how to edit the Japanese that was showing up for saving/loading files and translated it to English.

Install instructions

This game requires no RTP or other external downloads to play. Just extract the package, then click "Game.exe" and you're ready to go!


[Carrot Patch Games] Easter (1.0.12).exe 119 MB

Development log


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I started this series on my channel today and I am really excited! So far this game had definitely reached my expectations, I absolutely love it so far. I can't wait to play more of it.

Wow!! Thanks so much for the great video and pumped that you're enjoying the game so far :) Really looking forward to seeing your next parts!

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Check out our gameplay! Great game so far!

Thanks again for the awesome video series! Love both of the video parts that you've done, and the back-and-forth commentary is hilarious, ahaha :D


So... I love this game. 

But also I'm super confused. Where is this 'last choice' supposed to be? I can't figure out how to get the other ending. 


Found it



Please do not read if you haven't played or watched a play through of the game.

This is actually a really well made game; it is one of the smoothest rpg games I've ever played in terms of the mechanics. The music did a really great job setting the mood, though the heavy metal during the 'fight' scenes kind of broke it for me.  I swear I heard a song from Ib while in Easter's room (it could have been from Mad Father), and a scream from Misao. The following parts are really unique as well. Once you figure out what to listen for it isn't too bad. 

I didn't die my first time through, so I didn't see the code. The other times I played I wasn't able to get everything so I watched  FluxRaven's video on this. 

I have a couple questions about the story though:

Without getting the secret endings the story doesn't make too much sense, which is a good insentive to try and get them. From what I pieced together, Easter and Nester were in abusive home. Before Nester, Easter's father would take his anger out on him, which I'm guessing included rape. Once Nester was born and was old enough the father started to go after him. (I'm not quite sure what happaned to the mom, I think I might have missed something). It seemed that Easter was generally a nice brother, or that's what he remembered, so it doesn't make sense for him to tease Nester into stealing. If he was actually the jackass he is then it would make sense, both for pressuring him into going into the arcade and for his father to rape him. Though from both point of views, it doesn't make sense for Easter to just walk out on Nester (that is if that actually happen, rather than it being a memory Easter just mustered up to make himself feel better). 

The 'normal' ending you get is just something that happened in Easter's mind. Easter was the one to physically impare his friends, rather than Nester. At some point they came to a mental institution, all of them. 

How did they all end up in the hospital? I can understand Nester and Easter, as well as Olie (I think it was her dad that killed the brother's father). But the the other two don't make sense, unless I'm totally missing something. 

Is it possible that Easter actually sexually abused Nester as well? In his dream he depicts Nester acting like his father, so it could just be his memories of his father sexually abusing him. But it also shows that Nester hurt the friends, instead of Easter, so if he is changing who did all these horrible things, does that mean at some point Easter sexually abused his brother? 

There's something obviously wrong with Easter mentally. There seems to be to of him: the innocent one you see in the 'normal' ending, and the true one you see in the secret endings. Could Easter possibly have Split Personality Disorder? His innocent side is the one trying to cope with what he's done, while the true Easter is the monster he created. In the end, when he chokes Nester to death, it could have been true Easter who killed him, and innocent Easter that begged to stay with him. (Of course, if Easter had really strong anger issues, that would be the cause of all his mood swings). 

Welp this is pretty long... I'm sorry if most of this is nonsense, or pretty clear and I just can't see it. Thank you for reading this, and thank you for creating such a well made game! If you guys have some other games coming out, I'm definetly going to play them :))))))

Heyyyyy, so I haven't done a video on this game in a bit. I tried to but complications arose...and by that, I mean I suck at games and kept failing the part where you follow your friend through the darkness...

Halp plz.  .3.


Ahaha, no worries :) The fact that you would come back and play at all makes me happy!

Do you hear the sounds in the headphones when you do that part? There will be sounds to the left, right, or center, and you have to click the corresponding button. Is it just that you keep getting a Game Over screen? (I ask because a few people have also reported having a weird problem occur in this part, so I want to make sure it's just that you keep dying or that something weird is going on).  One thing I tell people if they keep dying during this part is that there are no repercussions for hitting the wrong key (you can keep trying other keys until you get it right). So if you start to panic and can't make out the right sounds when the music gets loud, keep trying other buttons quickly until you get it right.

Does that help?

Well I did just end up hitting a bunch of keys until I died. lol
I guess I just suck at recognising which direction the sound is coming from or something. I do have headphones on, so I guess it's just me being bad at games. lol  

But I rly don't wanna keep doing that part again because I'm a big baby and I CAN'T handle jumpscares. lol

This game is great, I've immensely enjoyed playing it but I've become stuck on the part where you listen to Mugwort's movements. I've tried everything I can think of and there are no guides. I'm not sure if it's just a bug but I only hear his first move and attempt to follow it. Then there is no movement after that.  

Oh, no... this is really strange :/

The darkness parts are programmed to be random. There is no "set path," and instead, the path is different every time you play. Once you've taken enough correct steps, the event will conclude successfully. Can you still click the left, right, or up buttons even after the sound disappears? If you keep trying to click buttons, will you eventually get some new text? Do you eventually ever get to a game over screen? A few people have reported something like this happening, but then other people have absolutely no problems getting through this part, so I'm not sure what the underlying cause could be. Maybe let me know what OS you're using, as well? (And what version of the game?) I can try to start seeing if there's a connecting factor between people for whom this is happening).

Thank you for getting back to me. It won't let me continue clicking after the first movement. The background audio continues but the screen remains black. I've tried all directions and even restarting with no result. I downloaded version 1.0.12 on OS Windows 10. 

Hey so I played your game completely , it was really fun with a great story. I hope you make more games down the road. I made a full gameplay video for my channel and got all of the endings, was definitely a grind but awesome and funny to play! 

Oh, whoops! I didn't see you also linked the vid here, ahaha. That's what I get for not checking itch comments for a few days. But thanks again for the great vid and for all the time that must have gone into getting all the endings. Makes me super pumped that you had fun playing it! :) And also thanks to you I found the two weird bugs in the secret ending (strangely specific as they are, but at least hopefully the new version I'm gonna push out will make sure they don't happen again).

Thanks and keep up the great work on your gaming vids! :D

Seems like a pretty fun game so far but is there any way to increase the screen size? Looking at a small box screen makes it difficult for me to see anything really.


Hm, that's weird that it doesn't automatically start up in fullscreen. You should be able to toggle back and forth between windowed and fullscreen mode, though, by hitting ALT + ENTER when the game is open and running. Let me know if that helps! And thanks for playing! :)

Eyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy, got a part 3 up for ya! lmao, hope ya like this one. I think this was a pretty good episode.


Ahaha, this is great! Glad that you were able to move on with the story and loved watching the vid. There were some moments you made me laugh out loud, especially the "belligerent" part. Also I love what you did with the thumbnail and the eyes!

In the middle there, you had a sudden reset. Was that a button you pressed? I didn't even know the game could be suddenly one-button reset like that... so I got a little confused. Anyway, thanks as always for the vids! I love seeing all the reactions to the various stuff that happens in the game.

I'm glad you enjoyed this episode! ^^ 

What happened was, I pressed 1, when I meant to press esc. And that somehow sent me to the main menu. .3.

It really makes me happy knowing somebody loves my videos, especially the dev of the game I'm playing. XD 
I just wish more people would watch...I put so much time and effort into my videos and it just doesn't seem to pay off... :(

Damn it, how am I gonna be the next Markiplier at this rate? I've been doing this shit for a year now. XD

I FINALLY FINISHED AND GOT THE ANSWERS! The ending though, dude I loved it so much and I am even more in love with the game then when I started; it's really great game with a great plot!

Yaaaay!! Ahaha, I'm glad it helped to clear up some of your confusion! And glad you liked the story, as well. It was fun for me thinking about ways to turn what happened in the default ending on its head with the reveals that come in the secret endings, so I hoped that people who played would enjoy them, as well. Thanks so much for playing and for leaving your wonderful comments! :)

Okay! So I'm stuck with the password, I kept going over the hints but nothing comes to mind I've tried memories, flashbacks and trauma but nothing works and I can't think of anything else.  

Ahaha, try dying again (or watching a Let's Play that shows a death if you don't want to find a place to die again). I'm sure the answer will come to you, then... in the form of a series of seemingly nonsensical letters and numbers... :)

OH WELL I DIDN'T LIKE DIE A LOT THIS TIME SO but thank you I will go look at that now!

I finished the game and I'm so confused, but other than that it was really good game! Actually made me jump and scream a little, the plot was good! And right from the start I called that Nester was the guy attacking people probably because of the music box scene that happened.

Thank you so much for playing the game and I'm glad that you enjoyed it! :) Yeah, the default ending is definitely set up to leave a lot of questions unanswered. Have you tried to get one of the other endings? Once you get on the path to the other endings, a lot of the unanswered stuff will start getting further fleshed out (hopefully eliminating any confusion from the default ending). Whether you do or not, though, I'm really appreciative of you playing the game!

I really enjoyed it, so I'm happy to have played it! I am gonna go back and try to get the other endings, because I want answers and I am determined to get those! 

Hey, so, I'm kind of stuck. I'm up to the part where you have to follow Mugwort's movements in the darkness. He makes one movement, but when I try to follow his directional movement, nothing happens. I can't seem to get anything to happen no matter which direction I try to go in. Can't seem to get any further than the first movement even when I have my headphone volume up to maximum.

Is there something I'm missing here? I watched a lets play of the same section and nobody else seems to be having the issue.

Hmm... that's really strange. You say you hear the first movement, right? And if you try clicking either left, right, or up, on the keyboard, no other sounds play at all? I believe there are 4 steps before a new sound plays and some text pops up. Do you ever see some more text pop up between Easter and Muggy? What about if you try just clicking up, left, right for a short time even if you don't hear anything? Even if for some reason the sounds aren't coming through, the event should still let you continue if you keep trying to press buttons and see what happens.

This is quite the confusing bug as I've never had anyone report this. Which version of the game are you playing?

Here's the second episode of my playthrough, made it just because you said you liked my first one! lol

This episode..........sucks. lol
You have been warned...

Ahahaha, no worries!! Thanks so much for making more vids! I always get so excited, and love seeing your thumbnail pic again! :D

As for where you're supposed to go, you just need to go straight down and through the door to the dining room (you'll need to hit enter to go through the door). Once you go through the door, the story'll pick itself up from there lol.

I didn't see the door....


I'm sad, my second video on this game only got 6 views...:(

I knew nobody would wanna see me play it after the first one. lol
I plan on going through the whole game though, just for you cause you seem to like my shitty content. XD


Ahahahaha, no worries about the door. I actually lightened up that room some to try and make it easier, but I think I might need to do a bit more (plus it seems some people's screens or tints tend to make it even darker than it looks on my screen, which doesn't help).

And I don't think that's true about your content at all! Maybe it'll just take some time to build up views. In the meantime, I'll be watching all of them, lol. :D

Well thank you. ^^ lol, I plan on doing a full playthough of the game.
I really wish more people would watch my content though...
Glad you enjoy my stuff though!

I really love this game ! I'll admit, when I saw the kind of cliche scenario at the beggining, I didn't expect much, but then ! I was really suprised, the gameplay was "fun" (especially during the black-screen puzzles, even if it's was scary, it's so intense !) and the story... I really liked it, but that was sad (well that's probably just me) :(

Just, I'm wondering I think I still haven't done one ending, I just had the regular ending and a secret end, but I don't know how to get the other one ;;

Thank you so much! That really means a lot, and I'm so glad that you enjoyed playing the game :) Especially the audio-only parts, as the idea for that came on a whim, so I'm glad it panned out and that people like it.

Ah, the two other endings are pretty close to each other. There's just one thing that you need to do differently to get one or the other. I don't want to ask specifically which one you got so as not to spoil anything here in the comments, but I'll try to vaguely get you towards the right place where the fork occurs. Very near the end of the game (on the "true" ending path rather than the default ending), you'll be asked to do something, and then be allowed to move around and do the thing you were asked to do. In one ending, you do the thing you were asked to do with an item in your inventory. In the other, you DON'T do it and simply wait it out--after a short period of time, it will continue to the last, and what I consider to be the true, ending.

Hope that helps!! Let me know if you still can't get it.

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Hello! This game seems really awesome just by the screenshots, concept and comments. But sadly I can't seem to get it to open. 

I have a windows computer and I downloaded it and the carrot patch game exe with the clear cube icon came up and when I press it it does some more downloading, but it doesn't open the game. Would you be able to help?

Hey! No worries. The clear cube icon with the .exe will install the game on the computer (the bar that will appear is just it unpacking the game, not downloading anything). From there, if you click into the folder that it made, there will be a couple folders like Audio, Fonts, and System, and below that, a "Game.exe" (with likely a red dragon-ish icon next to it). If you give that a click, it should start up the actual game.

Let me know if that works or not or if you're still having trouble!

I love the game but i am so sadly stuck. No matter how i type the password, it doesnt work :(

Oh, thank you very much! I'm glad that you like the game. As for the password, you mean you're not sure what it is or it's not working when you type it? If you're not sure what it is, try killing Easter. You'll see it pretty quick. If it's not working when you type it, make sure that you're using the right capitalization for the letters and everything (all letters should be capitalized exactly how it looks on the game over screen).

I just posted my first video for this game, and I'm sorry about the poor quality, I'm using my PS4 headset so you can't the roar of my laptop and me moving through the computer mic. lol But believe I did the best I could at making the video immersive too. So if there's lots of blowing into the mic, I'm sorry. lol 

This is great!! And I think the quality is fine! I didn't even notice anything off as I was watching it, so no worries. Really enjoyed watching your play-through and looking forward to when you do the next video. Thanks for playing the game and glad you're enjoying it so far!

Thank you! I usually try to record one or two things every day, plus only one of my usb ports works, so I can either have my mic, or my mouse. But I really do try to do the best I can with what I have, which isn't much. lol So thank you for actually liking it.

I appear to have done a let's play.

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Love it!! Thanks so much for this great vid, and I love the picture you drew for the thumbnail, ahaha. So sorry that you weren't able to get the laggy issues worked out, but I still enjoyed watching the let's play and it was really entertaining. Thanks for playing and glad you enjoyed it even through the lag!

[Edited because I noticed I use the word "amazing" way too much, ahaha.]

Hey, I was happy to play it. If you make any other games, I'll be sure to play those too! 

Hey so I tried playing the game while not recording, and It worked just fine. I think it's just that my recorder sucked so...I could try again now that I have a new one. But then again since I've already done the first episode (and it was terrible. lol) I don't think anyone would watch it if I made a series on it...:( 

Oh! That's great that it turned out to just be a program conflict! I don't know much about video recording software myself, so I'm not sure what might have been the issue besides it just being a resource-heavy program, perhaps. But at any rate, I don't think your first episode was terrible at all, and I would definitely watch if you kept going :D But of course don't feel pressured to, ahaha. I'm just glad that you can play the game normally now :)

Well, if you really wanna see me play more, I will! ^^ I just really don't like how the first episode turned out. All of it was very laggy looking, the game and my webcam...

Oh btw, what did you think of my thumbnail? lol I just traced over the game art, and made it into me.


I don't think it was that bad! Just the lag, but it wasn't a huge issue. And I LOVE the thumbnail! It's so cute! I love what you did with it making it look like the game art :D Gives it a really unique and fun look before even clicking into it.

i have been playing your game the past few hours, and i must admit i loved it. i feel like horror games should have a story behind them to make them even more realiastic.

that being said i must say am still stuck on the password puzzle though, even with the hint you gave i remain clueless, please help i want to reach the true end

Oh, thank you! That's so lovely to hear! :) So glad you're enjoying the game and thank you for the kind words. As for the password, try looking for a very interesting long string of letters and numbers whenever Easter dies... ;) Let me know if that helps!!

it helped thank you beautiful human, i reached the end at last.

also loved how everything just fell into place, great ending, also thank you for this game it was a nice change of pace

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Awesome game! Me and my boyfriend played it once and got the default ending, and then thanks to the guide we played again and we passed the two other finals.
The sounds and music are truly creepy and outstanding from other similar games, which makes it pretty unique! Thanks for letting us play and although it's pretty fucking sad, it was really cool to play.
Regards from Uruguay :)

Thank you so much! And I'm glad the guide helped!! I myself tend to suck when I actually play puzzle-ish games, but I always wanna know the story, so I thought the guide would be a good in-between for those who want to get all the endings.

Really glad that you enjoyed it even though the subject matter was rather dark. And thanks very much for playing it and the lovely comment! :)

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Nothing like a password puzzle to prove I'm stupid. That aside, I love this hidden gem. Especially the audio parts, those are fun.

Ahaha, admittedly I've never been good at them myself. Glad you liked it though!! Thanks so much for playing the game! :)

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I've passed the game and the three finals!

It has an interesting, tragic, and incredibly shocking story.

I have to admit that it has cost me quite to get all the finals, youbshould write a guide about it.

But it's worth discovering the tragic history of this game, and the plot twist in the true ending is amazing.

I hope you make more incredible games in the future!


Thank you so much for all your wonderful feedback and discourse about the game! It really means so much that you enjoyed the story and characters so much! :) And I am thinking of making a kind of hint-based walkthrough. I'm drawing up some new art to celebrate 1000 GameJolt/itch downloads, so I think I may include a little something in there!

I'm really enjoying this game so far, and I'm currently working on a let's play for it. (I plan to go through the entire game, lol) But one problem I'm having is the game is a bit laggy for me. I move around pretty slowly, and my actions are also very slow. It's probably just cause my laptop sucks though. Anyway, I can't wait to see what horrors this game has in store for me!

Amazing!! Thanks for playing and so glad you're enjoying it so far! Though I'm not sure why it would be laggy :/ I haven't noticed anything on my own machine or any other playthroughs that I've watched. I do know that RPG  Maker-made games can sometimes cause problems for some computers because of that way they run? But I'm not sure if that's the case here or if there are any settings that could reduce the lag... I hope you're still able to enjoy it though! And I really look forward to your let's play when you finish it! :)

Is there a trick or easier way to pass the part of the headphones?

I don´t know if they are my headphones or me, but I don´t know when I should move or where Muttword has moved, and if I should stay still in the part that sounds the heart, or move more?

A help please, I'm really enjoying the game, and I would like to finish it to discover the truth (Depending on the end that I get).


Hey! I'm happy to give you some tips and advice! To keep from being too spoilery on the comments page, could you shoot me an email? (carrot.patch.games@gmail.com) or you could also send me a DM on Twitter (@CarrotPtchGames)! :)

I am going to follow you!

Something about Horror and, RPG's go together well! I haven't played all the way through yet but, already I can feel the suspense and, atmosphere of this game. Seems like Ollie is the intelligent one of the group! haha

Thank you!! And loved watching your play-through! Excited that you're enjoying the game :) Olie's definitely the voice of reason most of the time, ahaha.

I found Olie's eyes!
(Although I don´t know if they or doctors will be able to reattach them)


Amazing! I think you're the first person who's found them, ahaha :D

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I'm still stuck in the audio part, but I'll try to do my best 

(I don´t have headphones)

By the way, I have my suspicions about who is the masked, although I haven´t passed the game yet, and I don´t want to spoil... 

Could you write a guide in the future?

By the way, your game is great, I will try to pass it to me.


I'm thinking about it actually, yes! A non-spoilery guide for people who want the rest of the story but who are having trouble finding all the clues. I might whip something up.

I'm so glad you're enjoying the game, though! Thank you for playing it! :)

I'm definitely enjoying the game. As far as oddities go, not sure if the glowing star where the crowbar is was intended or not. Anyways here's my video. I'm gonna try for all endings as I can.

Amazing! Thanks so much for this great vid and looking forward to your next ones! As for the slightly glimmering star, yes, that's supposed to be there. Otherwise the crowbar would be next to impossible to find, ahaha.

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(Spoilers in this video. Beware if you are playing.) Here's the second video of the game. I really like the headset only portion of the game so far though it'll be nice to take something flash up during the headset portion, mainly when there's no music, for a jumpscare. But that's just my opinion on the matter.

Thanks so much! Glad you're still playing it! Really loved watching you play through the sound-only portions. Quite entertaining and made me laugh a lot :D Thanks for making such fun videos!

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(End Game Spoilers) So here's the last video in the game and it was both interesting and confusing at the end. Mostly on the fact of I'm not sure which ending I got. Anywho, it'll be nice to know which ending the player got at least after the final scene fades to credit. 

My suspicions of who was the masked were correct!

Try to get another ending, I think that final wasn´t the true ending, I think.

You got through the game! :D Thanks again for the wonderful series of vids! As for the endings, there isn't really a "bad ending" unless you count the various deaths throughout the game. There is a default ending, and then there's a track that will lead to two other possible endings that reveal more of the story if you discover all the clues, so that was just the default ending. That's good feedback about perhaps adding something before or after the credits! I'll look into maybe doing that...

If you want to try to get one of the other endings, I could give you some advice, if you'd like, but if not, no worries! Thanks for playing!

So, I'm very much enjoying the game so far, but I think I am a little stuck. I had the first "dream" I believe (like in the last screenshot at right on this page),  and am now controlling another character looking for someone who's gone missing. Despite wandering around in the dark and attempting to interact with objects, I'm unable to see how to progress. I've got a black bead in my inventory but trying to use it isn't yielding much either. Any help or a walkthrough available for this? It's hard to see in the dark, especially without a flashlight...

Hey! No worries! All you need to do is go through the door straight down from the middle of the room (the one that leads to the dining room). You need to press ENTER to open the door! If you need any other help, just ask! :)

Interesting RPG Maker Horror so far.... will be releasing moar!

Thank you so much for this great video and for playing the game! Love it so far and can't wait to see the subsequent parts!

^^ Thanks! Yup :P Hope to find all the endings.