A Hint-Based Guide for Those Who Want a Little Help

Thank you so much, everyone who's downloaded the game! In commemoration of hitting 1,000 total downloads between itch.io and GameJolt, I whipped up some new artwork as well as a little hint-based, spoiler-free guide for those who can’t quite find everything necessary to try for the two secret endings. If you’re having trouble, check here!

  1. How many clues do I need to find while searching the house the first time?
    • There are a total of five different clues, each of which corresponds to a different stuffed animal.
  2. How do I open the music box?
    • Look for a key hidden on the floor of the hallway. This will let you open up the door to the bathroom in the stairwell. You’ll find something useful in there…
  3. What do I do with the eyeless bunny?
    • Check back in the main room where your friends are. Some of them will have moved by now, allowing you to access things on the wall you weren’t able to access before.
  4. What does “the rat is hungry” mean?!
    • You’ll wanna put something on the plate to feed him. However, this is something that can’t be found in the house. You’ll want to make sure you investigate outside before you pry open the door…
  5. What’s up with the dog that moves around in the dining room?
    • Try “joining” its party once it’s taken its proper place in the seat of honor.
  6. How will I know when I’ve found all the clues?
    • The final clue appears once you’ve found all the others. Make sure you check the stairwell before going to sleep.
  7. What are the three “keys” I need to find in the memories?
    • These are things your friends have lost.
  8. Where’s the key in Olie’s memory?
    • Try giving everything a good check after Olie loses something valuable to him.
  9. Where’s the key in Muggy’s memory?
    • Look around for an item you can pick up. Then cut the key off for yourself.
  10. Where’s the key in Totl’s memory?
    • Have you tried tracing your steps backward?
  11. What do I do with the keys?
    • If you found all five clues in the beginning, you’ll be joined by a new friend in the closet. Use the keys to patch him up.
  12. What do I do with the final key?
    • You’ll be able to unlock a new room before heading down to the final scene.
    • You’ve probably seen it many times by this point. :) Especially if you’ve put Easter through a lot of horrible experiences…
  14. I got past the default ending, but how can I get two different endings from here?
    • You’ll be given a choice. You can either do what you’re asked or… don’t.

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