Our Wonderland: Arc 2 Out Now!

Hey, all you kibbles and cornflakes! It's your favorite Carrot, here with the announcement (I'm sure) you've all been waiting for! The release of Arc 2!!1!11!1

I-its funny because my game has cannibalism in it... I promise...

But anyway, down to bUsInEsS. As I've said a few times now, Arc 2, a.k.a. the "Call Genzou" arc, is one of Our Wonderland's middle arcs, which explore various possibilities our intrepid protagonist Iggy could take while trying to figure out how to stop getting tortured and killed fix Wonderland and his friends. This arc, as you might guess from the title (or if you've paid attention to my Twitter) focuses on Iggy's best friend and resident comedian, Genzou:

"Who am I? The Pied F@%$ing Piper?!"

But Carrot, you might ask. What exactly am I getting out of all of this?

Well, let me tell you. BRING IN THE NEW FEATURES.

  • 3 to 4 more hours of gameplay (around 45k new words)!
  • Another complete story with ending!
  • 28 brand-new CGs!
  • A new cinematic ending sequence! (i-it's like almost 40 shots total why did I do that to myself)
  • 4 new ways to violently die!
  • More caustic witticisms from Genzou than you can count!
  • More asexual distress (but also joy???)!!!

Let's *clap* descend *clap* into a world of pain *clap clap*

T-to be honest, this arc is quite sOuL-wReNcHiNg for me for multiple reasons, and I may or may not have (read: I definitely did) put too much of my own Feelings™ and Experiences™ into it, but I hope the thought of delving too deeply into the bowels of my mind doesn't deter you from trying out this cool and definitely-not-horrific new chapter of Carrot's Fantastic World of WTF-ery.

Btw, I'm also happy to say that I'm releasing this arc as part of #AceJam2022! Especially since this arc is particularly ACE-TASTIC. Also you should definitely go and check out all the other great ace games as part of the jam!!!

All those characters you saw go off the deep end in Arc 1 are BACK and ready to go off the deep end again in NEW and EXCITING ways!


What do you need to do to download and play this new level of hell? Let's take a look!

  • If you haven't played Our Wonderland beforeWHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR. You don't need to do anything special! Just download the game and play from the beginning, and you'll be able to start Arc 2 once you're finished with Arc 1. (The new Arc 2 version of the game includes the complete game so far including Arc 1—there's no separate download.)
  • If you have played Our Wonderland before and have a save file: Probably you want to carry over your save file so you can start playing Arc 2 RIGHT where you left off with Arc 1, complete with all the choices you've made so far! In this case, there's an extra step, but don't fret! It's not difficult. You'll want to download the new Arc 1 + 2 version of the game, copy over the "saves" folder from your previous version of the game, and paste that into the "game" folder of the new version of the game:

Copy over the entire folder with all your save files and persistent data into the "game" folder of the new Arc 1 + 2 version of the game!

Once you do this, start up the game like normal and load the file you saved on the final "who to call" question, then choose "Call Genzou" to begin Arc 2! It's that easy! (H-h-however if you do run into any issues, please just let me know and I'll help you figure them out!!)

Have I mentioned that this arc is a little bit g-g-g-gayer than Arc 1?

And finally, of course, the content warnings! Despite my Most Cordial and Facetious tone, this game is actually a horror game! (wh-who would have thought) As such, it contains its fair share of disturbing content matter (if the cAnNiBaLiSm gif at the top of this announcement wasn't already enough to to warn you). Arc 2 abides by the same general content warnings as Arc 1, which are:

  • Strong adult language
  • Strong graphic violence (both illustrated and textual)
  • Sexual violence/assault/unwanted sexual advances
  • Disturbing and potentially triggering elements

I also provided a more-detailed list of specifics for Arc 1 for those worried/concerned/unsure about any of the above, and I've created the same for Arc 2. I've hidden it below for spoiler reasons, but all you need to do is highlight it to read it:

  • Scenes of violence and torture (tongues being cut off, eyes being jabbed, eyes melting, lots and lots of blood)
  • Violent deaths (goring, being eaten/digested, stabbing with scissors, detailed accounts of electrocution, heads being chopped open, stomachs being ripped open)
  • Unwanted sexual advances (unwanted kissing, touching, trying to initiate sexual intercourse without consent, trying to "fix" someone through sex, i.e., threat of corrective rape, though no actual rape occurs)
  • Disturbing/potentially triggering elements (cannibalism, bullying, teasing)
  • Mentions in dialogue of suicide and self-loathing

As always, if you'd like additional information, details, screenshots, etc., of anything listed above or have any questions, please please please reach out! I don't want anyone going into the game unprepared for something that may be too much for them!!

There you have it! Go forth and play Arc 2! And if you like it, please let me know! I'm still hard at work on future arcs and your lovely words give me those sometimes-much-needed bursts of motivation that keep me charging forward so I can finish this Hellish Abomination of My Own Creation. As always, feel free to check out my Twitter for updates, art, ridiculous shitposts, and general tomfoolery. I love talking to people about my game and characters!!

Lol look at these silly dOrKs...


Our Wonderland - Arc 1 + 2 - Version 2.0 [PC].zip 243 MB
Feb 16, 2022
Our Wonderland - Arc 1 + 2 - Version 2.0 [Mac].zip 225 MB
Feb 16, 2022
Our Wonderland - Arc 1 + 2 - Version 2.0 [Linux].bz2 232 MB
Feb 16, 2022

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can I just say…Your personality is amazing author XD

And man…the story I was hoping to save and romance genzou tbh this was amazing regardless of the rather bleak ending I enjoyed it hopefully we can save everyone next time Gadgit didn’t die this time though so maybe next time we can save them for real

LOL I admit I go a little oFf tHe rAiLs whenever I write new devlogs hahahaha (and I feel like they're getting more and more ridiculous the more of them I write... LOL)

But ahhhhh thank you so much though for playing and for your lovely words!! I'm so glad you enjoyed this arc!! *weeps* I would also have liked to save and have a wonderful happy ending with Genzou b-b-but there's still other Stuff™ to fix before everyone can be hunky-dory, so I hope you'll be able to hold out for a little while longer at least hahaha. I hope you'll continue to enjoy it!!!

yea definitely cant wait to see the rest of the story aaaaah I’m so excited- anyway till next time Author


I've already played it and I love it!

I'm already looking forward to the next ARC<3<3<3<3


Thank you so much!!! :') I'm so glad you loved it! <3

And I'm hard at wooooooOOOOOOooooooork!