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My friend reminded me about this game, and I decided to play 

I don’t regret playing another one of your games, it was something ✨

Especially the part of the game where you have to listen, because... I stupidly forgot that I was playing, she said that you need to play with headphones, and I was somewhere... I sat for half an hour and didn’t understand why there was a black screen 👀 🤣🤣🤣

Then I realized: “Oh... That’s what the headphones were needed for.” 👀🤣🤣🤣🤣

But most importantly, I completed the game completely, it was interesting, and cruel, just the way I like it 🦊❤️✨


Thank you Itchy for not blocked me like Twitter (X) and Tumblr.

And while everyone was freaking out about the scary sounds and woeful contacts, I watched stupidly like a maniac, smiled and enjoyed the moments from the game.

A smile just spreads across my face seeing this happen....I honestly look like Bucks or Easter with Orlam, who knows? :) 

Wow. This was a very interesting experience.

[Spoilers ahead!]

I am a big fan of OW (as you may already know), and naturally, I got curious about this game as well, so I decided to play it. And I don't regret my decision at all! (Well, okay, maybe just a little...)

The game was very enjoyable. It felt quite different from OW (mainly because it's an RPG and not a VN lol), but there was still a lot of that Signature Carrot Style™ in it. It was... much darker too. Like, OW is dark, don't get me wrong, and I knew this game would be too, but...!?!?!? I just... I did not expect it to take some of the directions it did. 💦 I will admit, though, it is a bit rough around the edges, especially in the story department. But that is to be expected, considering the game is half a decade old. I still really liked it, though! I found the symbolism and game mechanics to be quite creative, and I'm very glad this gave you enough experience to eventually make OW! You've definitely improved a lot. :3

Also, I really liked Markiplier Nester, he's gotta be my favorite. He strikes me as the gentle giant type. I know that sounds a bit odd, considering he literally tried to kill his brother, but... just hear me out, okay? He doesn't actually go through with it, and from the dialogue he has with Easter afterwards, it's clear he's trying his best to move on and become a better person. I respect that a lot and feel very bad for him... Also, you didn't hear this from me, but he's pretty cute... He looks like he would give great cuddles, but who's to say, really?... Well, unless, y'know, he'd be willing to let me verify... AHEM AHEM! Yikes, I can't believe I just wrote that, what has gotten into me? This is like Orlam all over again... Agh, Carrot, you need to stop making your characters so loveable! My heart can only take so much!!!

Anyways, yeah, I quite enjoyed this little bundle of horror! It was very cool to see where you started from, and how much you've improved. And that's pretty much all I've got to say, so, bye, Carrot! Hope you have a good day. :3


AHhhhhhhh thank you so much for taking the time to play this!! It really means a lot, especially as I know this game has many issues LOLOL 🤣💦 This was the first time I tried to take an idea and turn it into a game, and I learned a whole lot in the process, which I'm quite grateful for (I never would have gone on to create OW without having first made this LOL). I still love the characters a lot and they'll always remain in my heart, but there were definitely things in both the story and a LOT of things in the design that today I'm just like... guh... about hahahaha. I'm glad you could still enjoy it though despite everything!!

If anything, looking at my two (main) games side by side, it's quite easy to see the types of stuff I like writing about and exploring LMAO. I mean besides the horror in general, stuff like groups of childhood friends with slowly revealed complicated and/or horrific pasts. I was able to do a lot more with this though in OW as I had a lot more room to explore the characters and flesh them out a lot more (and not rely so much on shock-type stuff or some mildly overused tropes).

LOL I'M GLAD YOU LIKED NESTER??? He feels like the most complicated character in this game perhaps. And I had a lot of fun exploring both a "terrifying" version of him and a "righteous" version of him going between the different endings. Also why do I always like to make the youngest member of the group the tallest LOL

Anyway, thank you again for playing and for putting up with the frustrating game design in order to finish it lolol. Despite its flaws, this game will always hold a special place in my game dev journey (and heart ldkajfds) 🥺💕

Plz make a zip version of this I would really appreciate it 

I'm sorry, I don't understand what you mean by this 💦

so like on windows, you can download the file and then you need to like extract from said new file to get access to it

I suck at explaining stuff and I hope this helps your understanding and if not IDK what to tell you I will just have to get like a friend to do techie stuffs 

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Hey!! You need to just stand there and wait / do nothing until the next scene starts automatically (essentially choosing not to use the tweezers by waiting). It takes like a minute or so!

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ok i finished the game and got all 4 endings.. and OMG. THIS GAME WAS SO AMAZING!!! You really need to give yourself more credit. this shit was AMAZING!! while the characters werent as developed as Our Wonderland was (it's strange how badly you can both hate a character but at the same time love a character too.. especially gidget, or whatever name they'll go by. THEY WERE STILL REALLY NICE!!!
but... the most AMAZING THING WAS THE PLOT (and the art. very very nice detailed art. especially the gore dude!! you're amazing at graphic stuff)

spoilers ....

like.. did the house never happen? Was it just Easter dreaming to make himself seem like the good guy while he dreamt of Nester being the bad guy? Making Nester seem like an antagonist by making him kill everyone. I knew it was strange whenever Easter felt no remorse leaving his YOUNGER BROTHER GETTING RAPED BY THEIR OWN FUCKING FATHER??? WHAT KIND OF SICK BASTARD DOES THAT??? Nester.. Easter didn't get turned into a sick freak by ur father... HE WAS JUST BORN THAT WAY??? THERE AINT NO GODDAMN WAY HE WAS INFLUENCED BY HIS FATHER TO FEED HIS FRIEND BLEACH??

But yeah!! Was the gang (yes i called them that) just living inside the hospital? I mean, it felt as if they were there for a long time, and I don't think someone would rescue them in a house in the middle of nowhere. GOD THIS GAME IS SO GOOD!! And as always, the good guys are always hot (i love nester and i was in pure agony when i had found out he.. tried FIST FUCKING EASTER TO DEATH??? thank god it probably never happened) BUT I FEEL SO BAD FOR NESTER!!! I dont know how anyone could treat their younger siblings like trash, or even treat anyone like garbage in general... though there were some times where it felt that Easter was an OK brother, like that time he told Nester to pretend to sleep (except i think Nester ended up GETTING ABUSED BY HIS DAD BECAUSE OF THAT??) 

Oh, I had no idea Nester and Easter were brothers, by the way. I mean.. Easter looks white as hell, while Nester looks asian.. I only had found out whenever Easter walked into NESTER GETTING RAPED??? and the UGLY ASS FATHER WAS LIKE "e-e-e-e-e-e-e-e-e-e-e-e-erm... w-w-walk out boy! i-i-i'm just p-p-p-punishing u-ur brother" ..

first of all, thats not punishment thats rape

second of all, wtf?? i thought yall were friends?? not brothers??

third of all, who the hell punishes their kid for sneaking into THEIR PARENT'S ARCADE??? IT'S LIKE PRACTICALLY THEIRS?? i mean if he RAPES HIS GODDAMN CHILDREN then of course he would be so dumb to never even think of that

MANNN I WAS SITTING HERE LIKE "wow i knew nester was gonna be the bad guy smh" THEN A FEW HOURS LATER "HOLY SHIT??? EASTER IS A DICK??? YIPPIE?????" what a twist! but.. i was very sad whenever nester died... why do all the good guys die bro 

Holy shit this is very very long. I think even longer than my Our Wonderland review?? maybe i spent less time on that cause i hadn't slept at all lmao


this shit is going right to my favs lololol

OMG LDKAJD I'm glad you got it to work????? And also then that you not only beat it but also got all the endings??? LDKFAJDLKF SUCH DEDICATION LOL. I'm glad you liked it tho??

"while the characters werent as developed as Our Wonderland was" --> yeah that's a big part of why I feel like this game is not that strong LOL 🤣 It leaves quite a lot unexplored, particularly with many of the chars' motivations and such. Really only Easter and Nester get more of an in-depth look, but even those two are still woefully behind what I would hope for if I was like, writing/creating this now. If I were to ever like, go back to this game, I'd probably rewrite it to try and develop the chars a lot more. Tho not as an RPG Maker game probably LOL Also I rely a lot more on shock value and some semi-tired tropes,,, 💦 That being said, I did learn a ton from this and also as I said I do still love these chars. I think OW would probably never have happened if I hadn't made this game first tbh (even tho OW developed into quite a different style of game lol)

"Was it just Easter dreaming to make himself seem like the good guy while he dreamt of Nester being the bad guy?" --> LOL I think that was the general vibe I was going for, but a lot in this game I left open to interpretation on purpose, as I didn't want everything to Completely and Perfectly spelled out. In my mind, Easter had blocked most of what happened (and what he did) out which is why he acts much more reserved and unsure, and it's only through his subconscious that he's constantly plagued by it (though his mind twists a lot of the stuff around). And it's only after you "unlock" his memories through the Game Boy or whatever it was I called it that he remembers things more fully and he reverts back to his true self, leading to the final confrontation with Nester.

"Was the gang (yes i called them that) just living inside the hospital?" --> Yeah that was the idea LOL that after everything that happened to them, they ended up there. I realize this is not particularly realistic though LMAO

"Oh, I had no idea Nester and Easter were brothers, by the way." --> Lol yeah I wanted to make it a twist that you only find out if you get the true ending 🤣

There's a lot going on with Monte (the dad) that I tried to stick in in small bits, though I'm never sure how much people actually find or piece together or if it's all just way too vague LMAO (which is another problem in and of itself). Also involving Olie's mom and dad. THERE'S JUST A LOT. But I think some of it is way too buried and not presented well hahahhaa.



And thank you for putting up with the issues like the freezing bit and still trying it again even after all the issues laksjdflaskd It means a lot since I know this game is sometimes quite frustrating LMAO And I'm really glad you ended up liking it??? Thank you for leaving such a long comment??????? I don't think about this game that much anymore, but this comment made all my thoughts about it start to return hahahaha.

Thank you so so much!!!!!! 🥰

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HAHA tysm for reading my long ass comment! yea, i liked it a lot! honestly,, getting all the endings was so hard dawg.... mostly just the true and retribution endings cuz i had no idea wtf i was doing... and yea, i was like "Man, muggy, totl, and ollie just seem like doting characters that are borderline obsessed with easter...." and wow! i didnt know that OW would exist without easter 


And yea, i think there's a mental illness for easter... idk what it's called... and yea it's a cool idea but i think it's unrealistic for them to be living there since they were children.. unless they were still healing?? 

And with Monte-- idk if he killed ollie's parents or if ollie's dad killed everyone??? i got no idea 

AND OF COURSE!!! I enjoy all of ur games!! 

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Hey, Carrot. there's a problem!!!


 I'm at the part where Ollie gets his eyes taken out, but after I finish his memory, (and get his eyes) and finish the dialogue the boys have, I am unable to move, or go to the main menu. This has happened twice... what do I do?!?!


I feel like I knew something would happen......... though hmmm, I feel like no one has ever reported this happening before so I'm really confused. Could you possibly take a screenshot or something so I can see exactly what's happening? Or for instance if you check out this Let's Play of that scene, is there anything different happening in the Let's Play from what you're seeing on your game? (I've put the starting time from around where I think you're talking about)

It's very strange as I've never seen or heard of anyone having that happen before, so I'm unsure even how to approach figuring it out... 💦
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It started at around 36:00 in the video, after all of the dialogue. Everyone is just standing there, and I couldn't do anything!!! The music and ambience is still playing, but nothing is happening. I couldn't even go to the main menu!!!! It's so tedious to play through again cause you can't save during the memory!!! aghh!!!

Interesting... this is really very odd 😭 The only possible thing I can think that could be causing it is if the sprites somehow got into the wrong position because the timing was off, and now one of them is trying to move into a position that it can't. See for instance how some of them move around during the dialogue, like Nester, and then Muggy comes and pushes Easter out of the way to stand in front of him. If Easter or someone else is in the wrong position and can't move, then I suppose it might stop the event and break it?? Do you see the part where Muggy and Easter walk towards the door and then Muggy says to talk to him again when you're ready to go? Or does it stop before that when Muggy steps in front of Easter during the convo? It's hard because I can't tell exactly what's happening. My best advice is to like, making sure even when the dialogue is happening that everyone is fully moved into their positions without clicking through too quickly. However, if for some reason you still can't get it to work, I can try to like... maybe upload a save file you can use?? Tbh I don't even have RPG Maker installed anymore because I haven't used it in years, so I'm not even sure how to troubleshoot the issue, especially as no one's ever had this happen before... 😵‍💫

Yeah, I understand, and it's not your fault! And yes, I think that was the case. I think I'm going to go check on it again..because i was actually trying to skip through the dialogue because I had seen it like 5 times already. SO! that was actually most likely the case! And yes, it stopped when Muggy was right in front of Easter.

Ok let me know if that ends up working and if not I can get you a save file that's right after this part. I'm really sorry for the trouble!! 😭

I haven't played it yet but... 10/10 I mean... if this game is at least 1% as good as "Our Wonderland" then I'm sure it's a 10/10.


HELP I DON'T KNOW ABOUT THAT LAKJDSFLAKSDJFADS YOU THINK OF ME TOO HIGHLY LMAO But if you do check it out, I hope you enjoy it!! 🤣💦 It has some issues in the game design and various parts in the story I feel like I didn't do all that well, but I still love the characters and it will hold a special place in my heart as my first game alkdjfasd 🥺

how did i just find out about this?? i'm going to play it RIGHT NOW!!!!!


This was my first game and is also very old and has some Issues so please don't go in with any high expectations LMAO but if you do play it I hope you can still enjoy it ldkajfldskf 🤣💦💦 I do still love these characters

i saw this in ur feed so i was like "Oh wow?? New game??" TURNS OUT IT'S YOUR OLDEST??? But yea im going to play and I will leave my thoughts!!!!

LMAO I was just doing some housekeeping on my main profile I think that's why dlkajsldkfa I forget that all that stuff shows up on feeds...

Oh, yea i saw your new profile and IT LOOKS SO COOL!!! anyways yea i'm playing the game right now and i got the easy ending first.... whoops... THIS IS SO GOOD SO FAR THOUGH IDK WHAT U MEANT BY HIGH EXPECTATIONS??

Thank you for the compliment LOL I'm not very good with designing things, but I hoped it would look a bit nicer at least than the old plain one and I thought the Iggy pic would be cute 🤣💦 

Hello, I saw some videos and photos about your game and I found it quite interesting, but I'm on my cell phone and the emulator I use (Joiplay) doesn't seem to support the game's format. Is there a way for me to play this game on another emulator or another way? If I don't have any form, it's ok because I can still enjoy the game through some videos :)

Hey, sorry! I'm afraid I don't know much of anything about emulators and phone formats, unfortunately. I had never even heard of Joiplay (or any other emulators for that matter). The game is made in RPG Maker VX Ace, so if there is an emulator that will play those games, it should work, as it's a pretty standard game that I didn't do anything special with. If it doesn't work on any emulators, I really don't know, unfortunately. It would require the game to perhaps be ported to RPG Maker MV, which allows for mobile versions, but I think that would be quite the undertaking as all the plugins and code would need to be redone and probably the whole game recreated from scratch tbh 💦 That's one of the reasons why if I do ever make an RPG Maker game again, I probably wouldn't use VX Ace, as it's unfortunately somewhat limiting in that regard, I think.

Heya, this is Oracle Nerd Richie. You may remember me from the previous video. Um, how am I suppose to get through the "Follow Muggy sound" quest? I only have one earphone. I need more clear instructions on what to do. Mind helping me out?

Hey!!! Oh, gosh, it would be hard to do if you only have one 💦 Because the sound comes from the left, right, and front, and you need to press in the direction that it comes from. But if you only have one then it will make it hard to hear...

Hmmm, the big piece of advice I always give for this part is that there's no penalty for stepping in the wrong direction. So you can keep trying all the different directions (left, right, and up on the keyboard) again and again basically until you get it right and take a step. So if you can't hear where the step is coming from, just keep clicking left, right, and up over and over every time there's a sound and you'll eventually get it right LOL This usually works pretty well to get past this part (I did it to get past this part quickly when I was working on it hahaha).

I've tried it and it doesn't work. I keep dying over and over. If you ever make a remake, please add a visual indicator for the direction. I can't get past this otherwise. Thanks.

I'm so sorry this is causing you so much trouble, I feel awful 💦

I re-downloaded and played through the game until that part and then recorded a vid of me getting past the scene without using any audio. Maybe this could help???? (Make sure you're using the Left, Up, and Right arrow keys and not WASD). It takes about a minute once you're past the final dialogue of Easter saying "...nevermind."

IT WONT LET ME DOWNLOAD IT wwwwwaaaaaahhhhhhhhh

its says "forbidden" i dont know whats wrongggggggggg :-(

Oh gosh, I'm not sure why it would do that 💦 If it's not even letting you download that's either something to do with itch itself or maybe your computer is somehow blocking .exe files? I don't have any control on my side with the download besides just uploading the file... 🤔💦💦

how do you save in the game? if you ca


You should be able to save the game by pressing Esc, which brings up the menu! From there, you can click the Save icon to save the game. Or is there something not working and you can't bring up the menu? 🤔

you can also press the c key to save/go to the main menu as well

I liked a lot the history. I made the normal final. My unique problem was the moment of black screen. Congrats for the game 


Just played through it!  Amazing experience!  It all really came together in the end...

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may I just say that I love the music at the credits thing? I'm pretty sure it's different for different endings (at least for the easy and normal ones- I'm still in the process of getting all of them- and if they're not different ignore that part. I like the music though)

so that's nice


this is why I dont celebrate easter.

I was playing it in Spanish and I loved it. I got all the endings and became so attached to the protagonist. I'm glad I downloaded it. Thanks for your effort in the project!

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Beautifully done, creepy AF. I've only got one ending thus far (Easter doesn't fare well). Using headphones--definitely a requirement if you want to get the full 'Shining' vibe as well as figure out which direction to go in the darkness. I was really dubious at first as I'm not a fan of keyboard adventures, and weary of the glut of horror offerings, but this one's excellent setup and dialogue make it well worth it. I loved the line-art cut-scene bits, and was surprised by the complexity... layers upon nightmarish layers. Fun stuff!

Your comment just made my whole day! Thank you so much for playing and for your lovely words. I'm always ecstatic hearing from players. Hope that if you decide to try for the other endings, you'll enjoy them, too!


This is a really cool game, especially the part where i had to rely on sound alone.  This might be a dumb question but how do i run in this game and is there a way to escape the white masked man?

Sorry that this is late and you probably already found the answer, but you can't run. Only in some instances like when there's an arrow that shows you where you have to run to escape.

Ok.  Yeah, I kind of figured out the part I was stuck on.  But thank you for the reply!  Sometimes I think no one will answer and I always appreciate a reply even if its late:)

Sorry for the delayed reply! But no, you can't run in the game. Only in certain parts where your movement is already sped up automatically.

Which part are you talking about in reference to the masked man?


I played through the easy and normal endings, and i just have to say, i'm so glad i didn't quit the game! The easy ending got me in a fit of laughter, i was so ready for full on horror and terror and anxiety but when it just ended i was done for, and i was hooked. The normal ending got me shook, when we found out the identity of the killer, holy shit, my jaw was on the floor! And then what happened after! Help! I've fallen and i can't get up! Also, i absolutely loved the dark sessions where you follow your friend, i had never seen anything like it before and it was such a fun challenge. Can't wait to replay this game and get the other two endings! Thank you so much for this amazing, scary, fantastic game, and i will be looking forward to more from you!

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Played through the entire game around a year ago and have been following the progress on twitter ever since. I have SUPER high hopes for this new update!!! (also love your work! <3)

Went through both easy and normal ending, the story was rather interesting and funny game over scene. The bad things that I've got to mention is the very loud music playing when something happens and it's extremely dark even with curtains closed. That said, good job on the game. :)

Thanks so much for playing the game and for your great feedback!! :) I'm glad you found the story interesting!

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After playing through and getting both the Easy and Normal ending, I'm going to say this gets an 8.5/10 Some sections were far too long, such as the dark sections in which you follow a friend, and a couple of the "dream" sections, and some of the sound effects were needlessly long. Apart from that, this is how you make an RPG horror game. Loved the emphasis on your eyes not being of any help in some sections, too.

Thanks so much for playing the game and for your great feedback! I definitely know what you mean--I, too, believe that I let some of the parts drag on a bit too long, especially after watching people do Let's Plays of the game and seeing reactions to various things that happen. These are the types of things (along with plenty of others lol) that I'm going to keep in mind as I work on my next game. Thanks so much for giving this a play!!

After playing through and getting all of the endings, my score retains. Yes, you have to read into it, but that makes it all the better. The (MEGA SUPER DUPER SPOILERS AHEAD IF YOU DONT WANT ANY DONT READ FARTHER THAN THIS) conflict between Nester and Easter is beautifully orchestrated, revealing as little as it can until the end, when the dam gets Thanos'd. +rep to carrotpatch games

Ran into a problem at the start. It says Kaz's (I think) awesome light effects don't work (Something along these lines.) Then the game just stops

Nevermind, one time error

Glad you got it working! Not quite sure what might have been the problem... Could be an issue with the game engine itself just being finicky.

One more thing. The section with Mugwort in the dark is balls to the wall difficult. Any tips?

You may need to turn up your volume (and make sure you're using headphones) in this part! My main piece of advice is that there's no penalty for stepping in the wrong direction.  As the surrounding noises start to make it harder to hear, you can keep trying different directions until you get the right ones. Let me know if that helps!

Yes, that helps. I'm in really loud areas a lot, and can't hear sometimes, so that might've been the issue. Thanks!

I took your tos

Ahaha, what??

Deleted 4 years ago

Hey!! Thanks so much for picking up the game again. I continue to be amused by your commentary, ahaha. I'm also impressed that you found every single way to die while exploring the house. Not many people do that, lol.

You're actually doing great! In order to continue past the "Easy" ending, you only need to find one clue downstairs before going to sleep (out of a total of five). You actually found three already! If you just return to your friends and go to sleep, the game will continue (though I can't remember if you saved after finding any of the clues before dying lol).

(2 edits)

Once again, I'm confuzzled.  The part where you have to follow Mugwort is confusing. . . When is the proper time to move? I've gotten two sets of dialogue already, but it's been a few minutes, and I'm losing my sanity slowly. . . 

[Edit:] I got a game over. . .



You may need to turn up your volume (and make sure you're using headphones) in this part! You'll hear a sound and need to walk in the direction of the sound--if you hear it in your left ear, step to the left, in your right ear, step to the right, and in the center, then walk forward. Note that there's no penalty for stepping in the wrong direction, either! So as the surrounding noises start to make it harder to hear, you can keep trying different directions until you get the right ones!

Deleted 4 years ago

Ahaha, no worries!! The controls are very basic: you can just use arrow keys to move, enter to interact with things, and the exit button to bring up your menu (save, load, inventory, etc.). I've seen some people play that were able to use other combinations, as well, such as WASD to move, etc., so I think there's a few different configurations you can use  depending on your setup.

Deleted 4 years ago

Thanks so much for playing the game and for your wonderful video! :D I enjoyed your commentary on the dialogue and names, ahaha. If you do end up doing another one, let me know, as I'd love to watch it, too!! 

Deleted 4 years ago

Luv this game so much, but do you have mobile verson??? 

Thank you very much! Unfortunately, the engine I used to create the game only supports Windows builds, so I'm not sure I'd ever be able to release this on mobile. :/

Deleted 1 year ago

Thanks so much! I'm glad that you enjoyed the game!

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I think I found a glitch, when I played the music box and Nester came in I waited a few minutes (mostly just interacting things making sure I did not miss anything) and then when I walked out, his sprite stayed in the same place, but I could go through the door. (I don't know if this was an older version)

Sorry for taking so long to get back to this! I think I've found the error you're talking about. This will be addressed in an upcoming (soon) update :) Thanks so much for taking the time to play and report this!

Mind if I ask you something?

Sorry, I don't check this often, but sure! Go ahead.

Would you be interested in me trying to bring this over to RPG Maker MV?

I started this series on my channel today and I am really excited! So far this game had definitely reached my expectations, I absolutely love it so far. I can't wait to play more of it.

Wow!! Thanks so much for the great video and pumped that you're enjoying the game so far :) Really looking forward to seeing your next parts!

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Check out our gameplay! Great game so far!

Thanks again for the awesome video series! Love both of the video parts that you've done, and the back-and-forth commentary is hilarious, ahaha :D


So... I love this game. 

But also I'm super confused. Where is this 'last choice' supposed to be? I can't figure out how to get the other ending. 


Found it



Please do not read if you haven't played or watched a play through of the game.

This is actually a really well made game; it is one of the smoothest rpg games I've ever played in terms of the mechanics. The music did a really great job setting the mood, though the heavy metal during the 'fight' scenes kind of broke it for me.  I swear I heard a song from Ib while in Easter's room (it could have been from Mad Father), and a scream from Misao. The following parts are really unique as well. Once you figure out what to listen for it isn't too bad. 

I didn't die my first time through, so I didn't see the code. The other times I played I wasn't able to get everything so I watched  FluxRaven's video on this. 

I have a couple questions about the story though:

Without getting the secret endings the story doesn't make too much sense, which is a good insentive to try and get them. From what I pieced together, Easter and Nester were in abusive home. Before Nester, Easter's father would take his anger out on him, which I'm guessing included rape. Once Nester was born and was old enough the father started to go after him. (I'm not quite sure what happaned to the mom, I think I might have missed something). It seemed that Easter was generally a nice brother, or that's what he remembered, so it doesn't make sense for him to tease Nester into stealing. If he was actually the jackass he is then it would make sense, both for pressuring him into going into the arcade and for his father to rape him. Though from both point of views, it doesn't make sense for Easter to just walk out on Nester (that is if that actually happen, rather than it being a memory Easter just mustered up to make himself feel better). 

The 'normal' ending you get is just something that happened in Easter's mind. Easter was the one to physically impare his friends, rather than Nester. At some point they came to a mental institution, all of them. 

How did they all end up in the hospital? I can understand Nester and Easter, as well as Olie (I think it was her dad that killed the brother's father). But the the other two don't make sense, unless I'm totally missing something. 

Is it possible that Easter actually sexually abused Nester as well? In his dream he depicts Nester acting like his father, so it could just be his memories of his father sexually abusing him. But it also shows that Nester hurt the friends, instead of Easter, so if he is changing who did all these horrible things, does that mean at some point Easter sexually abused his brother? 

There's something obviously wrong with Easter mentally. There seems to be to of him: the innocent one you see in the 'normal' ending, and the true one you see in the secret endings. Could Easter possibly have Split Personality Disorder? His innocent side is the one trying to cope with what he's done, while the true Easter is the monster he created. In the end, when he chokes Nester to death, it could have been true Easter who killed him, and innocent Easter that begged to stay with him. (Of course, if Easter had really strong anger issues, that would be the cause of all his mood swings). 

Welp this is pretty long... I'm sorry if most of this is nonsense, or pretty clear and I just can't see it. Thank you for reading this, and thank you for creating such a well made game! If you guys have some other games coming out, I'm definetly going to play them :))))))

Personally, I disagree with your take on the normal ending. I think that it was Nester who had done all of those things, and that none of them remembered it. Remember the nurse's thing about repressed memories? It may be that they went through so much shock that they automatically repressed them, and also (MEGA SUPER SPOILERS AHEAD) with the bit at the end where Nester pulls out the knife, is meant to lean towards the fact that it did happen. I do like your take though!

Heyyyyy, so I haven't done a video on this game in a bit. I tried to but complications arose...and by that, I mean I suck at games and kept failing the part where you follow your friend through the darkness...

Halp plz.  .3.


Ahaha, no worries :) The fact that you would come back and play at all makes me happy!

Do you hear the sounds in the headphones when you do that part? There will be sounds to the left, right, or center, and you have to click the corresponding button. Is it just that you keep getting a Game Over screen? (I ask because a few people have also reported having a weird problem occur in this part, so I want to make sure it's just that you keep dying or that something weird is going on).  One thing I tell people if they keep dying during this part is that there are no repercussions for hitting the wrong key (you can keep trying other keys until you get it right). So if you start to panic and can't make out the right sounds when the music gets loud, keep trying other buttons quickly until you get it right.

Does that help?

Well I did just end up hitting a bunch of keys until I died. lol
I guess I just suck at recognising which direction the sound is coming from or something. I do have headphones on, so I guess it's just me being bad at games. lol  

But I rly don't wanna keep doing that part again because I'm a big baby and I CAN'T handle jumpscares. lol

This game is great, I've immensely enjoyed playing it but I've become stuck on the part where you listen to Mugwort's movements. I've tried everything I can think of and there are no guides. I'm not sure if it's just a bug but I only hear his first move and attempt to follow it. Then there is no movement after that.  

Oh, no... this is really strange :/

The darkness parts are programmed to be random. There is no "set path," and instead, the path is different every time you play. Once you've taken enough correct steps, the event will conclude successfully. Can you still click the left, right, or up buttons even after the sound disappears? If you keep trying to click buttons, will you eventually get some new text? Do you eventually ever get to a game over screen? A few people have reported something like this happening, but then other people have absolutely no problems getting through this part, so I'm not sure what the underlying cause could be. Maybe let me know what OS you're using, as well? (And what version of the game?) I can try to start seeing if there's a connecting factor between people for whom this is happening).

Thank you for getting back to me. It won't let me continue clicking after the first movement. The background audio continues but the screen remains black. I've tried all directions and even restarting with no result. I downloaded version 1.0.12 on OS Windows 10. 

Hey so I played your game completely , it was really fun with a great story. I hope you make more games down the road. I made a full gameplay video for my channel and got all of the endings, was definitely a grind but awesome and funny to play! 

Oh, whoops! I didn't see you also linked the vid here, ahaha. That's what I get for not checking itch comments for a few days. But thanks again for the great vid and for all the time that must have gone into getting all the endings. Makes me super pumped that you had fun playing it! :) And also thanks to you I found the two weird bugs in the secret ending (strangely specific as they are, but at least hopefully the new version I'm gonna push out will make sure they don't happen again).

Thanks and keep up the great work on your gaming vids! :D

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