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Wow, I dont know any of these people but I was so invested lol 🀩 I may play the OG game to learn more about them. 





I don’t know why I’ve always gotten the ending three after playing for a long time, and there’s no tutorial and I don’t know what the other endings look like, which makes me very distressed😞

It was cool how I got to dance with him and how the environment moved with him. Cool game!




It took me like 15 minutes to play the whole game BUT I WAS ASCENDING TO HEAVEN DURING THOSE WHOLE FIFTEEN MINUTES

But before I open my mouth and let the words flow like a frickin WATERFALL spoiler warning for both this game and the main game (Our Wonderland) if you who read this comment haven't played yet :3


Firstly THE MUSIC ????? SO GOOD ???? OH MY GOD ????? Like it's really the first thing I heard and I opened and I was already like : "wow. another masterpiece awating me huh." AND HOW YOU MANAGE IT TOO ? Like when it stops when it's an important moment or when Orlam starts to get annoyed, loved this as well !

Secondly THE EFFECTS WERE AMAZING IT WAS BEAUTIFUL. And how the main menu changes after each ending ????? SO SO NICE. Also really loved how the colour of the petal changes when you get ending 3 and they become WHITE. IGGY MY POOR GUY ToT

And thirdly the story and endings in general were very very nice ! Especially when you know how it is in the main game- Their relationship is so toxic BUT ALSO SO WELL WRITTEN... And then Arc 5 comes and BOOM THEY'RE MORE OR LESS "OKAY" AGAIN AND MY TEARS OF SADNESS AND PAIN BECOME TAERS OF JOY AND EMOTION.

 And I love each ending ! Ending one is the "bad" one, but at least we continue to defend Iggy... (even though it results in him very probably dying afterwards but oh well...) HOWEVER THOSE MEAN WORDS AT THE END HURT. WHY WOULD YOU DO THIS CARROT. THIS IS SO MEAN (do I really have anything to say about this considering how I treat my own OCs well NO but that's something else let's forget about it...). Especially as I mentioned before when you know how it ends, with Genzou apologizing AND THAT GODDAMN EMOTINAL CINEMATIC THAT BROUGHT ME TO TEARS...

Ending two is the canon one, where Orlam sadly dies... So can we consider the conversation Orlam and Genzou have in this ending canon as well ? Also I have mixed feelings about this ending... I mean yeah cool Iggy and Genzou are more or less out of danger but 1. Orlam is dead 2. Killed by Genzou which means more trauma for him 3. There are still A LOT of unpacked issues to be resolved BUT THAT WILL HAVE TO WAIT FOR THE NEXT TIME LOOP I GUESS

And then ending three... I mean no one dies (yet) and Orlam doesn't seem too pissed off but... I MEAN... CAN WE REALLY HOPE... Also if you consider that you can achieve that ending by pissing Orlam off a bit but then retracting... I HAVE VERY LITTLE HOPE TO SAY THE LEAST... ESPECIALLY WHEN I SEE THOSE BLOODY WHITE PETALS ON THE MAIN MENU SCREEN... But it's cool that you can achieve this ending in several different ways !


Also taking the opportunity to ask... Would you be interested in having your games translated in French ? By me ? And completely for free ? I mean, I have very little to no experience in programming games, but I could translate the text ! I really think your games are great and I think it could be nice to have them accessible to more people ! Of course this is just a simple proposition, I would totally understand if you don't want to !

So overall very cool and nice game (as always) I love what it adds to the main story !!!




SOB HOW DID I MISS THIS COMMENT????? I feel like I haven't been able to stay on top of itch stuff lately LKDJFALSD I only just saw this while clicking back into this game to check for something hELP


Thank you for all these kind words ahhhh I am overcome. I'm glad you liked the song!! It's the same artist that I also use in some of Orlam's scenes in Arc 5, so I felt it would mesh super well and kind of act like a consistent motif πŸ€­ And thank you for the lovely words about the effects. I tried a whole bunch of different stuff for this game despite it being so small alkdfjads (I just like to go all out or something who can say)

Lol yes ending 2 is the "canon" one, as in that's what actually happens in the version of arc 2 we see in the game. Though I do feel personally that all of these endings probably happened in various loops at some point... it's kind of my general idea that there are 100s of other loops that happen outside of the main 5 actually shown. There are already all of the optional times Iggy dies for instance, which all start new loops. And I like to think that even beyond that there are like, 100s of possible variations, some of them similar to the current loops and some of them branching off even more. It's more that these 5 are the "main foundation" that move Iggy forward, but there are still many other possibilities (and also leading to all of them dying so many more times than is shown, too aslkdjfaSD). So in my head, probably all of the endings in this game could also be possible variations that just aren't shown in the main game.

Ahhhh... I'm unsure about the translation lakdjfads only because I know what a gigantic task it is and just how many words these games are LOL (the main game is like 250k + words which is like 3 novels' worth πŸ’¦)  So I would never want anyone to spend all that time working on something that I would never be able to compensate for (I also really feel strongly in general about translators not being paid enough for the work they do -- I went to school for translation lakdjfalkds). That and I always feel uneasy because I can't understand the translated text so I feel a bit nervous about not knowing how parts of the text might be interpreted but I can't tell... πŸ˜΅β€πŸ’« So I might need to think about it lkadjfad

Sob sob at any rate, I'm really happy that you enjoyed this little game!! O2A2 always gives me an opportunity to create something fun and new and think about storytelling in different ways, so I really love it for that! And that I was able to make something like this that could give different insight back into the main game. Thank you so much for all the lovely words and for all your support ahhhhh it really means so much!!!!!! πŸ˜­πŸ’•

No problem about the translation thingie ! It was just an idea that popped like that into my head because I really love languages and find translating fun (even though I thought about the length and was like "Mel. You might want to think about that a bit more at least for the main game.") but I understand your feelings and why you want to think about it !

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As you see... I'm sending 3 comments on 4 of your games... No regrets. Fuck sleep cause this shit is my priority now. Wishing myself luck!



Edit 3: It's been 10 minutes... I STILL CANONOT GET ENDING 2?


HAHAHAHAHAHA HELP THIS IS SO MANY GAMES SO QUICKLY LMAO I hope you were able to get some sleep after this??? My god... I can't even imagine going back to back between these lkadjfasd

I'm glad you finally got all the endings!!! πŸ€£ Indeed, I do think that Ending 2 is the hardest to get. I think because it requires the most "right" answers out of all of them, like you can't really choose outside of the set order except for maybe like 1 or 2 specific times. I DIDN'T WANNA MAKE IT TOO EASY Y'KNOW??? /hj

I digress though, thank you so much for playing this (and all the others, too!). It really means so much that you enjoy the chars so much HHHHH. And I hope that despite the frustration with Ending 2 you still enjoyed this one!! πŸ’¦

Thank you so much for all your love and support!! πŸ₯ΊπŸ’•


finally found the time to play this and wow the animation was really impressive. this was a really good way to discover more about orlam and genzou's relationship, which i always found intriguing in the main game. i kinda had trouble understanding genzou before because he simply would not stop bullying orlam for no reason but this game (especially the tears moment) show really well that it's a loooot more complex than just "guy bullies another guy and feels no remorse", as it seemed sometimes (to me at least) in the main game. i may be biased because orlam is probably my favorite character in the game but this was a really cool experience, almost like i was dancing with him myself (and we both kinda killed each other afterwards but that's not the point). pretty much the only issue is that the screaming acrossed the screen really slowed down my browser lol but i have a habit of playing games on itchio instead of downloading them like a normal person so that's kinda on me. great job as always, loved the art as always <3


SORRY FOR THE DELAYED REPLY I've been working to catch up on everything after coming back from a trip lol

But thank you so much for playing?? Ahhhhh and for all the lovely words!! I'm really happy you enjoyed it!! I have a lot of fun trying out new things and teaching myself how to do a variety of different new things in Ren'Py whenever these O2A2 jams come around, and with this one in particular I had a blast with the animation and expressions (and also the new speech bubble feature which I found to be incREDIBly useful alkdjf) so I'm glad you like how it all turned out despite its shortness!

AND INDEED. I think a big part of my initial inspiration to do something in this regard was to have one more small little peak into the ridiculously convoluted thing these two have going on before building everything up to its big bang in the main game with Arc 5 Part 1 1/2 (i did this game only a few weeks before releasing that). It just felt very relevant and good timing lkadjfa

"(and we both kinda killed each other afterwards but that's not the point)." --> LOLOLOL REAL

And ahhhhhhhh yes actually the text lags for me too HAHAHA. Which was kinda the effect I was going for -- to laden the screen up with so much text that it can barely even handle it, I guess in a way to make tangible Orlam's guttural emotions in that moment. That they're so intense they literally lag the game πŸ€£ (though I have noticed the effect tends to be a bit even more pronounced when playing the browser version as it's even less optimized... I'm not sure what to do about it though GUH).



Computer: "Please i have like 2kb and a rusty paper clip left to my name, acknowledge this"
Me: "mm, carot gaem"


SOBBING???? Please do not let your computer die or something worse just to play my games I shall WEEP????

I-I am very touched that you like my games so much though... πŸ˜­πŸ’¦πŸ’•



I'M VERY HAPPY YOU ENJOY IT????? Thank you so much for playing lakdfja πŸ₯ΊπŸ’•

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Hey! i've never commented on a game before, but before i say what i was wondering, i wanted to say: THIS GAME IS FRICKING AMAZING, i love the art and plot!! I have mixed feelings about Orlam but his design is so fun to look at, I'd love to play the game these characters are mainly from but when you said in the bio of the other game that there were slight sexual themes what type do you mean? I'm just kinda sensitive to NSFW so i wanna know if i can handle it or not! but all that aside, this is a great game and the characters have awesome designs! :D also i'm editing this because i forgot the main reason i was commenting- How many endings are there? I might have missed where it said it but i've gotten 3 endings are i wanted to know if there were more :0

AHHHHHHHHH I FEEL VERY HONORED???? Thank you so much for going through all the trouble of leaving a comment (and for playing the game to begin with lakdjfads). I'm really touched that you liked it so much!! πŸ₯ΊπŸ’•

Re: the main game:

There isn't anything that I would describe as actually NSFW in the game (there's no on-screen nudity, no on-screen sex/NSFW scenes, etc.). However, there are scenes where things like that almost occur, and they can indeed be rather uncomfortable particularly because the advances are usually unwanted. The main char of the game is ace but still figuring himself out, but there's another char in the game who really really thinks they want to be with him........ more or less. So this general theme and situation comes up a few times throughout the game (most strongly in Arc 4, which I would say is the most intense arc of the game, particularly in this matter). 

While on the game page of the main game, if you scroll down to these detailed content warnings and expand them, you can see descriptions of all the various content warnings in the game, including descriptions of anything of a sexual nature that occurs, organized by the type of content (violence, sexual, etc.):

These may be able to help you figure out if you think it would be something you'd be able to handle? If there's anything specific written there that you'd like more info on, I'm also happy to share further details!

Re: the endings for StLD:

There are just three endings, so you've gotten them all!! There's the Variation, Promenade, and Fall Away endings. Though the Fall Away one has a few different variations (there are multiple ways you can reach this ending, so some of the dialogue is different, but it still leads to the same ending).

Thank you so much again for playing and I'm really happy you liked the game and char so much!! πŸ’• And if you have any questions or concerns about the main game, please feel free to ask!!

IM GLAD I MADE YOU FEEL HONORED!! :D NO PROBLEM THOUGH! WHEN I SEE A GREAT GAME I CAN'T HELP BUT LET THE CREATOR KNOW HOW FRICKING MUCH I LOVE IT, MOSTLY THANK YOU THOUGH FOR GOING THROUGH THE TROUBLE OF MAKING IT, I've been trying to make a game for a while but i keep giving up, WHICH IS WHY IM SO IMPRESSED THAT YOU MADE THIS MASTERPIECE, ah, i see though, I can handle themes of sexual stuff so i'll play the main game! I only worry about Nudity, Mostly male Nudity, i don't mind seeing female parts seeing as i'm biologically a female (I don't identify as one though, just a non binary xD) So i know what all the parts look like - I'm glad to know i got all the endings though! If there were any more i would probably spend hours trying to figure out how to get the others, I got so confused when i thought there were more endings though and Orlam kept making the guards take me away T_T No problem though!!! Just a quick question about STLD, What's the background music playing while the main character is dancing with Orlam? It's really addicting to listen too!!! :]

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AHHHHH THAT IS VERY KIND OF YOU TO SAY πŸ₯ΊπŸ’• Thank you very much again πŸ˜­

GOD REAL THO. I started trying to create the main game at least 3-4 different separate times but kept giving up a short ways into it, mostly because I wasn't super happy with how it was turning out, and also because I kept frontloading so much of the work so it just felt like mountains of time and energy before I could even see any kind of results or the game starting to form lakdfa It wasn't until I started it as a visual novel in its current form that I finally got hooked/motivated enough that it kept me going to actually start getting stuff finished. And thanks to the experience of that, it's made getting these smaller O2A2-style games done a lot easier as now I know exactly what I'm doing so a ton of that beginning prep and guesswork is cut down and I don't feel so overwhelmed lol.

But yeah! There's no nudity or anything revealing like that in the main game (there are a few CGs that are suggestive, but they don't actually ever show anything/any parts, etc. -- I also don't like to draw stuff like that either as it makes me a bit uncomfortable too dlkasdfa). So I hope that will help! But of course please don't ever push yourself if anything is making you uncomfortable, I never want anyone to feel like that when playing one of my games πŸ’¦ 

Ah! The background song for StLD is called "DayAfterDay" by the artist half-dim: I really enjoy this artist's work and use a number of their songs in the main game, as well! A lot of their stuff feels like it fits Orlam very well LOL


HAHA, I do that all the time when I try to make a game, The worst part about me trying to make a game is I'm making it on Ren'Py, WHICH IS A REALLY EASY VISUAL NOVEL MAKER AND I STILL CAN'T BE BOTHERED TO MAKE IT 

Good job though for completing it! I can imagine the frustration you felt when you were trying to make it, I'm so excited to play it though!

I'm glad about that! I understand that it would make you uncomfortable, I'm the same way XD 

Thank you for your concern though! You're actually so sweet😭 


I didn't understand a thing cuz' i never played the other games, but just this visual novel alone got me so curious to learn more about this character. Very short but amazing dialogues and art

LKDJFALSKDJFAD I'M SORRY ABOUT THE PARTS YOU COULDN'T UNDERSTAND??? But I'm super touched that you enjoyed it enough that you would like the character and also still enjoy it, ahhhhhh πŸ₯ΊπŸ’• Thank you so much for playing and leaving such a lovely comment!! It was really sweet, and I'm glad you enjoyed it!!

now i think i will look into your other games as this just made me curious how this sadistic king used to be a data entry clerk but man the amount of love i can tell you ooze for you oc makes me feel inspired and i really do hope you keep making things that make you happy any pieces of advice be it motivational or be it the actual creation of the game using renpy

KDJFALDSKFADSF INDEED HOW DID HE TURN INTO... WELL... THIS LOLOL πŸ€£πŸ’¦ Thank you for the kind words tho??? Ahhhh I'm really glad you enjoyed this!! And if you do check out the main game at all, I hope you'll enjoy it, too!! πŸ₯°

Ah are you asking if I have any advice for making a VN? I sometimes answer questions like this over on my Tumblr and wrote up a long one that goes into like, the things to think about when you want to make a VN and what all is involved if you're interested!

I never play your game series but after playing this game I will do it for sure! it really fun unexpected with choice and ending.

AHHHH!!! Thank you so much for playing the game!! I'm really happy you enjoyed it!! πŸ₯ΊπŸ’• And for recording it, too! Ahhhhhh I'm going to watch it though I apologize as I won't really be able to understand it dkfljasdπŸ’¦ But It really means a lot that you would make a video!! Thank you so much for the kind words! πŸ₯°




I liked the game, and I also liked your prescriptions so that depending on which ending I got, it was reflected on the game menu! I'm playing your other "Texting the awkward Ace guy youve had a crush on since high school" game, and it also reflects on the menu what kind of ending I got! And at the same time, that it was ALL done on my favorite Renpy engine, which surprised me that it could be done this way!

The job is done perfectly (should I mention that I liked the character I was talking to? I like his character, although it reminds me of other characters, but he still won me over.)

And why do I think there is a 4 ending here? I just compared how to get these endings, and it feels like there are 4, not 3. If there are only 3, tell me, otherwise I'm already starting to figure out how to get a non-existent 4 ending, even though it's only 3 XD

Ahhhhhhh thank you so much!! I did have a lot of fun trying to creative and stick those kinds of fun little changes in with the game menus (in both games, though quite a lot in this one especially). Because of the restrictions of the jam, I had to come up with ideas to still get across some of the vibes and ideas in my head in a way that wouldn't go against the rules lkajdfasd I'm happy you could enjoy both of these games!! Even though they're quite small, I'm happy with how they turned out, especially as I got to experiment with and learn a lot of different things through making them! Ren'Py certainly has a lot of different surprises for all the things it can do that you don't even realize (I feel like I learn something new every other week HAHAHA).

LOLOL I'M GLAD YOU LIKED ORLAM. He is quite... oozy. In this game, especially, as I let myself go a little bit with his dialogue, but also in the main game. He is quite near and dear to my heart despite what a thorn in my side he can be at times.

Ah, there are only 3 "official endings," though it's true that there are multiple ways to get Ending 3 that have a few small variations. Ending 3 is the ending you get if you kinda stay between the two extremes -- you don't insult him too much and you don't go along with him too much. However, you can also get Ending 3 if you stop either one of the string of "speeches" that can lead to Endings 1 and 2. So if you stop insulting him and instead say "..." or if you stop agreeing with him and instead say "...". You'll get a little variation of dialogue for both of these but the ending will still be "Ending 3." It was just something I added in to give it a little more variety ldkjaslkd

At any rate, thanks so much for playing (both this and T2A2G, as well!!). As well as for writing up your thoughts!! I'm glad you could enjoy the character and stuff like the menu screen changes!! πŸ₯°πŸ’•

(4 edits)

Regarding "ending 3", yes I noticed and I understood that this ending is a mixture between 1 and 2, as if you are trying to do this and that, but you "fall away"🀣

About Orlam... I want to know if he has a bot in the Character AI, I already want to talk to him, because I like him, and he aroused my fox curiosityπŸ‘€πŸ¦Šβœ¨ (Yes, my king,/Yes, sir. hehehe).

[Change: GOD, I found three Orlam bots, hehehe!]

I love crazy characters (except Yandere if it's not John Doe XD)

I would like to get to know him and his story better, because it is the characters that are not talked about much or are "evil" that cling to me. I want to know how far he can go >:D🦊✨


I don't even know what this is πŸ€£πŸ’¦πŸ’¦πŸ’¦πŸ’¦

Tho uh... I guess I am happy there are bots?? I'm so confused lakdfjad I don't even know what any of this means HELPPP

I-I am glad you are so enamored by him tho πŸ₯Ί

Don't worry, I understand your misunderstanding, it's just that this thing has become popular, and I'm glad that your game is popular enough to have such bots (honestly, I was only looking for Orlam himselfπŸ‘€πŸ˜…πŸ¦Š)

Character AI - this is the place where you talk to the bot on behalf of the characters. It's like role play, but only with a bot... Well, when two people play the role of their characters, hehehe, but now there is a bot, more precisely an AI bot πŸ˜…

And yes, I'm enamored by Orlam. I love to learn something about him, laugh and be touched by him. Eh, if I was with the company of Iggy and Genzou, and ended up in the castle to the Orlam, I don’t know, or he was surprised by such my love and attention, or vice versa, he was even glad. Here are AI bots and help me remove my curiosity. This is certainly not canon, but it's better than torturing you with these questions, because I know how difficult it is to answer and create games + personal life. 

So, I'm glad to get an answer anyway, even after a week, because the notification does not work properly for me, heheheπŸ¦ŠπŸ˜…βœ¨


I am in love wht can I say. Two charcters who's backstory I don't know but still somehow manage to steal my heart. Well done. I will say that I love everything sbout this and the spinning camera to simulate dancing was spectacular. Great work. Keep it up <3

Oh my gosh, thank you??? I'm really glad you ended up liking the characters so much!! They are both very near and dear to my heart. I'm glad even despite not knowing the context / full situation you were able to enjoy them and this game so much!! πŸ₯ΊπŸ’•

Thank you very much for playing and for these lovely words! It really means a lot!

Good job on the jam game! I had a lot of fun playing your game and collecting all the endings; you really did a good job with the pacing of the game, nothing felt rushed or cut off despite having such a restrictive word count for the jam.

Ahhhh!!! Thank you so much for playing?? This video looks like so much fun!! I can't wait to watch it! 😍 And thank you for the kind words, I'm really glad you enjoyed it! πŸ’•

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I played it 2 days ago. It's good.


I haven't checked YouTube lately as I've been so busy with preparing stuff for the launch so I hadn't even seen this ahhhhHHH!! Very excited to watch!! πŸ˜

(1 edit)

Aaaaahhh this was so gooood!! I just love all the little details you add with your art and cinematics!! The way Orlam's sprite would sway really helped with the immersion of making it seem like he was dancing with Genzou, and gosh, the beginning where we just see Orlam's eyes in the dark and then the lights turn on???? *CHEF KISS*

As others commented, I had a bit of trouble getting ending 2 but I'm glad I kept trying and got them all!! They're all... heartbreaking in their own way (ΰ²₯﹏ΰ²₯) These two are seriously bad for each other but I just keep hoping deep inside my heart that there'll be some kind of reconciliation someday. But of course both are very hurt individuals with a lot of things going on so that would certainly prove difficult jksdbgjksdbg (still, I have hope).

ALSO, also, the way the main menu changed depending on the ending you got?? The way Orlam's screams filled the screen in ending 1?? I loved all of that so much, you're such an inspiration to me with everything you make, Carrot, I can't help but be amazed every time I play your games. I'm already looking forward to any new games you make and, of course, the next part to the Our Wonderland universe!!

Amazing job!! <3


Ahhhhh Pri, thank you so much for playing??? LKDJFALKDSF I WANTED TO EXPERIMENT WITH A FEW DIFFERENT THINGS TO SEE THE EFFECT I COULD HAVE. I love that about O2A2 to be honest, as playing with the animation like that and the different ways to show text is something I can't really do in the main game 🀣 It was so fun to test different things out though!

kjdlkajfdsfa I'm glad you were able to get all the endings eventually. Ending 2 definitely seems like the hardest to get (except for a few random streams where it was the first one people got LMAOOOO). I think it's because it's the one where you need to do the most "right" things for it to happen. They also break my heart in 50 million different ways, too, though GODDDDD. I hope at least to provide some, hm, resolution with the upcoming new Arc 5 part though heheh πŸ€­ (which was partly why I thought doing this for O2A2 before the 5.15 release could be a fun little idea) 

"you're such an inspiration to me with everything you make, Carrot" --> You are going to make me cry??? πŸ˜­πŸ’• This is so sweet!!  Ahhhhhhh......... I am really touched.  I'm really happy you could enjoy and be inspired by all the random little things in the game. Even though it's such a small game, I wanted to give it as much polish as I could and make it feel thorough and complete.

Thank you so much for all the kind words, this was honestly so lovely and my eyes are very moist. And thanks for playing, especially as I know you're so busy!! It really means so much!! πŸ₯°

Oh this.. this is beautiful :)

Dark but beautiful.. you outdone yourself once again!


Oh gosh, thank you????? I'm glad you enjoyed it!! LKAJDFLKAD BEAUTIFUL, UNSURE ABOUT THAT, BUT THANK YOU I WEEP

Thanks so much for playing and for taking the time to let me know your thoughts ahhh πŸ˜­πŸ’•

Finally got around to playing it! And... damn, I loved this so much. T_T

Carrot, the way you play around with animations and build the scenes with them is reaching godlike levels, this is so good. And I know I've mentioned this before, but I have to say it again - I ADORE your art style. It grew on me so much in the meantime, I consider it a really cool unique trait of yours that characterizes your work. It works really well with materializing your visions, too - you just have THE TOUCH, if that makes sense. :D The music you picked for this makes for an amazing atmosphere altogether, as well.

I love the concept of this, I love the endings, and I love how the start menu changes depending on which one of those endings you get... I admit one of them made me stop and stare at the screen for like 5 minutes. Just taking it all in. That was intense. The good kind of intense. Well, I already love Orlam as a character so getting more of him basically made my day. xD

Thank you for making this!! <333

AHHHHHHHH THANK YOU! I'M REALLY GLAD???? GODLIKE LEVELS DO NOT SAY THIS IT IS NOT THAT GOOD but your words are very sweet, thank you... I shall perhaps weep again... πŸ˜­πŸ’•

Gosh you're killing me here lakjdf I'm really really happy GUHHH. I'M HAPPY YOU LIKE THE ART STYLE. It has gotten a bit better perhaps since I first began (which I suppose will happen when you draw your chars like almost every day for nearly two years LDKJFASD) so I can draw them a bit less weird and more consistently LOL

"one of them made me stop and stare at the screen for like 5 minutes" --> GUHHHH HELPPPPP I AM BECOMING INERT

And LMAO I'm especially glad that as an Orlam fan you enjoyed it. Part of the reason I wanted to make a game focused on him was because I knew he had some fans and I wanted to give a little something back while also giving a behind-the-scenes treat kinda. And to act as build-up to the next Arc 5 release since a good chunk of it will be Orlam-focused lakjfdads

SERIOUSLY THOUGH THIS WAS TOO KIND!! I'm so so happy you enjoyed it! Thank you so much for the kind words, they're literally filling me with so much motivation and determination right now, I am slightly overcome πŸ’¦ Thank YOU for playing!! πŸ₯ΊπŸ’•

Gaah, this was pretty incredible…

This was all so well staged! So so much angst and drama, and such a sense of timing with silence, music, fading the room and movements. It was so effective (and emotionnally affecting, too), felt such an amount of ache in such a short timeframe.

I still haven’t read Our Wonderland at all so I had minimal context apart from skimming through comments here, but I got pretty invested anyway. The banter was so good and lively too, I’m super super intrigued now, I’ll try the main game when I can!

(It took me forever to reach ending 2 as well, I’d first played days ago and couldn’t reach it at all ahah, but this time around, found it easier.)


THANK YOU????? πŸ˜­πŸ’• Ahhhh I'm so glad you enjoyed it! And that you liked all the random little things I did to try and set the tone lakdjfads Especially with you not having played the main game, I really appreciate it that you would go out of your way to play and I'm just really happy you were still able to enjoy it! Thank you for the kind words. I'm tickled pink that you got so invested in the chars! If you ever do end up playing the main game, I hope you'll enjoy it!! It's perhaps not quite as in-your-face as this one, but the vibes are probably still pretty similar!! πŸ€£πŸ’¦

And LOL I have heard that Ending 2 seems to be the hardest to reach... I think it's because it's the strictest in how many "mood-raising" answers you have to say while the other ones are a bit more lenient lakdjfa I'm happy you were able to get it in the end though!

Thanks so much again for playing, it honestly means so much!! πŸ₯°

I always know to expect good things from Carrot! Fun and well-executed, and I love how you made use of the moving background. Great art, of course (but I wouldn't expect otherwise), and a nice intriguing snippet of this toxic relationship. My only complaint is that the orange text is quite hard to read when it's printed directly on the background.

Ahhhhhh thank you so much for playing!! And for the kind words!! I'm so glad you enjoyed it (and the look into the horribleness that is these two's relationship LOL) GUHHH are you talking about the quick menu at the bottom? πŸ’¦ I'm still not great at figuring out what to do with that or how to make it look OK... I think in the next game I make I need to make it my goal of tackling that for the first time and trying to make it better and easier to use πŸ€£ Thank you for the feedback LDKJFADSFA

And just thank you again so much for playing!! It means so much! πŸ’•

The text thing I was noticing was a lot of the text prints right over the character's face. Is this maybe some kind of browser/screen resolution thing?

HELP IT'S NOT SUPPOSE TO LOOK LIKE THAT???? Oh my gosh... In that part the background and sprite should be practically black, like this:

I have no idea how it could show up like that and I haven't heard of anyone else having that problem πŸ’¦ The only thing I could potentially think is if someone were skipping through it very quickly it might be glitching out the effects but even then I'm not sure if it would make the sprite become bright like that when it's not supposed to be. Or if it's some browser-related glitch since sometimes Ren'Py games can act weirdly on certain browsers. I can try to investigate but I'm not even sure I can reproduce it... oh gosh... πŸ˜­πŸ’¦

I think it might be a Firefox thing because it looks right on Chrome for me. And Firefox is an older browser so no worries, compatibility issues sometimes happen.

Oh my goodness, you are an absolute genius at this! There are so many wildly inventive details here – but alongside all the clever technique, the story really grabs you (hehe) and keeps you on your toes (hehe!) The use of the animated text is really superb, adds a whole new facet to the dialogue and pacing, but never feels overdone, just the right amount. And all those endings – I got ending 1 first, and was just blown away by how you manipulate the viewpoint to create it – and then ending 2 impressed me even more!?! (although wow, it was very dread-inducing to reach that one!) Also, the extra details in the GUI? It is truly incredible how much you customised in such a short jam! Oh and finally – as a baby who is still too cautious for the main game, this worked perfectly as a stand alone. I think we were given all the (terrifying) pieces we needed!


Thank you so much for playing and for all these lovely words!! I'm glad you enjoyed it even without the context (or resolve LMAO) for the main game, as I don't always know how much of it will or won't be accessible without some of the context lkadjfs And thank you for the kind words about the animation and GUI!! I feel like with every small game I do I try to do something a little bit different or new and practice things I don't normally get to do much of, so I'm happy if some of those things can come across well πŸ₯ΊπŸ’•

Just really touched that you gave this a try and took the time out to write such a sweet comment! It really made my day!


Carrot can you be a little less talented please???? Jk I said in my rating that this game finally pushed me to play Our Wonderland, I've always wanted to but now it is not negotiable. I loveeddddd this so much GOSH.

The presentation is so you! (so Orlam) LMFAO I feel like I understand so much while also understanding so little??

Your art has always been gorgeous! Your characters so charming! This game had me SWEATING at one point, you are so good at making me feel so uneasy, and yet I still want to persist.

I cannot believe this entry is less than 1k words, how? It didn't feel like it had ANY limitations, you excelled! I can confidently say this is THE BEST O2A2 ENTRY I HAVE PLAYED. Period. And it's more than deserved.

You did some tricks I have never seen done in a VN before, with the dancing especially.

and if your art and presentation/coding weren't enough YOUR WRITING GOSHHHHH (save some talent for the rest of us please, I beggggg)

All jokes aside, your writing is so strong! I love that Genzo always has a very specific voice, in everything I see from him it's such strong characterization that i feel like I already know him and Iggy, and Orlam with minimal exposure and that is an understated talent and FEAT.

I cannot wait to play and praise you even more via word of mouth. You deserve all the attention you're getting and more, so crazy to be in the same space as someone so talented.



help dkfjalkdfjKDHEPHLP I HOPE YOU WILL ENJOY THE MAIN GAME WHEN YOU PLAY IT I am very touched and moved and shy... πŸ’•

S-s-seriously though, thank you so much, this is so lovely, I shall weep. SWEATINGGGGGG?????? Wheezing. I'm glad that you enjoyed this!! πŸ˜­πŸ’¦ I have a bad habit of going mildly off the rails whenever I try something new, and this was no different. Just wanted to try a lot of different things (and keep working getting more practice with various things like the GUI and everything, as this is something I'm still not very confident in). 

I'm glad you liked the writing!! I love writing their dialogue so much lkajdfalkds I feel like of all my chars, these two are the two I enjoy writing the most, as I tend to just let myself go to town with them and they do their own thing as my fingers just slap down on the keyboard LOLOL So I'm really happy that you enjoyed them and their dynamic.

Guh guh guh. You're really killing me here. Honestly this is bringing tears to my eyes. THANK YOU SO MUCH!! πŸ˜­πŸ’• Literally cannot emphasize enough how much my heart is squishing and squashing reading this. I feel so ridiculously spoiled from all your kind words lkajdflakdsfa πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•

(2 edits)

CARROT!?!?! This is INCREDIBLE ohhhh my god!! Your use of kinetic text in this is impeccable I could practically hear the voice and tone in my head so clearly. This is so well made and so detailed!? The GUI is outstanding, all the extra effort into customizing everything (even the loading screen!?) is amazing!
I really loved the story, your writing is so entertainig! I have yet to play Our Wonderland since I've been saving it for a time where I can really sink the hours into it but I think I'm gonna have to play it very soon because πŸ‘οΈπŸ‘οΈ I need more content asap.
I am genuinely so impressed by this, the pacing is great and certainly doesn't feel like the story has been limited to <1k words

I had so much fun playing this :D it took me a few goes to finally get ending 2 but I was so glad when I did!! (I got 3 then 1 then 2 ^^)

edit: OH AND I FORGOT TO SAY!!!!! I adored the use of movement to show that you're dancing - so immersive!


Seriously though, my eyes are moist. Thank you for all of these kind words. And for playing????? And I'm just really happy you liked it?? Especially without all of the context going in ldakjfad I'm really touched that anyone who hasn't played the main game would play this guhh... it means a lot πŸ’• If you do end up playing the main game ever, I really hope you'll enjoy it πŸ₯Ί I am still chugging away at it and will finish it... eventually LDAKJFALSKD despite how much the final part keeps expanding.

LOL IT DOES SEEM TO BE THE CASE THAT ENDING 2 IS THE HARDEST TO GET.  It means a lot that you would keep trying to get the different endings tho weep. And I'm glad you liked the writing and all the animations and what-not. I had a ton of fun trying some new things. I'M ALWAYS TRYING RANDOM NEW THINGS.

Bah. Anyway. Literally thank you so much!! Your comment really brought a smile to my face! I'm so happy you both played and enjoyed the game and took the time to write all this up. My heart is extremely squished πŸ˜­πŸ’•

OMG....THIS IS LITERALLY AMAZING!!! You customized EVERYTHING, even things I didn't think you could (like the loading screen)!! Plus the animations???? TOP TIER

I've only played this game, your previous O2A2 project, and then started Our Wonderland (like very early on still) but lemme just's fkn incredible! All of your games are so well done and full of charm and intrigue! 

Thanks for another great one <3


THANK YOU SO MUCH?????? AHHHHHHHHHHHH dkjfaldkjfadf LOL I ONLY DID THE LOADING SCREEN BECAUSE IT BUGS ME OTHERWISE πŸ€£ Thank you though, goddddd, I'm really glad you liked it! I had fun trying out out a lot of new stuff. The animation took so much finagling to get it exactly right with the music LOL

YOU'RE PLAYING THE MAIN GAME??? Ahhhhh that is so sweet I shall weep. Thank you so much!! If you ever do end up finishing it I hope you'll like it lkjadfa (and one day I'll actually finish it, the growing monster that it is LMAO)

At any rate, thank you SO MUCH for playing and also taking the time to write such a nice comment! It made me really happy!! πŸ˜­πŸ’•

great! I love the text and camera effects! This game has its own special atmosphere!


Ahhhhh thank you very much!!!! I had a lot of fun playing around with the movement and effects lkdjafsd Thank you so much for playing and I'm glad you liked it!! πŸ₯°πŸ’•

(2 edits) (+2)

ACKKKKK THIS WAS SO LOVELY, I played this Orlam dating sim so many times, it was simply a perfectly executed experience!! (Even though sdsdfsdf these two are really the worst people to date each other sdfsfs) 

WOW THIS IS SUCH AN INCREDIBLE, EXTREMELY POLISHED GAME?! Someone must stop you carrot, you can't keep getting away with this!! Truly your games make use of Ren'py in ways that I didn't think were possible! There was so much thought put into EVERY SINGLE DETAIL - From the content warning screen (mimicking a movie/theater ticket) to the lovely, elegant logo to the change of the title screen after the ending to the slight shake of the menu during one of the endings...(Even the itch page looks simply IMMACULATE)

All of the little visual effects are SO INCREDIBLE, I'm simply in awe! The intro sequence - starting from darkness, focusing on Orlam's eyes, before the "lights come on" and the music starts to play and you start to dance...I loved the swaying during the dancing animation, it was so immersive (while also not being too distracting, imo). All of the little text animations added so much dynamicism too! And (spoilers) the progression on Orlam's sprite during Ending 1 was TRULY FRIGHTENING. All in all this entry made use of O2A2's limitations SO CREATIVELY that I really don't think that you could have done it any better!

Your writing is simply my favorite, I adore it so much!! Especially your dialogue, this entry was full of IMPECCABLY written banter that was so fun to read and chock-full of character at the same time! Orlam's sprite was deliciously drawn, I really do love seeing his different expressions. And the little meat flowers on the start screen were so funny and clever! I also really enjoyed the use of the music track, and appreciated when you turned it on and off to fit the mood of the scene. 

SPOILERS The character writing in this (and in OW in general) is so well-done. Oftentimes I am blinded by Genzou bias because of how good he is for Iggy, but then I remember how bad he can be, too, and this entry highlighted that. Even though Orlam is the "aggressor" and the "one in control," he's strangely vulnerable while putting on a strong front, and I really felt for him (especially when Genzou is being RUTHLESS in Ending 1). Even though they're so horrible for each other, the past history and their relationship really is heartbreaking...the hurt they caused each other can never be undone. The amount of drama that you managed to fit into this little snippet is TRULY impressive, I really do think that players could get a very good sense of what their relationship is like just from playing this!

SPOILERS AGAIN but I must simply gush about how clever the ending names are! Orlam ending with his own "variation" (solo dance) in Ending 1. Then "promenade" and "fallaway" referring to the same waltz position, but one where they are "moving forward" and the other where they are "moving backward." It is SO clever and I love how the names reflect both the dancing theme and the developments in each ending!

Overall this is one of the most impressive O2A2 entries I've ever played, but how can I be surprised sdsfds, I already know you're a garden vegetable magician!! 


WOAH. Clever catch on the Ending titles having waltz references and having them each reflect the ending's story contents! O_O Lacking a formal dance background myself, I learnt something new today by reading your insightful commentary! 

You pointed out things that I also appreciated but didn't think to mention (eg. the "ticket-stub" warnings page), or missed out on entirely. Your observations definitely enhanced my enjoyment of the game, so thank you so much for that! :D


I didn't catch them at first either, I had to use my Google-fu to puzzle them out! They were SO clever, carrot just does such a great job with everything dfgdfgdgd I'm glad my comment helped you to appreciate this wonderful game EVEN MORE! 

(1 edit) (+1)

WOAH. It's Chattercap, I still remember when I firstly got to Carrot's Tumblr, the last ask was yours:

A garden mushroom, pffff! (No offense! I just think it's a cute term of endearment, my apologies in advance if it bothering you). Hoping you and your own game will get better and better and give more heart-wrenching stories~

By the way, "the little meat flowers", hahahahaha (No offense again)

As a person with multiple identities as a creator and a gamer, Your Excellency has some insights that are more unique and nuanced than those of us who are simply gamers. It feels like I'm learning something new from reading your insightful commentary, as the other friend Vioskye who replied to you said.


OH NOO THEY'RE SUPPOSED TO BE FLOWERS DFGGDFGD I thought they were supposed to be flowers that resembled meat, I thought it was very fitting sdfsfsd And WOW I'm shocked you recognized me, I'm flattered!! I can only hope that I can make games as good as Carrot someday! I don't think my insights were anything special (your thoughts are SO in depth and well thought out!), but I'm glad they were interesting to read! :) (Haha I am very happy to be called a garden mushroom~ who is friends with a very kind garden vegetable!)




...tho I suppose I can't really deny it lakdjfs

Gosh having you mention all the tiny little things I did is making me melt inside like a giant pancake. Especially as so much of those are the types of things you don't really expect anyone to notice (or at least not actively kkdjfad). It means so much hearing you say such nice things about them... I don't have a whole ton of confidence in my general GUI and game design skills, so I'm always a bit worried it'll end up looking super rough or weird, especially compared to so many devs that have absolutely GGGOOOOOORRRGGGEEEEOOOOUUUUSSSSS GUIs (including yours AHHHHFD ALSDKHFALSDKJFASLKDFA ) so that makes me feel even more doubly triply filled with joy... πŸ₯Ί

"this entry was full of IMPECCABLY written banter that was so fun to read and chock-full of character at the same time" --> WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS TO ME I'M ALREADY INERT LKJDALDKJFALSKDFJ

Hhh and I'm glad you liked the animation and effects!! I'd never done anything quite like this before, using the BG to actually simulate movement and such. And the text effects were new, too GOSH I JUST WANTED TO TRY SO MANY DIFFERENT THINGS. I'm really happy everything was able to come out in the end and be cohesive and look ok.

"Oftentimes I am blinded by Genzou bias because of how good he is for Iggy" --> ...that definitely.... wouldn't be me.... either........ NO NO NO I KID I LOVE THEM ALL EQUALLY. I do have a Genzou soft spot though for that same reason. EVEN THO I DO WANT HIM TO GET BETTER AS A PERSON. AND STOP BEING SO MUCH OF AN ASSHOLE. Even tho I know it's hard for him. And I feel so bad for Orlam too. GOD.

"Even though they're so horrible for each other, the past history and their relationship really is heartbreaking...the hurt they caused each other can never be undone." --> THIS SENTENCE JUST CUT TO THE CORE OF ME πŸ˜­πŸ’¦ I feel the same way. I love their (horrible) dynamic and exploring it but also it's so incredibly heartbreaking for me... (I say despite literally being the one to put them through it...................... /whoops) There is just something about very messy relationships that fascinates and intrigues me I suppose. Also I clearly enjoy pain and wanting to inflict angst upon my heart, so.

OMGGGGGGG YOU ACTUALLY FIGURE OUT THE ENDING NAMES LKJALKDSJFAD I AM SO HAPPY?????? I honestly didn't think anyone would, but I wanted to do something mildly clever for those just in case anyone might know or be bothered to look it up. Gosh tears in my eyeballs.




Thank you. This comment warmed my very soul dkljadf Thank you so so so much for taking the time to write up so much thoughtful insight about everything, I honestly feel so spoiled and want to cry πŸ˜­πŸ’¦  YOU ARE TOO SWEET AND KIND. And thank you just for playing in general and all your amazing and wonderful support WHAT WOULD I DO WITHOUT YOU MY LOVELY GARDEN MUSHROOM??????????????????????


(7 edits) (+1)

[Sees new game] *VIBRATES INTENSELY* 0w0 What perfect timing!  

Yanno, I can easily see this spin-off being part of the "Our Wonderland" canon, especially for the timeline where Iggy passes by Orlam's open bedroom door, showing his now dead-corpse (courtesy of Genzou). I always did wonder about the details behind that CG scene, and this spin-off helps with that!   
I appreciate the detail of how the spin-off has Orlam bleed out on the floor (and Genzou crying over him... *Bawls*), to the main game revealing Orlam's body being on the cozier bed. *I* would like to imagine that Genzou moved Orlam to the bed, out of a mixture of guilt and respect for what he's gone through. Given "Save the Last Dance's" menu image for Ending 2... yeah, Genzou be... 😒   

love reading about messy relationships like Orlam's and Genzou's--especially when there's mutual damage from both parties being just so emotionally immature -- especially damage done from naive childhood up to self-absorbed adolescence. At those ages, you especially can't help prevent it as much due to still lacking a lot of knowledge on yourself and how the world works. 
NGL, I see traces of myself in both Orlam and Genzou. Orlam reflects a slow realization of what healthy boundaries are (ie. when it's time to stop pining or trying to force a relationship to "work") and the over-consuming resentment and self-loathing that can follow such epiphanies. Genzou reflects not fully realizing the impact you have on others, because you're still only aware of what's important to you (eg. quality time with your favorite person, even if means pushing others out of your way--sometimes quite literally, lol. Poor Orlam...).
Although Gidget/Ghent didn't appear in this game, I get the feeling they're the most perceptive of the group's hidden dynamics (Iggy is about to surpass them though--HUE HUE HUE--given how much he's grown in the main game~).
But yeah, the prom night scene where Gidget suggests that Orlam should check-on Genzou sticks with me. While I know Gidget only did it for quality time with Iggy (fair enough), part of me still read Gidget's suggestion as clever, if slightly manipulative? πŸ€” To be fair, Gidget probably hoped the two boys would lick each other's wounds & happily pair-off eventually (cue sunset and fireworks)...and not for them to experience the WORST PROM NIGHT EVER. Oof. πŸ˜…

ANYWAY...for a game with many game jam constrictions, "Save the Last Dance" was a delightful read! 
For a 1000 word limit, the plot still feels tight and complete, with just enough detail for newbie players to infer the kind of mess between Orlam, Genzou, and the off-screen  "white rabbit" Iggy (lol). The characters also  still sounded like themselves in this spin-off (Orlam, my over-read arse loves how you speak... and the f*cking banter between these two!!! MMPH.). Overall, I felt you showcased your resourcefulness in conveying many different kinds of information within the word-limit you had.   
The kind of plot you chose fits well with the number of artwork you had; I never felt more artwork was needed. (The menu interface changing for each Ending Route was also a lovely touch! Poor Genzou...). I felt the choice of music was also fitting and never intruded upon the game's overall mood and important dialogue, IMO.
For me, the experimental text effects weren't overdone or too intrusive to the reading experience. In fact, I was delighted to see effects I didn't even know were possible! 🀣Besides 1st/2nd-Person POV, I can see the text effects being good for epistolary elements eg. letter exchanges, mysterious journal entries, "possessed" text messages, etc. I'll be curious to see what more you do with it! 
 I personally liked the dancing effect of this game (and of COURSE, fancy King!Orlam would know how to waltz his partner around... I freaking love that). I'll be curious to see if you do anymore movement animation the future especially if used for the more surprising, hard-hitting, purposefully-disorienting scenes if strategically placed...? Dunno the amount of work you'd have to put in tho. πŸ€”

All in all, I'm so glad you made another game!
[It's happy screams, not angry ones like Orlam's, I swear LOL]

(1 edit) (+1)

Still impressive, as I saw you in OW's comment area, with such a long and thoughtful comment, friend. πŸ€£

It's interesting for we sharing the same idea about Genzou's reason for crying, cuz like an early comment below by other people, Genzou's crying could be truly complicated.

Yep, dear Genzou truly wasn't fully realizing the impact he cause, which leads to the four Arc's suffering he had. I have to say I'm actually kind of tempted to counter your assertion that Genzou is "only aware of what's important to you", since he probably only does it because he gets a kick out of bullying Orlam... Well, kind of asshole.

Which scene is "the prom night scene" by the way,, I can't remember fully, the part in Arc4 where Gidget dances with Iggy in Wonderland? The way I feel about that part, Gidget totally wants to be with Iggy, probably no "hope they lick each other's wounds", cuz that time she's twisted and nothing else mattered, . Just my feeling.

But having said that, I'm actually more concerned about the recollection of the bouncy castle in Arc4, where it's pretty obvious Gidget is telling Orlam to go to Genzou and telling Orlam that Genzou needs his help (and probably says something about how Genzou's demonstrated lack of need for Orlam is just him being shy, or something like that). I think this corresponds to Iggy's questioning from the vision in Arc2 or whichever Arc it was - the vision where "Genzou" questions Iggy about why he left Genzou behind and why he ran away from Genzou when Genzou need him, and why Genzou come in such a situation that he had no choice but to rely on Orlam's help.

Obviously Gidget means well, but I think her persuasion was an effective element caused the complex issues between the two boys or even among all of them. It's certainly not Gidget's fault, it's, it's kind of unspeakable fault among some of (or even all of) them, and I would say that if Genzou had been able to reflect on himself, if Orlam had been able to muster up the courage to persuade Genzou or at least to leave his side, and if Iggy had been able to stop Genzou instead of following along with the jokes, maybe it would have turned out better. But it's complicated, and the "what ifs" are hard to realize..

(10 edits) (+1)

Yo, fellow fan! Nice to see ya again~! Love how we keep meeting up like this, lmao. (Side-note: I totally LOVE your icon of Iggy and Genzou kissing... YES, A FELLOW COMRADE IN OTPs!!! 🀝)  

Ah, to clarify what I meant by "only aware of what's important to you"... I think we actually are agreeing upon the same thing?  When I wrote that, it does imply that Genzou IS the occasional asshole because he's too focused on his emotional priorities to imagine things from Orlam's POV. (Or if he ever does, it's likely done in bad faith to end as the butt of some joke.). Genzou probably wrote Orlam off as just a one-dimensional "loser", and forgot that Orlam is just a messy human being like Genzou is, with his own share of very real, very valid feelings. It's so human to assign people as the Other and feel very self-justified for it--and yes, Orlam is no "angel" (cannibalism, anyone?) but Genzou's reactions to this can real disproportionate, real fast... oof.   
The fact you brought up how Iggy sheepishly went along Genzou's antics also brings up a good point. Since none of Genzou's friends ever really went against his bullying in the past, he likely experienced hard whiplash: it's only after all these years that his bullying is now seen as a "problem".  [Cue his likely internal eye-rolling, at first]. And like you said earlier, "it's complicated, and the "what ifs" are hard to realize" given all of the underlying in-fighting and insecurities within all of the characters. Combined altogether, they friendship is like a chemical reaction that can synergize well...or explode when shaken too hard.  
But hey, the fact that Genzou somehow still keeps his temper when Iggy calls him out at least hints at something. Hopefully Genzou, like Iggy, can take his knowledge of multiple timelines and use them for Character Development. They're probably both kicking themselves over all of the "mistakes" they made in all their timelines. Oof, normal humans already struggle with self-loathing/trauma in the one known timeline they already have (makes me rethink about wanting to be conscious of my multiverses, LOL).
Regardless, what's done is done. Although some past actions cannot be made up for or easily forgiven (as "Save the Last Dance" illustrates when Genzou asks Orlam if there's anything he can do to fix things now) ... Genzou can at least do the Right Thing for it's own sake. Not to impress others. Not to earn forgiveness, or to clean his conscience.
Just doing the Right Thing, just because.   
The fact that Genzou is capable of feeling guilt, shock, and tenderness (esp. in not expecting Iggy to do anything he's uncomfortable with) at least gives Genzou some foundation of finding a fresh direction. Orlam and Genzou don't have to be BFFs understandably, but I imagine it'd be healthier for both of them if they could find other things & people to focus on instead of...each other. Intense hatred is just the twin to intense love. πŸ˜…

If my memory is not utter shite,  the "prom night scene" I mentioned had Gidget "redirect" Orlam with a follow-up scene showing Gidget sitting with Iggy on the gym bleachers to talk. It's when Iggy's careless words about Gidget's beauty that leads into their perfectionist streak of becoming the "perfect angel" starts, even if it means suppressing their genuine self (oof). 

Now that I think of it... 
Outside of the surreal/gore elements that make "Our Wonderland" a horror game, I feel like it's a horror game in the sense that the world of relationships can be horrifying. Ah yeah, the horrifying of ordeal Being Known and knowing others... 
For instance, you have no real idea if what you just said--even with the best of intentions--ends up seriously f*cking somebody years down the road (eg. Gidget, Bucks); or, if a certain action you chose will truly be good for you or the person you're doing it for (eg. Genzou, Orlam). The fact that you can also be doing something wrong for years and not realize it yourself (like Genzou's bullying or Iggy's habit of closing himself off from others) is also mortifying.
I like how all of the characters' backgrounds indirectly helps the story highlight that theme, cause being part of any social minority (eg. being LGBTQIA+, disabled, mental health, eetc.) adds another layer to relationships feeling "scary."  
It's real easy to get suck into a muck of constant ruminating over one's mistakes, or to feel like giving up after every "mistake" follows your every attempt to make things better (ah, Iggy... how you try).
But, I'm glad The Wonderland isn't giving Iggy the option to give up--cause you can only improve at relationships by throwing yourself back into them. Feel your feels, feel other people's feelings, and just keep doing your best from there.  
...Relationships. Are. Messy. 'Nuff said. They're messy, but they're one of the few things in the world that'll pull you out of the dark pit that comes with being human + yourself, sometimes. Humans are social creatures, and we all just have to muddle our way through the dark together the best that we can. 

At least, that's the kind of message I get from playing this game thus far. I imagine other people's interpretations will be different, and that's okay too! I'd be curious to see what others take away from the storyline~ :3 Any thoughts you have thus far, or are you waiting for the whole game to finish before you let yourself loose? :D
I like discussing these sort of ideas with you!!! Thank you for giving me this chance by sending me your awesome comment! (^o^)/ <3

True, what's done is done. I just hope they will get their own happy endings at the true end of this story. It's after all, twenty years' knowing each other among them (The first time they get into Wonderland, Iggy was 11, and when OW happened, Iggy was 31), and while it's probably true that they haven't been together for about ten of those years, but how many of us, can get to have a period of companionship in our lives that lasts more than ten years?

By the way, I do know we share the same opinion about your "only aware of what's important to you" with high probability. It's that I want to add some my own addtion, Perhaps. Though I choose the word "counter", my fault...

About Gidget, you remind me of an ask someone anonymously sent to Carrot on Tumblr.

I do think this is an interesting perspective, cuz after playing all existing Arcs, we do know that Gidget has always been about not wanting to be seen as a "normal girl", so this ask I think fleshes out what Gidget is about.

Of course Cecil didn't have to be created by Wonderland "in response to Gidget's heart's desire"; he could have existed in the first place, and it's his respect for Gidget's "true self" that makes him the person who is there for Gidget, and the direct cause of her awakening.

It's truly a pleasure to talk to a friend like you who also enjoys OW and has deep thoughts about it!🀝


We'll both keep our fingers-crossed that all of the friends manage to reach their own happy endings! And it's true, how rare is it to have a period of companionship that actually lasts 10+ years... wow. Thank god somebody here (aka. You) keeps good track of details cause I forgotten how much time actually gets covered throughout OW, given all the flashbacks and timeline-skips. 

Thank you so much for showing me that screencap of Carrot's tumblr! Honestly didn't even know it existed, and now I can enjoy some Behind The Scenes commentary possibly! Hooray! 
Yanno, a lot of what the screenshot said aligns with my own headcanon behind Cecil's origins and role in the story. (God, I miss him already... *sniffle*). Speaking only from my experience as somebody non-binary, it's real easy to develop an image in one's head of how you'd ideally like to become/look like, gender-wise--and try to work closer and closer on getting there. #GenderGoals and all that. The fact that Cecil emerged almost as a sort of guardian/conscience to Gidget is real sweet, even as Gidget tried to ignore his guidance--to the point of even locking Cecil (their true selves) away in the darkest corner of the mansion-subconscious. I'm so glad that Gidget's friends helped them remember and come to terms with their true self, again. 

NGL, part of me initially hoped Cecil could serve as a possible love-interest for Gidget since Iggy certainly has eyes for Genzou. BUT, I would say Self-Love is ultimately the most important for Gidget's story-arc cause for most of their life, they tried to contort themselves into an fake/rigid identity for others' approval, whether it was for their mother or for Iggy. And I must admit, Gidget's "perfectionist" streak was something I struggled with too while growing up. 
If Gidget does make it alive and back into the real-world (please let them survive), at least they have supportive friends (and possibly their cool-sounding father) to support them REGARDLESS of what the mother or bigots possibly think.


LKJDLFAKSDA YOU ALWAYS LEAVE SUCH LONG AND DETAILED COMMENTS I feel so spoiled... πŸ˜­πŸ’• I love reading them so much!! Honestly like, people analyzing all the various parts of my stories and characters gives me so much joy. Especially when people discover things I wasn't even aware of that were there or find connections I didn't even meant to put in there LMAO Thank you so much for playing and for all your support and all your lovely words!!

IT IS SUPPOSED TO BE THAT EXACT SCENE LOLOL I realize I didn't actually write it here on this game page, only mentioned it in a Tweet, but that is indeed my goal for this! Since O2A2 is so restrictive, I knew it could only be one scene, and I knew I wanted to do a little something with Orlam since I did the Genzou + Iggy story for the last O2A2 Jam, and then I was like... ohhHHHHHH. Maybe I could revisit that scene that I had always wanted to explore more to begin with but didn't have any way to do so because of the main game POV! Thus, this was born. I do realize tho that there might be some tiny discrepancies, since when I developed Arc 2 almost a year and a half ago (my god...) I hadn't thought I would ever revisit it and so didn't include that much detail and also just kinda whipped the CG together (so the room and colors, etc., are also a bit different...). So players are free to interpret the differences however they want and/or try to rectify them in their minds LOL πŸ€£ I quite like that idea you posited tho -- like Genzou couldn't bear to leave him on the ground like that so moved him to the bed... *sigh* I shall weep perhaps...

Indeed, though, these two really have quite possibly the messiest, most complicated, most unhealthy relationship ever -- which is probably why I enjoy exploring it so much, despite the way in which is breaks my heart constantly. I do so love a convoluted messy relationship LOL And you make so many good points -- both in Orlam inability to pull his heart away from Genzou despite everything Genzou has done (and subsequently, not being able to get past what happened, to the point that his life has become an utter wreck) and then ofc Genzou, who... well... there's a whole lot of inner reasons why he did what he did (some of which will be explored a bit in the rest of Arc 5) but at the end of the day, most of it was straight up awful. And yet somehow despite how awful they are for and to each other, they keep revolving around each other because also neither one of them know how to move past things or make things right again or even attempt to make things somewhat ok. So they just keep up this back-and-forth dance that keeps them both feeling miserable and not able to find happiness somewhere else.

Or something.

I was kinda just rambling there a bit, also because I don't wanna give away all that much yet but also my feelings on them are as jumbled as their relationship LOL At any rate, I really enjoyed reading all your thoughts about them!

THANK YOU FOR ALL THE LOVELY WORDS ABOUT THE GAME THO kjadkfa I always worry with these tiny little one-shot games if they'll leave people feeling unsatisfied because there's only so much I can do. So I'm glad to hear it was still enjoyable πŸ₯Ί

"Orlam, my over-read arse loves how you speak" --> LDKJFALSDKFJASLKDAJ

And LOL I'm glad the text effects weren't too much!! It was my first time using them and I perhaps had a bit too much fun, so then I got a bit worried maybe it felt overwhelming. Re: the movement/animation, I'm unsure if I'll do something quite like this again at least in the near future. Mostly because for the main game the way I make and use backgrounds is quite different -- for this little game I drew it myself specifically for this purpose, but it took me forever to do alkdjfa In the main game I do heavily filtered photos as I need a gajillion. So I don't know if I'd be able to do much with moving BGs, at least. Though I have been doing a lot more with sprite movement and various things that'll be coming up in the next Arc 5 part!

AT ANY RATE THANK YOU VERY MUCH!! This was such a delight to read!! I love love LOVE hearing people's takes on a lot of this stuff and my chars in general -- it really makes my day! Thank you for playing and for all the time spent writing this up and for wanting to share it all with me! It really means so much!! πŸ˜­πŸ’•

Okay, I truly love Orlam. As a player, I want to give him whatever he wishes, even if that means I'll distort Genzou's mind to love him. I never fancy Genzou from other games. Yes, his love for Iggy is quite touching and moving. However, his behaviors don't erase the damages and scars he did to Orlam. Killing any characters is definitely not my motive, but the opening pic after ending 1 (literally the last ending I got) reach up to my desire. I even feel happy that Orlam killed "me," if in this way he can finally extricate himself from those pain and trauma. In order to receive ending 1, the words I have to choose coming out of Genzou's mouth are devastating. Especially when he says that "you've never meant anything to anyone," I just want to yell "that's not true!!!!! Orlam means the world to me. Fall in love with me, please Orlam!!! I'll treat you so much better. Can you try not to stuck with Genzou anymore???" Is it even possible to have a game purely between the player and Orlam without the player being another character?

You know what, when the final part of Act 5 shows up in the future, if within my control that I can make Iggy's romance decision, Genzou, "my man," you'll have no game at all. You'll stand there, watching the love of your life falling harrrrrrrd for the person you despise the most in the entire universe. Ironic , isn't it? Since I can't deliver my love to Orlam, Iggy will be my little helper to love for me and care for Orlam LOL.

Back to reality, oh my gosh carrot, I love your work so much <333 The art, the music, and the delicate designs for all of those little details are absolutely fantastic❀️❀️❀️

Can't wait for your next update!!!

LKDJFALSDKFADS THIS COMMENT IS SO INTENSE TO ME SOMEHOW I am really glad you liked the game tho πŸ˜­πŸ’•  Thank you very much for playing???

Lol indeed there's not anything Genzou can do at this point to change what he did in the past. And yes, while there were other factors at play that ultimately turned Orlam into how he is now, Genzou was a huge part of that. So now both of them need to live with that and sort through that but they can't really and that's why they keep revolving around each other the way they are because they're both very messy characters and IT'S ALL JUST VERY COMPLICATED. Sigh...

"Is it even possible to have a game purely between the player and Orlam without the player being another character?" --> LMAO s-sorry... I don't think I will probably ever make a game like that because those types of games make me a bit uncomfortable so I would have trouble making one LOL πŸ’¦

"You'll stand there, watching the love of your life falling harrrrrrrd for the person you despise the most in the entire universe. Ironic , isn't it?" THIS IS SO INTENSE LAKJFDASLKDF

I am glad you can feel so strongly about Orlam though. He does need all the support he can get πŸ˜­

lkdjaldkf thank you so much for all the kind words though, that really means a lot. And I'm glad you were able to enjoy the game despite Genzou being there LOL πŸ€£ I will keep working hard on the next updates! πŸ’•


Ahh, that was delightful, I loved the writing and the sick burns flying both ways. πŸ€­πŸ’•

Orlam… was being Orlam, I guess, but I did enjoy his monologues. πŸ˜… And I was absolutely moved by Gen's devotion to Iggy, and the lead-up to the second ending made me think he'd completely given up and was ready to throw everything away and I was like oh nooooo ;A; I just want them to be happy, honestly. 😭

The sprite looks so good, it's so expressive and you outdid yourself with the background (though tbh, the movement made me a little dizzy as I was reading, but let's say it added to the experience lol). I think both the idea of making this into a dance scene and the execution are brilliant, a great use of the limitations of the jam. πŸ‘Œ

Also, love what you did with the GUI, the fonts fit so well, and it's so wonderfully stylized I spent like a good minute just admiring it lol. (and a special mention to the main menus, I think my fave was the one from the third ending) Oh, and the music choice? Perfection! πŸ’•

What a little treat of a game. 🀭


THAN KYOU FOR PLAYINGGGGGGGGGGGG πŸ˜­πŸ’• And I'm glad you liked it!! Sob, getting weepy.

LOL ORLAM CAN NEVER NOT BE ORLAM. What can I say. And this is even after I t-t-toned things down πŸ’¦ If there is one thing he's good at though it is certainly monologues... this man can monologue for hours I think...

kdlajfdskf SORRY ABOUT THE DIZZINESS. I was hoping it wouldn't be too bad since much of it the screen is occupied by the sprite and text box so you can only see bits of the moving BG. It's probably still too much for some people tho πŸ’¦I'm glad you were still able to play it and enjoy it even in spite of that, god......... πŸ˜­ Thank you for the kind words about the GUI. I am still a long way from being able to do one that is very intensive or professional looking, but I feel like I am getting a bit better with each one I do akldjfsd I WILL GET BETTER AT IT EVENTUALLY. I still need to finally actually redo the OW GUI so it looks a bit better, too.

alkdsjfalkds the main menu variations are some of my favorites too. I wanted to use them to help emphasize the endings where I couldn't within the game itself. ONLY BEING ABLE TO SHOW ONE CHAR IN GAME IS SO LIMITING.

ANYWAYYYYYYY thank you so so so much!! Both for playing and for writing up this lovely comment. I shall weep slightly. I'd never made a game quite like this before and it had so many new things I was experimenting with so I really hoped it wouldn't be too much (or too little, what with the restrictions) and that people would still like it lakdsjfas THANK YOOOOOOOOU πŸ₯°


This is very cool!!

Ahhhh thank you very much??? Thank you so much for playing!! I'm glad you liked it! πŸ₯°

(1 edit)

OK, StLD seems to have been released while I was sleeping, sadly didn't get to play it in the first second....πŸ₯Ί

Twice End 3, Once End 2, Once End 1... Have to say,, If I follow my own rules and invest myself in Arc2's Genzou as much as possible and think like him, I'll definitely getting End 3.

Yep, cuz I played OW, OFW, and T2A2G early on, and have been an active follower of Carrot on tumblr and twitter, I do know what this episode is doing. In the main game, Genzou killed Orlam so StLD's true ending should be End 2, I have to say it's,, to difficult for me perhaps. After playing I know, if I want to secure Iggy, I need to "go along" with every choice Orlam made.

That's,, difficult, I shall say...

ESPECIALLY HERE, DEAR CARROT! I had to admit, I'm not as stoic as Genzou (of course if I were in his shoes I might be able to be, after all, Iggy's life is truly in Orlam's hands, AND I DON'T HAVE A DO-OVER like playing games), so I'm possibly tempted to go for the "against" option every time a line against Iggy comes up and, especially with the above picture, it's really hard for me to go for the " Yes, Sir"... (And it did lead me to my second End 3)

I was actually, aside from my instinctive reluctance to say that, I was actually very afraid that in case I stayed submissive, Genzou would be COMPELLED like Iggy from Arc3 and leave Iggy... It's a worst ending I could imagine with my poor brain.

Thank god Genzou didn't lose his mind and kill Orlam the moment he puts him briefly off guard, then picks up where the main game Arc2 lastly left off, albeit about to be killed by Bucks.

Ah ha, by the way, it's such a surprise about the pretty text bubbles, the accurate use of animation, and the great ui! And like T2A2G, after one end we will get A NEW MAIN SCREEN, and HERE'S THREE!!! Thank you for so much work, please take care to rest!!!

Very happy to see Genzou's determination and love for Iggy!!! Though it's Orlam's home turf... Looking forward to OW's Arc5 Part2!!! LOL

HELP YOU DON'T NEED TO PLAY IT RIGHT WHEN IT COMES OUT??? LDKJAFSLDKFA that means a lot that you were so excited to play tho... πŸ˜­πŸ’•

LMAO IT'S TRUE THOUGH. I feel like the "canon" ending is the hardest one to force yourself to do, all things considered... something something perhaps supposed to mimic how hard it was for Genzou, too. LOL THAT LINE IS INDEED DIFFICULT.

Oh god I can't even imagine a case like that where Genzou would go completely along with it πŸ€£πŸ’¦ I'm not sure something like that could ever happen. Both because of how strong his feelings for Iggy are and the fact that Wonderland itself has never really gotten a hold of him like it has the others (maybe because of his stubbornness... who can say LOL)

I'm glad you liked all the UI and speech bubble and animation stuff!! I had a lot of fun trying out some new things and experimenting with different stuff. That's one thing I love about these tiny games is getting to try stuff I don't have the chance to in the main game (and also try to get more skilled at UI-related stuff hahaha). LOL I NEEDED THE CHANGING TITLE SCREEN AS I FEEL LIKE IT'S A CORE COMPONENT OF THE GAME. Like sure it works without them... but I felt like having the new title screen each time you get an ending would make everything hit harder. Especially with that being the only way I could add those kinds of details within the limitations of the jam. I'm glad you liked them, tho!

Thank you so much for playing and for taking the time to write up such a long, lovely comment! I really liked hearing your thoughts and reactions!! And thank you I will keep working hard lkajdfla I hope to having something new to share soon in the coming weeks! πŸ₯°

Actually I can imagine that Genzou go along with the case, just after I gave this comment.. Since one perspective of mine in this comment seems to be wrong -- "AND I DON'T HAVE A DO-OVER like playing games". After each arc, Iggy will at least have little memory about the past ones, so I think Genzou shall be the same??πŸ€”

Ok my point is that,, I think Genzou and Iggy might have gone through Arc2 a million times and Genzou didn't succeed in getting Orlam to drop his guard, so never hit canon ending each time before. Ugh.. This might be a question why Iggy will still be going to the castle in the "Arc2s" with having the "memeories"? πŸ˜§

Well, it seems so contradictory, but after thinking about this step, I remembered another game I played before. "Raging loop" on steam, in each reincarnation, the main character will basically only have sudden memories when he meet major choices  (mostly memories of failing after choosing the wrong one). So it's no surprise to me that the death loop has resulted in this level of memory fragmentation (Though OW might not be this setting... I think it's still all right🀣). Just like "Raging loop", It's quite normal for me that chars only remembers key events. 

I feel like I may not have expressed my thoughts very clearlyπŸ’¦ For me, whether Genzou accomplished the canonical ending in one sitting, or reached it after numerous failures, it proves to me that he was able to suppress himself in the matter of Iggy, and look for what he thought would help Iggy the most.

(It's just what he's been doing for over a decade though, suppressing himself, after he had a crush on this cute white rabbit since high schoolπŸ₯ΉπŸ˜’😭)

That's a great point actually -- since one thing I kinda wanted to get across with the multiple endings of this is that all of these endings may truly have happened in canon and we just didn't see them. Similar to like, the game overs you can get in the main game -- it was a path that was taken that ultimately ended up in Iggy dying so it reset, and probably there are 100s of these paths that we just don't see because it would be too ridiculous and boring to write/play them all LMAO And perhaps some of those different paths were a result of choices the other characters made, not just Iggy. I JUST THINK THAT'S A COOL THING TO THINK ABOUT.

I don't go into it too much, but my idea was mostly that they just gradually remember more and more with each loop. That's why they have the most "weirded out" deja vu moments in Arc 4 since they've done it many times by this point.

Reading this made me think more about how Ending 2...ends. As Genzou does the deed, the question arises: for whom does he weep? Iggy, for having to deny and demean his one true love? Orlam, for whom he shockingly feels sorry for? Both?

...just good writing and imagery throughout, but man that little detail is amazing.

When I was playing Arc2, because of the lack of detail, I was like Genzou was crying over the fact that he killed his friend Orlam. (Though Genzou treat Orlam so bad, I do think he maybe, maybe think Orlam is a friend of his)

So complicated, just like Carrot said. Or maybe it's crying for Iggy who finally could be out of the painful situation he's in? Crying for being able to save his dearest love? Or similar to what I said in the first paragraph, Genzou cried for killing one who he had been bullying at best, but had never thought of letting him actually die.

Complicated, that's why it's called a story, right?


I am glad you enjoyed that detail and its... mmm... ambiguity. One of those things I probably won't ever expand on so I'll allow people to make their own interpretations (I do love things that can be interpreted in multiple ways ldkjfas) πŸ€­

Hhhhh thank you for the lovely words... πŸ₯ΊπŸ’•

Oh my, this was quite the experience—so dark, I loved it! The PoV of the illustration made it viscerally intimate, and the camera & text effects were so neat! Wonderfully polished ✨

Ahhhh thank you very much??? That means so much!! It was my first time ever making anything quite like this so it was definitely an experience LOL but I was able to learn a lot πŸ˜Œβœ¨ Thank you so much for playing and for taking the time to leave a comment!! It's so kind! πŸ₯ΊπŸ’•

OMIGOSH IM GONNA PLAY THIS REAL SOON! im so excited!!! also hi carrot i love ur games and i check my feed everyday in hopes of part 2!! but no rush though TAKE UR TIME and drink lots of water and rest!!!!!!!!1


Ahhhh I hope you'll enjoy the game tho!! And thank you for the words of encouragement! πŸ˜­πŸ’•

It's actually normal, OW is so appealing! Since I started playing OW, I've been checking Twitter, Tumblr, and Itch for part2 news every couple hours of the day, except for sleeping and eating. 🀣BUT, no rush please!! Remember that line? "Where there aren't any expections. Just love. Acceptence." Though not love like Genzou Towards Iggy, I hope that we waiting fans just become your motivation and not the "expectations" that Iggy fears.

Well,, I hope I have expressed well enough, ahhhhhhhh. Just care yourself much, okey? It's important.


I am so glad tho if people are looking forward to updates. It makes me happy knowing that there are others besides me who want to see this thing through to its conclusion aslkdjfalsdkf

"Carrot replied me before 41 seconds." Very much looking forward to your future work indeed~~~

LOL YEA but I WILL.. I STILL HAVENT PLAYED IT but youre welcome lolol


Bro Orlam is way to close for comfort. It was a nice game (despite the lack of personal space)! I always enjoy any snippets of the OW cast when we can get them! A wonderful job as always Carrot! Keep up the good work and take care of yourself!



Hhhhhhh thank you so much for playing?? I'm glad you enjoyed it, even though it's just a small snippet! Though I also hope it'll be a nice lead-in to when I will release the next part of Arc 5 πŸ€­ THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR ALL YOUR SUPPORT!! It means a lot!! Thank you for taking the time to leave such a lovely comment!!! πŸ˜­πŸ’•

OMG this game is super COOl. srry my english is shit so im gonna use spanish. Consegui el segundo final primero, ese en donde Genzou says "I killed hin" AND MY MIND WAS SHOCK. Me di cuenta THIS WAS IN THE GAME, in the "our wonderland" GAME! and quize jugar otra vez... just to be sure. 

sorry for the espanglish :(


Yes, this is supposed to be That Scene from Arc 2 and lead into the Arc 2 finale πŸ€­ I thought it would be a fun chance to show like a little hidden scene from the game, plus not even I had ever thought through the details of exactly what happened until now, so I enjoyed it from that perspective too.

Thanks so much for playing!! And I'm glad you enjoyed it -- as well as the connection back to the main game lakdfjsa It means a lot that you enjoy my story and characters ahhhhh πŸ₯ΊπŸ’•

I'll play this as soon as I'll find the time but for now all I'll say is it's gonna be a banger


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