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i LOVE this game sm (as i always love other Our Wonderland related games)

this game is amazing about the lore and i like that it had to do with the main game at the end!!!  

(idk if its a trigger warning but i'm gonna tell a personal thing so be aware of that yall)

Literally both Our Wonderland (and this one) helped me so much when i was at my lowest point (i had to distract myself 24/7) but this games helped me so much to focus on other stuff and avoid the bad stuff in my mind, i know this comment section is about people liking/loving the game, but i wanted to say it because i can't hold it to myself.  Thanks Carrot for helping me without knowing it <3/p

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This game rockz!! It was so fun! I played all three of the routes (Orlam is my favorite, not a big surprise since he's always been my fave. It was nice to romance him in an slightly softer environment where we had a bit more time 2 talk. I love u Cannibal King.) 

(Slight spoilers after this point?)

Also, terrified about the implication that Jerry is Hunar's fursona. Due to that "What? I said there could be a little throat-slitting." line. Took me a minute to notice it, but then I was like wait...Hunar is the one who said the thing about throat-slitting originally, so that means...that means...!?

Also the eyeball-puzzle scene with Iggy and Ghent was really sweet and fun. It says so much about Iggy and Gidget's friendship in a simple scene, and makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside. :'3 When Iggy and Gidget are coding 2gether they are the best of friends. Too bad the whole world isn't made of javascript, huh.


HHHH THANK YOU SO MUCH??? I'm really honored that you'd play this game! And I'm so glad you enjoyed it! lkdjfasd I feel you -- it was also nice just getting to write all the chars in a slightly softer environment. As this was the first side game I made, it was the first time I really got to do anything like that, so I maybe went to town a bit too much LOL (probably didn't help that I was coming off of Arc 4 production either, so I was in a very Emotionally Destroyed State).


I'm glad you liked the eyeball scene tho ahhhhh I also love getting to write them like that so much, just them going back to the jolly frivolity they once had before everything Got Bad and getting up to their shenanigans. Too bad the world isn't made of JavaScript indeed... πŸ˜­

Thank you so much for the lovely words and I'm touched and happy that you enjoyed playing this (even playing all the routes LDKJASD) πŸ’•. I had a ton of fun working on this and learned so much in the process, so I'm really glad people can have fun with it even tho it's such a different vibe from the main game lol


AHHHHHH THIS WAS SO FUN! (I waited to play Arc 4 before playing this, since I think that's probably the ideal order..?) It really had a little bit of something for everyone, OW fans and novices alike. It had some comedy, action, and a bit of that mind-bending horror that we all know and love. I really loved getting to see the cast interact "naturally" as it's not something we get to see much of in the main game, and it's nice seeing them bounce off each other and gives you more insight into their friend group dynamic. The use of the little text bubbles/interjections is an absolutely brilliant way of presenting the DnD; it looks SO good and smooth, while also making it really clear what is being said in and out of character.

The music and SFX choices are stunning, as always, and the sprite and CG work is so cool and dynamic! I loved the outfit designs for each of the cast and the choices for their classes, they were so fitting (I especially liked Iggy's Final Fantasy white mage outfit sdfsf). This also has to be one of the MOST brilliantly animated VNs that I've ever seen. The animations brought everything to life and I really felt immersed in the "narrative" - watching the cast fight off monsters, trek through fields and creepy corridors, etc.


The twists and turns of this game were EXCELLENT. At first you're lured into thinking that this is a prequel to OW, taking place at some undetermined time before the events of the game when the friend group was still "together" (although, in hindsight - it kind of makes sense, as it is stated in the main game that the friend group is relatively alienated prior to OW, and they likely wouldn't be playing a friendly game of DnD like this?) However, as things start to go downhill, you realize that this is actually taking place in OW's continuum - it's simply another "version" of Wonderland. The twist is brilliantly set up and executed, and it also leaves intriguing questions, as it is implied that Jerry also knows about Iggy's time looping abilities. 

I find Gidget's character in this to be VERY interesting. While the others act in a way that's pretty in-line with how they act IRL (more or less), Gidget takes on the "role" of "Prince Ghent," and acts in a way that is almost completely opposed to how they act IRL or in the "Wonderland" of OW. At first you might think that it's a bit contradictory, but in the final scenes of Ghent's ending you realize that it's 100% accurate to how Gidget is characterized in the main work. In OW, Gidget is an actress, trying to play the role of what others expect, trying to be the "perfect girlfriend" and have the "perfect life." Here, Gidget is also trying to play a role; they're trying to play the perfect (tsundere?) prince, and it's clear as things are crumbling around them that this role is just as difficult for Gidget as any of the others.

I am curious how this fits into the OW canon! It does introduce Jerry, and it does imply that Iggy has at least gone through Arc 3 during Orlam's scenes. It's also implied to take place during in the middle of OW's "time looping." I'm guessing that it should take place at some point between Arc 3 and Arc 5. However, at the same time, Iggy actually reaches pretty satisfying conclusions in each of the routes. He's able to voice feelings that he hasn't been able to voice so far in the main game, and even though each ending ends "tragically," they are also relatively "happy," in my opinion. In their final moments, Iggy makes each of his friends happy by giving them what they truly want: he reciprocrates Genzou's feelings, he shows Orlam love/appreciation, and he accepts Gidget for who they truly are and not who they pretend to be. I'm assuming that these are developments that will happen in OW as well, so I am curious as to whether OFW is canon to the main story, or if it's an "alternative retelling/alternate universe." 

A side note, but the sync to the music at the opening of the credits is just INCREDIBLE, I might try to screen record it so that I can rewatch it! The song is so catchy and the illustrations of the different cast members are just so COOL, the entire sequence just radiates that COOL FACTOR and looks incredibly professional!

Hats off to the dev for managing to make a game that is BOTH an exciting, comedic crowd-pleaser AND a mind-bending addition to the OW mysteries/lore! 


HELP CHATT THIS IS SO LONG OKDFALKDSJFLAKDFA YOU'RE SLAYING ME AHHHHHHHHHH WHY MUST YOU DO THIS ME (I kid). This is too sweet and wonderful I shall weep πŸ˜­πŸ’•  THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR PLAYING??? Lol that is indeed what I consider to be the ideal order!! I feel like it's the right amount to get most of the details about all the characters and their various arcs, and then it's good to have played OFW before Arc 5 of OW, so it kinda fits snuggly in between there lkadfa (it's also when I released it/worked on it, too...)

"I really loved getting to see the cast interact "naturally" " --> HHH I'M GLAD. It's one of the things I really loved about making it, too. Coming off of releasing Arc 4 I really wanted something that was just more fun and silly and where I could enjoy having the characters interact in something a bit more lower stakes (well, kinda). I feel like in my head I have these "two versions" of the cast in that one is them during the main game and one is them if the horrors of the main game didn't exist and while they're not that different from each other, they still feel somewhat separate at times hahahaha. But I just really enjoy writing a lot of off-the-wall shenanigans with them, which isn't always possible within the realm of the main game given its More Serious (read: Horrific) Tone™. I am glad you enjoyed it tho!! It's also more of the approach I'm taking with the side game I'm currently working on, too lakjdfa

"This also has to be one of the MOST brilliantly animated VNs that I've ever seen. " --> THANK YOU THAT IS SO KIND??? This is the first time in a game where I really went to town with a lot of that kind of stuff and learned a lot in the process that I've since been able to bring into all of my other games (and later arcs of the main game). In my head I think of OFW as a bit of a turning point where I finally started to understand more about Ren'Py and coding and scene direction in general. Hearing that really means a lot ahhhh... πŸ˜­πŸ’•  

"they likely wouldn't be playing a friendly game of DnD like this?" --> LMAO THIS IS TRUE. It doesn't really work in the core main game timeline at all ldkjfas I'm happy you did like the direction it went! The more I went off the rails and the more zany and unhinged it got at the end, the more I worried I'd lose especially ppl who hadn't played the main game but even those who might just be like WTF IS THIS πŸ€£ I have a problem where once I start writing and things just start devolving I can't stop it πŸ’¦πŸ’¦πŸ’¦πŸ’¦

"I find Gidget's character in this to be VERY interesting. " --> AhhhHHHHHH I really enjoy your analysis here of Gidget/Ghent's character!! It's really interesting to me to read and really insightful into looking at how they compare/contrast with the main game πŸ€­ I think of Ghent here also of being kind of a... lead-up... so to speak... towards Gidget's arc back in the main game, since I did OFW before a lot of the big major climaxes of Gidget's arc happen in Arc 5. I'll be interested in knowing your thoughts if and when you play Arc 5, as well.

"I'm guessing that it should take place at some point between Arc 3 and Arc 5. " --> YEAH I THINK THAT SOUNDS PRETTY GOOD??? I didn't actually go into this game wanting to make something that was completely canon and could be explained perfectly I will admit... it was really only after I decided to have some elements of OFW loop back into the main game that I realized there are so many vagueries LKFDAJD but I guess I will just keep those somewhat ~ mysterious ~ OFW is indeed like you said though, a bit like some of the major character themes of each char just shortened up a lot and stuck into a fantasy theme hahaha. Though things won't play out exactly the same in the main game, there are definitely a lot of correlations, particularly in Iggy's case, I think πŸ₯ΊπŸ’¦


I swear, he is the one character that has completely transformed into something I never expected throughout production more than anyone else πŸ€£ 

"A side note, but the sync to the music at the opening of the credits is just INCREDIBLE" --> LKJDLAKFDS THANK YOU??? I enjoy syncing things to music maybe a little bit too much... πŸ’¦ Though I can't take credit for any of the music itself besides finding it and deciding to use it lakdjfads (Audiostock, my beloved... what would I do without you...)

SOB YOU'RE HONESTLY TOO KIND THESE ARE SUCH LOVELY AND HEART-SQUISHING WORDS πŸ˜­πŸ’• Thank you so so much for playing, Chatt!! And for taking the time to write all this up???? I really love reading all your thoughts and reactions and analyses and guesses and everything!! GUHHH IT JUST REALLY MADE MY DAY. I'm so glad that you enjoyed playing this! Somehow this game was the game that really made me first feel like "maybe I am a legit VN dev" HAHAHA so seeing people still playing and enjoying it really touches me so much!

Thank you so much for all your kind words!! πŸ’•

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Not me flirting my way through most of this (IDK WHAT TO CHOOSE I LOVE ALL OF THEM) πŸ˜­ Btw, is this the same universe but different timeline or different au?

Edit 1: IMMA HUNT YOU DOWN JERRY. YOU DARE HURT MY BABY. (Legit my same reaction when Orlam hurt Iggy in 'Our Wonderland') HAHSAHU I GOT GENZOU ENDING

Edit 2: ORLAM ENDINGGGGG he's a vampire? explains why he ate humans in our wonderland- (Easter egg?)


I forgot this was a story telling thing... I'm confused but I ain't complaining...

HELPHELPHEHLPEHP FLIRTING YOUR WAY THROUGH (I mean it's true tho this is like the only chance in the OW universe currently to just see them be cute and sweet and funny with each other LMAOOO)

Hahaha and thank you for your updated thoughts during your playthroughs AND FOR EVEN DOING ALL OF THE ROUTES?? I'm glad you enjoyed them all!! LOL ORLAM IS AN IMP IT'S JUST HE USES A SPELL TO DISGUISE IT MOST OF THE TIME TO FIT IN BETTER. Sob I'm glad you liked Ghent's ending, too!! Honestly all three of the endings are so sweet to me, I really enjoyed letting them all have their little chance to shine and giving them a cute little moment with Iggy that felt fitting for them and their characters kfjadfa πŸ˜­πŸ’• 

LOL IT DOES GO REALLY OFF THE RAILS AT THE END HAHAHA πŸ€£ When I originally started working on this, my goal was simply to have it kinda ~ ominously and vaguely ~ connect back to the main game, but then I went off and added a whole bunch of refs back into the main game afterwards in Arc 5 to the point where this now... is pretty intricately connected hahaha. Though I will probably never go into any kind of detail about how that all actually works. I will leave it up to interpretation kjdfad

ANYWAYS THANKS FOR PLAYING THIS ONE AHHHHH. And for your funny thoughts and words! I'm really glad you enjoyed it!! πŸ₯°


I just played this and I loved it! I adored all the routes though Genzou is my favorite, I was so touched by Ghent/Giggy's ending. It made me want to reach through the computer and hug them. Orlam was just a masterpiece and had so many secrets I wanted to uncovered. Really loved this game and I downloaded the main story now and plan to dive in. Thank you for making this game and sharing it with so many. 

Oh, gosh!! Thank you very much??? I'm really happy you enjoyed it!! And you even played all the routes, ahhhhhh... that makes me feel very weepy πŸ˜­πŸ’• I'm glad even the ones that weren't your favorite you still enjoyed dkjflad

OH GOSH if you play the main game too I hope you'll enjoy it ahhhh!! It's a bit more intense than this one??? πŸ€£ Though it's what'll go into all the, uh, ISSUES, that all the characters have hahahaha.

GUHH ANYWAY THIS WAS VERY SWEET!! Thank you again for playing and for letting me know your thoughts, it really made me smile!! πŸ₯°

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Oh. My.


I laughed so much, joked a lot, and saw more similarities between Iggy and Orlam (and Genzou too) between me. God. 

I've already completed the game (as Jerry would say, I'm too stubborn, hehehe) >:D πŸ‘€πŸ¦Šβœ¨

It made me laugh that Jerry looks like Orlam, hehehe!!! How ironic

The music is great! Especially at the end, as if it were an edit for a series (although for me it was a series.) "I born." 

I really liked it, thank you for your work! I was very pleased, made me laugh, and I feel like a Simp for Orlam, KHM. If I were there, I would not leave Orlam alone, although Orlam and I have similar traits and moments: Misunderstanding when they thank you and say something good, or that you make them happy... You sit there and don’t understand, but it’s nice to know it, Heh! God, I adore him 🀣

HHHHHH THANK YOU?????? I'm really glad you enjoyed this!! Even though this is just a silly little side game I made because I wanted to take part in Spooktober last year, it turned into so much more. Not only having a ton of fun with it, but also learning a lot about Ren'Py and scene direction and cinematic stuff AND getting to eventually tie a lot of this back into the main game. So it holds a very special place in my heart now ldkajfsd

LOL YES I definitely designed Jerry in a way so as to reflect Orlam. (And I designed him like that again in Arc 5, kinda reflecting Orlam's outfit in OFW hahaha.) i feel like it somehow reflects their weird connection a bit. I'm glad you liked the music, too!! I had a ton of fun finding the pieces to use, especially the ones where I got to really plan out the scenes together with the music 🀭

And hahahahahhaa I'm glad you liked Orlam! I went really off the rails with him in this game I think🀣 Him and Genzou both maybe. I just had so much fun getting to write silly dialogue and shenanigans without needing to worry about the horrors and drama of the main game for a little while. I felt like it let me have a lot of fun with the chars and to show them in different ways.

Thank you so much for playing!!! I'm really touched that you liked it so much!! πŸ₯°


Good as Hell AND there's a main game with even more??? Hell yes Genzou forever <333


HHHHHHHHH???? THANK YOU FOR PLAYING!! Oh gosh, I'm really happy you enjoyed it?? AND YES LOL THERE'S AN EVEN LONGER MAIN GAME HAHAHA (th-though it's a bit more, um, horrific and angsty than this one perhaps LOL). If you do end up playing that one, I hope you'll like it!

AHHHH I'M GLAD YOU LIKE GENZOU I love him so muchhhhhh... πŸ˜­πŸ’•

Thanks so much for taking the time to write a comment, it really means so much!! And thanks again for playing! πŸ₯°


Finally got around to playing thisss! And it was such an amazing ride! ; u ; Carrot, how did you manage to make something so polished, so well-written and so well-animated in the span of a month...? ; A ; Did you get any sleep at all?? I will be forever amazed by your presentation skills and how you set up scenes together with the music, this is seriously some top-tier stuff.

There are a couple of things that surprised me in this (and I mean that in the most positive way)! Great touch with presenting it as a DnD campaign, and then... subverting our expectations on it?? When the first question from the eye monster dropped, it had me laughing out loud. xD That was simply brilliant. As was Bucks going all berserker mode on both the rabbits AND the door. And that whole last location and the shenanigans happening inside? Seriously, you had so many good ideas for this, along with that bit after the credits roll... It makes me happy to see that this could indeed somehow tie into the main story. Perhaps it could have been a cycle that Jerry influenced with his wishes the most, somehow? xd

And if the scope of the project wasn't big enough already, you even went and included character routes??

Obviously, I had to go for Orlam's first... The glitching thing during the fight with the rabbits caught me totally off-guard (I legit had a @ w @ moment) and while at first it had me wondering if it had something to do with the DnD cast glitching out of existence as well, it turned out that thing only happened in Orlam's route, so then I assumed it was just a way of showing that his "illusion" spell was wearing off? And regarding that - I'm not sure if it's some kind of DnD-related lore I didn't catch on, but what were Orlam's eyes supposed to be hiding? Was it some kind of hint for him being royalty? Something to do with the rabbits? It still has me wondering, but I loved his route overall, this mysterious detail included.

I loved Ghent's character and route, as well. ; u ; I think his ending was the most powerful of all the boys', all things considered... it might have made me tear up a little, even. I really liked his interactions with Iggy and how things developed there overall. Iggy and Gidget can be sweet under the right circumstances... *sudden Arc 2 flashbacks* xD;

And Genzou, of course, never stops being 'da man'. While Orlam remains my favorite character in the story, I'm still rooting for Genzou the most, since I think his interactions with Iggy have the most potential for wholesomeness. Genzou really cares, and it shows. Aside from this, I'm also a big fan of Genzou and Orlam interactions because they are usually a goldmine of witty fuckupery. xD Glad to have experienced more of that here, as well! And it was nice seeing more of Hunar and Bucks. :)

In conclusion: really great job, Carrot. You're putting a really cool thing to life and it's a joy getting to experience these characters as they are - thank you for sharing them with us in all the forms you're sharing them in. Kudos!


SORRY FOR THE DELAY I'VE HAD FAMILY STUFF LAKDSJFADS AhhhHHHHHHHHhhhhh this is the absolute loveliest comment though I shall weep???? Thank you so much for playing!! And I'm really happy you liked it so much! πŸ₯ΊπŸ’•

"Did you get any sleep at all?" --> LMAO NOT MUCH PERHAPS

"I will be forever amazed by your presentation skills and how you set up scenes together with the music, this is seriously some top-tier stuff." --> HELP THIS IS MAKING ME TEAR UP πŸ˜­πŸ’• Thank you?????

Ahhh I'm glad you enjoyed all the little random surprises (and weird stuff, tbh LMAO). It really... goes off the rails at the end... I can't lie hahaha. This is perhaps what happens when I finally get the chance to just go off the rails a bit (I did make this right after finishing up Arc 4 after all... which was like... the most depressing/horrific arc ever... πŸ’¦) I just got a bit silly lkdjfad AND LOL YES. I enjoyed tying it back in a way that was like "wait, is this real? is it??" WHO CAN SAY. Except apparently me since I've now tied THIS game BACK into the main game with Arc 5 hahaha (tho I still insist that the degree to which it's canon [and the methods in which it's canon] are up to interpretation).

"I'm not sure if it's some kind of DnD-related lore I didn't catch on, but what were Orlam's eyes supposed to be hiding?" --> IT'S JUST BECAUSE HE'S AN IMP RATHER THAN A HUMAN. But he hides it to "blend in" better using the illusion spell. But it's hard to keep up the spell when he's like, fighting for his life hahaha. Hehe I'm glad you picked Orlam first though, I quite enjoy how his route turned out (though perhaps a little too introspectively depressing on his point towards the end). But it's the first chance I really had to make something slightly sweeter with Orlam and Iggy, so I really enjoyed how their dynamic turned out πŸ₯ΊπŸ’•

"I think his ending was the most powerful of all the boys', all things considered... it might have made me tear up a little, even" --> AHHHHHH I'M REALLY GLAD???? Ghent's ending does feel really special and gave me so many feels while I was working on it 😭 Perhaps doubly so because I hadn't been able to work on Gidget's Arc 5 part yet, so this was the first chance I really got to start exploring more of their character in the form of Ghent.

"Iggy and Gidget can be sweet under the right circumstances... *sudden Arc 2 flashbacks*" --> LDKJFALSDKJFALSDKFA

"While Orlam remains my favorite character in the story, I'm still rooting for Genzou the most, since I think his interactions with Iggy have the most potential for wholesomeness." --> HHHHHHHH........... becoming weepy again.... I'm glad you feel this. Th-they hold a very special place in my heart...πŸ˜­πŸ’•

ALSO I'M JUST TOUCHED YOU ACTUALLY PLAYED THROUGH ALL THE ROUTES?????? S-somehow that is very sweet. I'm glad you had fun with it and seeing the different characters' stories owowow....

"I'm also a big fan of Genzou and Orlam interactions because they are usually a goldmine of witty fuckupery." --> LMAO THESE TWO REALLY WENT OFF THE RAILS IN THIS GAME. I have a bad habit where when I start writing in char they really just........ run away from me....... and I have a hard time reeling them back in HAHAHA. These two especially....

Ahhhhh thank you so much again for the kind words and for playing and for everything!! This was such a sweet and lovely comment and really made me smile! It truly means so much! I'm so glad you enjoyed the game πŸ₯°


idk why i didn't expect this game to be as good as it was, but omg im so happy i played it-

like i genuinely expected this to be a cutesy and fun little introduction to the crew before i played Our Wonderland but holy hell this was literally amazing

and u know ofc i had to go w my boy genzou cuz i played t2a2g before i knew abt this (and ofc i thought that was just as amazing, so u know i had to spend my time figuring out the good ending cuz i couldnt bare making iggy feel bad) but anyways-

genuinely an awesome game, had a lot more fun than i thought i would, and im extremely excited to play OW now!!! B)


LOL IT DOES KINDA LOOK ON THE OUTSIDE LIKE IT'LL JUST BE SOME CUTESY/FUN LITTLE THING. Ok it's also just kinda cutesy fun when you play it until the shenanigans start to go overboard maybe LOL πŸ€£πŸ’¦ I'm really glad you liked it though!! I had tons of fun making this game and getting to play around and experiment with a ton of things (and also just have fun with the characters in a way I can't in the main game lkdajfal)

OH YOU PLAYED T2A2G FIRST??? owowowowow... πŸ₯ΊπŸ’• I'm glad you enjoyed that one, too!! Even though it's just a short little thing. That squishes my heart ahhhhhh. Hahaha I can definitely imagine then why you'd pick Genzou πŸ€­ Genzou's ending in this game makes me melt just a little bit. It's so sweet to me somehow...

Hhhhhh that really means so much, and I'm really really happy you enjoyed this little game in all its ridiculousness lkdajfasd If you do end up playing the main game I hope you'll like it???? I-it'll be perhaps a bit of a different vibe from both this game and T2A2G LMAO a bit more... horrific... hahaha... b-but the chars themselves are basically the same, at least in personality lol.

Thank you again for the lovely comment and for playing the game!! πŸ₯°


thank you so much for the orlam route
he is a precious bean and i love him dearly
tho i find him a bit more precious in our wonderland when he's more Broken hahaha
the Miserable Past balances out his egomania a bit better imo; orlam is at his cutest when he's being bullied.........

the animations for this all look soo good too! it's incredibly polished for a game that was made in a month! i can tell you put a lot of effort into it; your first place win in the spooktober jam was very well-deserved!

thank you for making yet another entertaining story! it was, dare i say, fantastic!


AHHHHHHH THANK YOU FOR PLAYING????? lmao I'm glad you enjoyed the Orlam route. I had a lot of fun getting to create the routes in general without all the horror and angst and depravity of the main game (ok maybe there's still some depravity alkdjfas). LOL TRUE ORLAM IS QUITE MORE CONFIDENT IN THIS ONE. In my head I like to imagine that this is more what he would be like if his Childhood hadn't been so atrocious and he could actually Be His Ridiculous Self.

I'm happy you liked the animations, too! This was the first time I really went all out with trying to set up scenes and animations and such and I learned so much that I'm now integrating back into the main game, as well. I really wanted it to feel like a sort of epic but somewhat silly movie and have a sort of cinematic quality to it πŸ˜‚

Thank you so much for taking the time to write up your thoughts ahhhhh. I'm really happy that you played and enjoyed this!! Also since there will be some Pertinent References back to this in the next Arc 5 part because I couldn't help myself LMAOOOO πŸ₯ΊπŸ’•

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Wah, I came to playing this game straight after playing through all of Our Wonderland's available arcs! I initially played this spin-off to comfort my heart (just a little) from the main game's hijinks, but I forgot what "Spooktober" sometimes entails... (;w;)
That said, NO REGRETS!!! Colorful and engaging dialogue as always, and the cast remains recognizably their lovable diaster selves. Hell, I'm just mighty glad to finally get a legit outlet to painlessly (?) woo all of the LIs this time around!!! While Genzou & Iggy remains endgame for me, it's undeniable that Iggy just got that Good Chemistry (TM) with the other characters too~
All in all: a good game that feels well-made and complete, especially for something that's gotta get churned out quick under limitations like a Spooktober Jam! 

Other Points I Enjoyed:   
1.) NGL, it's just real gratifying to see Gidget get to express themselves through Ghent. Arc 5 1/2 felt cathartic, but it's also just nice to see trans/non-binary themes explored in lighter-hearted contexts too--like a D&D session with understanding friends. <3

2.) I admit to gunning for Genzou's ending first-time around, but I'm weak for character-types like Prince Ghent in terms of how he interacted with Ignatius: the friction, the rivalry, the small moments of shy embarrassment and vulnerability!!! UGH, my creaky, withered heart...!  

3.) Even though there's no CG Gallery this time around, it was still a delight clicking back and picking alternative choices; just for the amusing dialogue alone!!!

4.) The ending song you chose for the credits is now stuck in my head (it's just such a damn good jam!!! Good energy!!!). Now I just gotta do my research on what/who produced it using that handy list you give to players, in-game...  


Wow, you again! LOL It seems that we meet this game the same day, and we played at the same speed! This "wonderland"'s end is more acceptable to me, since "Our Wonderland"'s true ending is in production, and the first four Arc's are painful...

Carrot has made another tiny game which is about Iggy & Genzou's texting! It's cute!! Especially the start interface after the end. (kind of a spoiler)


Lmao, we both be ZOOMIN when it comes to good games, ey?!
And yeah, "Our Fantastic Wonderland" is a nice break in tone from the main game (although, the main game does a good balance of funny/touching and dark/scary moments IMO). And yeah... all the arcs be painful, RIP.

I seen the texting one! I plan on playing it soon, and can't wait to see what you meant about the spoiler interface... πŸ‘€


LKDJFALKDSJFADS sorry it sometimes takes me a while to get to every comment since I want to make sure I give them each enough time πŸ€£πŸ’¦ BUT THANK YOU FOR PLAYING THIS ONE TOO??? I'm really glad you liked it!! Indeed, this was mostly created because I wanted to have a go at Spooktober Jam last year and also to give myself a fun little break to play around with some new stuff after releasing Arc 4. I ended up having so much fun with it though and tbh I've now added a lot of refs back to it in Arc 5 even in small parts despite my not thinking it would be in any way canon LOL

I'm glad you enjoyed the chemistry even between the other chars 🀭 I really like all of them so much!! And I love how they all have such different dynamics, particularly in how the relationship itself works, which I find so enjoyable to play around with. I greatly enjoyed getting to write them in an environment that wasn't quite so horrific (at least most of the time LOL) plus I'm such a sucker for a fantasy adventure setting anyway with all the RPGs I grew up playing. Makes me want to eventually write at least some other kind of side game where I get to write them just playing off each other in a more light-hearted fun setting.

Ahhhh I'm really happy you enjoyed Gidget/Ghent in this!! It was particularly fun for me as I made this game before even working on Arc 5 at all, so I wasn't quite sure how everyone would react with only Arc 4 setting the prior precedent LOL But I was really happy people ended up enjoying them and their role in this. Plus I just love the idea of Gidget having so much fun getting really into their role as Ghent πŸ’•

AWWW I'M GLAD YOU WENT FOR MULTIPLE ENDINGS. That makes me really happy!! I was pleased with how each of them felt very unique in the end, so I'm always touched when people play it through multiple times.

Sorry about the CG gallery this was before I knew how to do it LMAOOOOO. That and there aren't quite as many CGs this time around to begin with. Who knows though maybe I'll go back and add some QOL stuff to this later too πŸ€£πŸ’¦

Ah the ending song is this one! Glad you like it!

Thanks so much again for playing and for all your comments and thoughts once again!! Means so much that you'd play this game, as well!! I always love reading your thoughts! πŸ₯°πŸ’•

It's sweet of you to care about making enough time for every comment you get! I will try to not textwall-dump on you too much, lmao. πŸ€£
Just wanted to shoot you a quick THANK YOU SO FREAKING  MUCH for linking me to the ending credit's song! Definitely made it a lot easier for me to find!!! πŸ₯°

And NGL, the song's lyrics resonate with me--especially where I'm currently at in life. It's such pleasant serendipity that I stumbled upon such a song that describes liminal headspace with with such upbeat energy and hope!!! Even as I fumble my way into moving into a new career (after recently being let-go from my old job/company, that I held + liked for 6 years), it's nice to find a song that reminds me to just take it one day, one moment at a time and while just keeping myself open-minded to new information that can redirect me into new ways of living/being that's more aligned to who I am now as a person. ^_^ 


I do regret it and i do not regret it.😭At least in this game Genzou is not so miserable... I even think this ending is a HE! (But carrot please give Genzou and Iggy a lovely great ending which not include his or my serious injury or so... You know what I mean😭)


Thank you so much for playing this little game, too!! πŸ’• Hahaha indeed Genzou does fare a bit better in this one for the most part (aside from, well, what happened to everyone hahaha). I had a lot of fun just playing around with the characters in a more light-hearted environment πŸ˜­

AND LOL I PROMISE THERE WILL BE SOME LIGHT AT THE END OF THE MAIN GAME. Ofc I can't give away too much but there will definitely be some happy moments and growth for all the chars. And you'll be able to choose who you want Iggy to end up with, too! (well, depending on all the choices you made in the game laksdjfad) πŸ’•


Thank you for replying me! Haha, since in OFW I truly can't help myself to make choices which are all biased towards Genzou, I get his route end...πŸ₯°

And that's cuz my same thoughts firstly in OW, which surely made me choices towards that very person, it's kind of no doubt for me to know whose ending will I get in the OW... Which for me is something I have been extremely desiring! ALL THESE DAYS SINCE THE START OF MY LOVING HIM!!! 

Though it's kind of regretful that OW will soon ends, I and all the players will remember and miss ALL the chars in a long time. (Especially for meπŸ’•)


Oh my goodness this is so charming!! Okay I have a lot of thoughts. I will try to be brief (writes a 5 paragraph essay).

Anyway. Sorry to get Emotional(tm) but I first stumbled across Out Wonderland sometime after Arc 3 came out bc someone mentioned that it had ace rep and I was like !! no one remembers me nice! So I played all of it in like two days? And fell in love, your storytelling is so captivating! Character writing means everything to me and you absolutely nailed it, everyone feels so painfully human. I still have so many questions (I did leave off on Orlam being. Orlam) but now that we're up to Arc 5 pt 1 I'm excited to replay it!

As for this game specifically, oh my goodness everything flows so well. The music choices (and the song at the end, banger), the visuals, the humor, the banter in-between and during scenes, it was all so fun! You already demonstrated you could write amazing action scenes in the main game and you delivered here too!! And Gidget being able to play Ghent and genuinely getting really into his role made me smile :)

I just did my first run-through of the game (Genzou route bc I am a Genzou #truther he's Such a Guy) and this is so well made. It's just so good. Sorry my vocab is so small right now haha but I had so much fun with this! Thank you so much for sharing :)


Oh my gosh, what a lovely comment HELP. This is very sweet??? I'm really glad you enjoyed the main game, as well, and that you enjoy the chars. The chars in general play such a big part in this so I'm always really touched and honored if people can enjoy them in some way shape or form lakdjfasd That is such high praise, I will perhaps weep a bit πŸ˜­πŸ’•

AND I'M GLAD YOU LIKE THIS GAME TOO. This game was originally made to just be a fun way for me to do something separate and be silly with the chars as part of the Spooktober jam after finishing Arc 4, but it turned into so much more, to the point that parts of it are even sneaking back into the main game LOL, so I'm tickled pink that people can enjoy it -- even when I go a bit unhinged with some of the dialogue and off-the-rails shenanigans HAHAHAH. I also just learned so much getting to really push stuff with the action and animation that I've been able to take back into the main game, as well. lkdjadslf I'm glad you liked Ghent -- I loved being able to write him in this even before getting to Arc 5 and the climax of Gidget's story arc and I hoped that people would like him πŸ€­

GENZOU TRUTHER LAKDJFLAKDS He really is A Guy that is for sure LOL I'm so glad you like him he is very precious to me,,, HHHHHH πŸ˜­πŸ’¦ I enjoyed being able to write him as the knight he always wanted to be to Iggy,,, πŸ’•

THANK YOU AGAAAAAAAAIN. This comment is too sweet! Thank you so much for playing not only this but also OW itself and for loving it an the chars and all your lovely support!! It means so much!! πŸ₯°


finally found the time to play this after finishing the main game and it was really intriguing. i kept wondering about why the hell did the characters randomly move to the wonderland while playing dnd or something, why did reality start collapsing at the end, was any of this real at all since iggy doesn't remember anything... it was also really nice to see the gang's friendly (?) banter without life-threatening danger (most of the time at least lol). the art and the amount of animations was impressive as always. overall i really enjoyed this game and i'm curious if the events in it will somehow be mentioned in the finale of the main game. also now i kinda wish the characters wore silly fantasy outfits in the main game too lmao


Ohhhhhh!!! I'm really happy you chose to play this little side game?? LMAO THIS GAME,,,, indeed, there are many questions to be asked. None the least of which is why it goes more and more off the rails up to the end. I originally created this game to be something fun and silly as a stand-alone for the Spooktober jam, but the more I kept working on it, the more I kept re-integrating things back into the main story, which is why all the stuff towards the end begins collapsing in on itself HAHAHA. I would say it's not officially canon,,,,,,,, except that there are parts in Arc 5 that reference stuff from this game,,,,,, πŸ€£πŸ’¦ Tho how much you want to consider as actually happening is up to you lol.

I'm glad you liked the banter??? That was one of my favorite parts to write -- to just have fun with the chars playing off each other without (so much of) the horror / death. I feel like if I ever made another side game, I'd want to at least create a similar environment where I can include silly group antics and shenanigans (tho perhaps not DnD again dlakfjsd).

And thank you for the kind words about the art / animation πŸ₯ΊπŸ’• I had so much fun trying out a lot of new things with the animation and scene direction (a lot of which I've now continued trying to play around with and expand upon back in the main game). I feel like one of the biggest things I got out of this game was how much I learned just on the coding and scene direction sides!! πŸ€£

And yeah!! LOL there will be various small refs. To the point that I will probably add a little note in between Arcs 4 and 5 recommending people play this game before moving on. It's not essential to understand things, but I feel like it will just make things more enjoyable alkdfjas also some of the parallels that I ended up doing.

AT ANY RATE THO. Thank you so much for playing!! And for taking the time to write this up!! I'm really happy you enjoyed it?? Despite all of the rampant ridiculousness lkdafjalkf πŸ₯°

(1 edit)

finished playing this is was genuinely wondering what the actual fuck was going on considering that it seemed like you average D&D session and just was confused so now I'm playing the actual game this is linked to (also best character Orlam sue me)

LMAO I'M SORRY DLKJAFLDKFADS yeahhhh,,, I tried as hard I could to make it so you could generally follow everything that was happening even if you hadn't played the original game, but towards the end it goes pretty off the rails πŸ€£πŸ’¦ I'M GLAD YOU COULD STILL ENJOY IT??? I HOPE??? And thank you so much for playing?? Orlam is quite fun in this game I must admit aldkjfsa he was one of my favs to write the dialogue for LOL

Thanks for taking the time to play and leave a comment!! It means a lot! πŸ₯°


God went through this game after playing our wonderland and its so wonderful. It's so nice to see everyone getting along and being playful and happy and friends :)

Really enjoy how you slipped semi canonically into the main plot + love the character's dnd designs.

Now to overanalyse these characters based on their dnd self inserts.

Iggy is a cleric because he loves helping other people out and tries to solve their problems mostly by being emotional support. He just wants all his friends to be ok :( also love how he weaponises his power of being a cutie to win people over XD

Genzou is a Knight because he wants to protect by putting himself between iggy and the problem. Also halfling cause he's the smallest XD. I'm guessing he either has an epic backstory for his sight loss or he decided to make a joke about an arrow to the knee.

Orlam is an assasin because he loves being an edgy mudderer also him trying to write himself a royal backstory on top of it and getting shut down by Genzou is hillarious. He's an imp cause he's a little critter. Him having some sort of monster? werewolf? form that is being hidden away by magic is kinda sad. Does Orlam believe he's secretly a monster and he has to hide that piece from others? Also did he f*ck Jerry? Does his horniness know no bounds????!

Ghent is a cool dude because of completely cisgender reasons (The part where Gidget talked about only playing male characters was hilarious, the egg is transparent). I love the difference in personality and how similar it is Cecil in OW. I feel like some of it comes with the perfectionism, going from wanting an A* in being a girl to wanting an A* in being a boy is tough. Really hope Gidge figures it out eventully.

Bucks is the cool big strong beserker because she is the best (and also has a well of untapped rage). Love how everyone was suprised at how savage she was, feel like she gives off big tough wouldn't hurt a fly vibes. Also have personal theory that she's overpowered because of hubby dm privledges. Kinda wish Iggy had an option to befriend her at the end but I appreciate what was there :)

Huntar is the only one not in the game world because he's the only one not to go to wonderland. Love all his back and forths with his player, truely an exasperated DM XD. I wonder what he would play if he was a character instead? My guess is a wizard, bard or ranger of some kind, like something that gives support from a distance but idk XD.

Looking forward to your next arc, hope you keep yourself healthy and happy while doing it :)


HELP ADLFAJSLDKFJASLDKF I LOVE THIS SO MUCH OMG???? Might be weeping silently to myself as a result of these analyses of the characters,,, πŸ˜­πŸ’¦ They just feel so spot on?? HELP. YOU'VE ANALYZED THEM EVEN MORE THAN I DID WHEN MAKING THEM ALSDKJFALSDKFJ

"also love how he weaponises his power of being a cutie to win people over" --> I JUST LAUGHED OUT LOUD AAHAHAHAHAHA. H-he is indeed very precious and cute,,, I love him,,, πŸ₯ΊπŸ’•

"Genzou is a Knight because he wants to protect by putting himself between iggy and the problem." --> Help this is so a-a-a-accurate,,,

"Does Orlam believe he's secretly a monster and he has to hide that piece from others?" --> ALSKDFJALSDKFJASLDKJ???????

"I love the difference in personality and how similar it is Cecil in OW" --> Teehee,,, πŸ€­ God, this whole paragraph tho,,,

"Kinda wish Iggy had an option to befriend her at the end but I appreciate what was there :)" --> THAT WOULD HAVE INDEED BEEN COOL. I feel like if I'd had more than a month to work on this game, I might have tried to include more in general, but specifically more for Bucks in this similar vein.

"Huntar is the only one not in the game world because he's the only one not to go to wonderland." --> Lol this is indeed true. And also because Hunar is the storyteller in my mind in a lot of different aspects—it's what he went to school for, and also there will be a little ref back to this game in Arc 5 about it, as well πŸ€­

Guhhhhh thank you so much for this comment. I'm really happy you enjoyed this little side game—and also the ways I tried to tie it back into the main game and bring things together as much as I could. This just made my day!!! I love reading stuff like this about my story and chars, especially because over half the time, people will notice things I never noticed myself, which is always quite eye-opening for me LOL πŸ€£πŸ’¦ AND THANK YOU FOR THE WELL WISHES. I hope to have something new to release soon heheh. I hope that people will enjoy it,,, πŸ₯°


ITS SOOOO GOOD and how it goes along our wonderland makes it an ✨MASTERPIECE✨


Ohhhhhhhhhhh thank you!! This is very kind πŸ₯ΊπŸ’• I'm really glad you enjoyed it? And also that you enjoyed the main game?? Thank you so much for playing and for letting me know! And for your ratings, too. You're gonna make me cry aldkfjaldk πŸ˜­πŸ’•

(1 edit) (+1)

Just finished playing it !!! Loved it so much !!!

After playing Our Wonderland this is such a great source of comfort. Like they're just going on a silly little quest here... No emotinal damage... Mostly... AND ALL THE REFERENCES TO THE MAIN GAMES AHHHH SO COOL

Anyway super cool game in the universe of Our Wonderland ! Again loved it !


Ahhhhhh I'm so glad you played this one, too!! That feels really special! I'm so glad you enjoyed it. Thank you for letting me know ahhhh πŸ˜­πŸ’•

Indeed, this game was rather comforting to me, as well, while making it. I created it for Spooktober jam last September, which was right after I released Arc 4 and all the debilitating angst that came with that one. So getting to switch gears to something that was so silly and where I could have so much fun with the chars was quite nice. LOL I'M GLAD YOU LIKED ALL THE REFERENCES. It was tricky at times because I wanted to make a game that someone could enjoy without having played the main game, but that people who HAD played the main game would have some fun references and tie-ins back to the main game adlkfjasldk

I'm really happy you enjoyed it!!! Thanks so much for playing again and for leaving another lovely comment. This really made my day! πŸ₯°πŸ’•


Gidget: "I just like playing the male characters. it's more fun"

Me: *Stares in trans guy who said the same shit my whole life* "ok."

Jokes aside, Ghent is babygorl.


😭🀝 F-felt...

Heheh, I am glad you enjoyed though. And really happy you liked Ghent πŸ₯Ί Thank you so much for playing!! πŸ’•

(2 edits) (+2)

I've become obsessed with this universe of yours for the past few days, played this after finishing all 4 arcs that are finished in the first one. I just have one question!

Is this like... at least semi canonical? Like it fits in the realm of "I could believe this is canon" but maybe it's my adhd but I couldn't find a yes or no anywhere on this page or anything. 

Spoilers ahead but

Like, I get that the ending you get isn't specifically canon cause it's a choice, but I also don't doubt that Jerry would want to try and stop this madness around Iggy. That's generally my question, did they try once to stop it and then Iggy stopped it by being a cute cleric? Specifically because the loop and everything. Like if you ignore right after arc 4's credits I could believe this was the 4.5th arc. Anyways that's my question sorry, I'm obsessed lol.

Omg I'm so glad you like the game(s)(?) LOL Thank you so much for playing and for leaving a comment!! PLEASE DON'T BECOME TOO OBSESSED THO I DON'T WANT TO BE IMPEDING ON YOUR LIFE LAKDJFALKSDJF

Honestly the whole story behind this game is kind of up in the air, up for interpretation, up for whatever you want it to be at this point. I originally came up with the story as something that would be completely separate and just a fun little thing to work on for Spooktober after Arc 4 and be rather sillay, but as I was working on it, it ended up fitting in a way that half made sense as something that could have actually inexplicably happened so I ended up leaning into it a lot harder than I expected to???

So whether you want to consider it completely and entirely canonical is up to you. I would say that if I were to try to fit it in somewhere it wouldn't be after Arc 4, since after Arc 4, well, things are a Bit Different, as you know, since you've played up through it kdfjalsdk My entire idea surrounding the loops is that there are a heck of a lot more than just the main 4 you see, particularly since there's all those game over deaths that would also restart things, etc. So in the end, there's no telling how many times they've actually looped. And so this game would be,,, somewhere in there, if treated as completely canonical. Though definitely towards the far end after quite a few have already passed. I will say there will be a few small cheeky references to this game in Arc 5, but nothing that would definitely say one way or another 100%.

SO............ I guess perhaps that didn't completely answer your question. Well, maybe? Like, I would say it's at least semi-canonical. In my heart, it is entirely canonical, but I also know there might be some things that don't quite 100% fit. So for that reason I say semi LOL

OK THIS ANSWER IS JUST GETTING REALLY RAMBLY NOW. Thank you again for playing tho!!! I'm really happy that you like the games!! πŸ₯°πŸ’•


Hey i wondering if the full game was out like all 4 arcs?

(1 edit)

Hey!! Thanks for reaching out! πŸ₯°

This game (Our Fantastic Wonderland) is complete and finished! It's a short side game created for the Spooktober Jam. The main game it's connected to with the main storyline of the chars (Our Wonderland) is still in production! There are currently 4 out of 5 arcs complete (so 4/5s of the game) and I'm currently working on Arc 5 (the final arc). You can check out the main game here:

Does that answer your question? I'm sorry if it was a bit confusing! πŸ₯ΉπŸ’¦ I don't have an exact estimate for when Arc 5 will be finished, though it will likely be sometime first half of next year barring any major changes/emergencies in my life dhcdhd


It did answer my question thankyou! I played the demo part and i lov%ed it smmm it was sm fun <3 im excited to play more

GUHHHHHH, I'm really glad!!!! Thank you so much for playing and for letting me know?? That is too sweet! πŸ₯ΊπŸ’• I hope you'll like the final arc when it comes out! I'll keep working hard! πŸ₯°






DKFAJSDLKFJASDLKFJASDKLFJASLDKJFALSDKFJASDLFK OMG I AM SO GLAD. HEARING THAT MAKES ME 50,000 SHADES OF HAPPY. I'm really happy you enjoy my games!! Thank you so much for telling me!! πŸ₯°πŸ’•


You replied (0///0)




Ok, this was actually amazing and a deserved 1st place.


Guhhhhh I'm really happy you enjoyed it!! Thank you for playing and for your lovely words! My heart feels so full πŸ₯ΊπŸ’•


Hello Carrot I’m so sorry for the slow comment, I wanted to take the time to write you something properly detailed but my brain has not yet managed. So for now, here are the bullet points I wrote right after playing -

This was so much fun and so INCREDIBLY polished!

Fantastic action sequences!

Brilliant banter!

Great pacing in the tense moments!

Love the 4th wall asides!

So many clever uses of visuals (especially liked how you did the, hmm, self depreciating spirals??) Also really liked how you did the β€˜passage of time’.

Laughed so much at the giant eye and the javascript riddles!!

Enjoyed the rabbit soldier confetti!!

Wonderful writing and so many great turns of phrase

Esp loved the sprite expressions!

Iggy is a such a sweetheart and should be protected at all costs!

And although I’m afraid I’m too fraidy about the trigger warnings in your main game, I’m so happy I got the chance to meet the characters in a slightly less ominous context, they were all wonderful and this game was such a delight!


YOOO if you read the above comment tomorrow and wonder why I didn't mention your amazing FIRST PLACE AWARD it's because I was sneaking in some last minute commenting before the awards happened and I didn't know it yet!!! (I'm now extra glad I managed to do so before it gets lost in the flood of attention hehe!!!!)
Anyway, a massive congratulations, it is so well deserved and I'm so happy that you'll get more eyes on your game from it! Hurray!!! πŸŽ‰


Thank you so much, though, AHHHHHHHH πŸ˜­πŸ’•

DO NOT APOLOGIZE SKDJFALDKFJA I also have a lot of games left on my own list to play, as well. I was super great at the beginning, then I fell way behind πŸ€£πŸ’¦

THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR ALL THESE LOVELY SNIPPETS OF YOUR THOUGHTS!! These are many me laugh and smile so much!! Heheh, I love just hearing people's immediate thoughts to some of the shenanigans.

"self depreciating spirals" --> OH do you mean the part with Iggy and the The Collector?? If so dkjaflsdkjafdkajsld thank you πŸ˜­πŸ’• That was a part that took me a bit of thinking to decide how to approach it and I wasn't even sure how the final effect would be or how it would be interpreted, so I'm really glad that you liked it!

"Iggy is a such a sweetheart and should be protected at all costs!" --> THIS IS EXTREMELY TRUE KAFLJDK πŸ₯ΊπŸ’•

And HHHHHHHHNNNN NO WORRIES AT ALL. I know the main game definitely isn't for everyone! It gets rather intense and grisly at times. Thank you so much for playing this game though and I'm really so glad you could still enjoy and have fun with the chars!! That really means so much! And thank you for typing up your thoughts, this was really so sweet!!! πŸ’•πŸ’•


Realizing I should probably post my review here as well, lol.

Genuinely, had so much with this game! The characters were all so enjoyable and fun. The writing was great all around, but especially the humor! I actually laughed out loud at several parts. I also LOVED the art! It was so lovely! πŸ˜Š

It's clear you put so much time and love into the game! I really loved every part of it and look forward to following your work ❀️❀️


AWWWWWW THANK YOU FOR POSTING IT HERE, TOO!! That's so thoughtful and sweet!! (All the comments and ratings being split up between the actual game page and the jam page is so confusing and awkward, I swear dklafjsldkf)

Thank you so much again for playing and for your wonderful playthrough! I loved watching it so much!! πŸ’•


Of course!! Yeah, I didn't even realize they were split up at first πŸ˜… 

Thank you so much for making the game! πŸ˜Š It was seriously so much fun and I'm really excited to play Our Wonderland after the jam!


i feel like this is gonna have heavy made in abyss vibes for some reason

LOL it does have kinda that cute-on-the-outside dark-on-the-inside fantasy type vibe going for it hahahahaha. Though it doesn't go nearly as dark as Made in Abyss πŸ€£πŸ’¦ (if only I could make something that masterful dkafjsldkfj)


It was good

Oh, thank you so much!!!! πŸ₯°


Finally played it!

The cinematography was great, the animations really fun, the characters really charming, the artstyle so cute.

Now a text recreation of my first time playing it with the prominent thoughts that i remember:

--obligatory space with lot of dots to avoid spoiling people--













-Oh! even the warning screen is cute

-Gosh, that cinematic intro was so cool

-I don't know any of you but already like you

-Wait? this was a 'dating sim'???? 0: (i don't know how i missed it)

-they are so cute!!

-Oh no, don't listen to the intrusive thougths Ignatius!!

-That scene with the tentacle monster was so cool

-Guys!! give Ignatius a hug!!!!

-I love eyeball monsters

-Oh no! javascript trivia! quick!! open w3school!!!

-Oh wait, they are responding, cool

-I love arrays, now i'm wondering if renpy has a 'for each', need to search that.

- Is that Broken by Peritune?!!!!! (I love that song, i have been thinking in using in something for some time and listening in another context was equals weird and cool)

-Love the spinning with the axe scene

-I LOVE YOU UNHINGE BUNNY!!!!!! You go king, destroy the world or whatever!

-- space for me feeling bad for rotting to much for the evil sadistic unhinge rabbit --

-Hell yeah, the power of love and friendship

-Kinda want to get the other endings but don't want to separate the ship (got the Genzou ending).

Oh, thank you so much!!!! It means so much that you've played it! And thank you for this wonderful comment! πŸ₯° AND LOL YOUR COMMENTARY IS HILARIOUS hahahah I'm laughing so hard!!

"Wait? this was a 'dating sim'" --> LOLOL IT'S... I MEAN... kinda. I realized it was semi-turning into one as it went along, so I just rolled with it. It probably doesn't have the right vibe for an actual dating sim though LOL

"Is that Broken by Peritune?!!!!!" --> YES IT IS!!! Hahahaha omg I know what you mean. Every time I hear a song that I've either used before or have downloaded in my "potentials" playlist, it feels so funny. That gave me such a laugh! πŸ€­

And heheheh I am glad you liked πŸ° I had so much fun writing his lines (and admittedly went a little off the rails LOLOLOL)

And awwwww you got Genzou's ending heheh! I really enjoy that ship (well, I like all of them, but Genzou just holds a special place in my heart adjlfaskdfa πŸ’•)

At any rate, thank you so much again for playing and for your hilarious words!! I got a huge kick out of them! And it means a lot!!


Omg... !!! This game is... It's like I'm not playing a vn game but I'm watching an animation?! O_O I didn't know Renpy atl can be that powerful and all of this in just one month. I am shook!

I played Our Wonderland up to chapter 2 so I decided to give it a go ^^ And OW has already been impressive with all the CGs and atl but I think this game shows just how much you improved since OW chapter 1.

Your art style is just ideal for this type of game! It seems simple enough so you can make many CGs and sprite variations but it's also detailed enough to give the characters so much personality. 

It's also very impressive that your main game has already become so big that you can make a game like this (regular lenght for a VN jam) as a side project.

Orlam is my favorite ^^ He just makes me smile. I went for the other two routes first so I can save him for the end xD

I hope you will keep making many many more games even when OW is done!

OH GOSH!! This was such a sweet comment, thank you!!! πŸ˜­πŸ’• THAT IS SUCH HIGH PRAISE. I only wish I could actually release a real animation of my chars someday, but I'm not talented enough LOL But I'm beyond happy to hear that my game can feel even anywhere close to that dkfjalsdkaf

And I'm so happy you're playing OW, as well!! LOL YES. It's been... literally almost a year now since I first created Arc 1 of OW, so I've come a long way not only in scripting but also in the art I feel hahaha (even just from this jam itself I've learned so much). Maybe someday once the whole game is finished I'll do some kind of remaster where I re-polish up some parts of it, particularly the early stuff. Thank you very much for the kind words about the art!!! I get a bit self-conscious about it sometimes so that honestly means so much πŸ₯ΊπŸ’•

HEHEHEHE I AM GLAD YOU LIKE ORLAM. I like him quite a lot myself. And that is so sweet that you played through all the endings, ahhhhh. I hope you enjoyed all of them!!

Thank you again so much for playing and for this wonderful comment! It really made my day and brought a smile to my face! And also I hope you'll enjoy the later arcs of OW, as well!!! πŸ₯°


Anything that promises shenanigans up the wazoo is bound to be brilliant, and you certainly delivered x3 This was both adorable and hilarious. I just popped it on auto, kicked back with a coffee, and had an absolute blast ^-^ There's so much going on all the time that it was like watching a whacky movie, haha.

So yeah, epic really! I don't know what else to say x3 Other than that I love everything about it :P Awesome job <3


AHHHHH HELP THANK YOU KDJFALSDKJFALK πŸ₯ΊπŸ’• Thank you for playing and I'm so glad you had a lot of fun with it (and enjoyed my ridiculous humor)!! And LOL I am glad to hear that auto works well; I've actually never tried it on auto before so I was actually wondering a bit about that hahaha πŸ€”

That really means so much guhhhhhhh Thank you for such a sweet and wonderful comment—it really made my day!!! πŸ’•


That was AMAZING! I loved it!

The music was great. From what I gather from the credits, the tracks are not commissioned and were pre existing? If that's the case it's so impressive. Perfectly chosen to fit your work. The way the march worked with the effects was particularly good. And the ending credits song felt like it was made for the game. Such a great fit! Also, on the subject of audio, I noticed a few usernames in your credits that I've used as well which made me smile. How good is freesound! :D

I love the art. Kind of high res but non-anti-aliased pixel art (not sure how to even describe it, but it's rad). Your style is so distinctive.

The movement and animation choreography was superb. So expressive. You depict so much with so little. Absolutely loved the fight scene where Bucks was dismembering all the rabbits, that was so awesome :D You've inspired me to think about trying more movement in my stuff. I feel like my approach is very static, I need to experiment more.

The story was so entertaining and genuinely funny. Your comedic timing is great. And then also genuinely heartwarming and bittersweet as well. You have awesome range. I haven't played the main game (will def have to remedy that) and I felt like maybe I was not quite understanding a few things. But all in all it still worked pretty well as a stand alone story.

The GUI was super good. Lot's of nice little unique touches. And I really liked the 'out of game' interludes. That layout was really well done and used to great effect.

All in all, fantastic stuff. really well done!

PS Double posting this from the game jam page because it REALLY annoys me that doesn't happen automatically.

(1 edit) (+1)

OMG AHHHH THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! Thank you so much for playing and I'm glad you enjoyed it!! πŸ˜­πŸ’•

LOL yeah so far I've only ever worked with royalty-free music (though in the future I would LOVE to have a chance to actually work with a composer!!!). I always spend a long time just like hunting around for tracks and then living with them for a while to figure out what I feel vibes with certain scenes. I do this for the main game too and honestly there is so much good stuff out there. A lot of the music I've found and used has actually inspired stuff within my games themselves!! I really love working with music in general kdfjalsdkfa AND LMAO YES FREESOUND MY BELOVED. I've downloaded so many sounds from there it sends me emails like "we see you've downloaded a lot..." πŸ’¦

Thank you so much for all your kind words about the art and animations! I had a ton of fun acting like a director while setting up the scenes. And I'm glad you found it funny!!! I never know how well my humor will hit with people LMAO especially as it tends to be a bit off the walls. YEAH... especially towards the end I can imagine not knowing anything about the original would make things feel EVEN MORE OFF THE RAILS. But I'm at least glad you could still overall enjoy it even without knowing anything!! Thank you so much for giving it a try in spite of that!!!

Just thank you so much again! This was such a lovely and wonderful comment and it really made my day!!! It means so much!! πŸ₯ΊπŸ’•



Yeah it shows that the music you choose is super considered. It's just so cool you can find stuff that fits so well. I really need to try branching out from just classical :D

Haha yeah, I also have had the email from freesound... a couple of times... :D

And you're welcome. You made an awesome game. I hope a billion people play it.


Sorry, but I just have to drop in here quickly to intrude and say that it makes my heart soar to see someone else show the same enthusiasm towards finding and matching BGM tracks they've found to their games as I do xD It's something I totally nerd out about and spend waaaaay too much time doing, and when I try to explain it to my brother, he stares at me like I've just crapped on the floor or something T_T

I have had many a field day in the past on royalty-free music sites and in DLsite BGM pack sales x3 Aaaand, then I wound up falling down the rabbit hole of trying to make my own soundtracks at some point, which has become equally addictive, haha.

My point is, matching music to your game is so much damn fun!! <3 And your choices for this were absolutely perfect! ^-^



I know exactly what you mean!! It's so much fun perusing through and living with tracks and vibing with them until you're able to find the perfect ones for different scenes! I tend to go through and just start downloading all the songs I like, then put them in a big playlist and just listen to it for days while I'm thinking about the story and scenes until the music pieces start clicking together in my head aksldfjasdkl I AM SO GLAD I'M NOT THE ONLY ONE WHO LOVES THIS πŸ’•

I have a couple sites I've used regularly, from individual composer sites to DOVA-Syndrome. Also recently I jumped to an Audiostock subscription after I saw some of my fav composers have even more tracks available there and I have not regretted it. So much great music guhhh



Hehe :3

YES! I do something similar xD I get a bunch of stuff that fits the themes, and then I spend ages just absorbing it, haha. Sometimes I wind up coming out with new scenes entirely inspired by the tracks that otherwise wouldn't have existed! I stick em all on my phone and listen while I'm exercising, which often gives me even more ideas x3 and if I have to go do errands in town and stuff, I listen to em while I'm walking as well, haha. Helps me so much with writing to have something suitable to listen to as well!

I need to check some of the sites out that you mention! Cos I started out on my first game just using incompetech, then wound up getting bits and bobs cheap from DLsite, and kinda stuck with that for ages without exploring much else >.< As much as I love trying to make my own tracks now, I'm just not good enough to cover all the sorts of music I need sometimes. Like the sorta circus-y themed stuff that you've got! I could never make stuff as cool as that x3 not unless I somehow managed to find a loops pack that was circus-themed, haha. And I really suck at making happier, more upbeat tunes >.<” It's like last year with Limbo Line, I did my best to try and make a full soundtrack, but there were moments I couldn't possibly fill, like the theme for Niard, haha. So I kept some of the royalty-free stuff in there to fill in those spots where I faltered x3


"Sometimes I wind up coming out with new scenes entirely inspired by the tracks that otherwise wouldn't have existed!" --> OMG SAME!!! Lololol I feel like our processes feel incredibly similar!! This just made me smile so much!

And hahaha oh gosh I had a rather similar type of journey, starting out with sites like incompetech for my first game. I actually hadn't thought to try DLsite for music! (I only used it for the first time to get some BGs for this game but never for anything else.) Once I found DOVA was when my music world really opened up though LOL Those exact type of tracks with like a kinda circus-y / spoopy Halloween vibe are my absolute fav, so I just gravitated to composers that had a bunch of stuff like that (and from there followed them to Audiostock). That's honestly so impressive though that you actually make a good deal of your own music! I couldn't even imagine doing that by itself let alone on top of all the other dev work that goes into a game! Heheh you shouldn't feel bad at still using the occasional royalty-free song even amongst your own though!! It's already so amazing what you're doing!! (Also The Graveyard Shift is next on my list to play and I'm really excited hehehe πŸ€­πŸ’•)


Gods. Fucking. Damn it. Do you ever miss? Can't you ever release a flop for once?!

Just kidding, obviously. Our Fantastic Wonderland scored a natural 20 and dealt a massive critical hit to my brain. Not like I expected otherwise, considering what the main game did to me. I absolutely loved the experience. It's a good old DnD-esque adventure on the surface and a mine full of little gems for main game's fans (me, I mean myself by this). The parallels! The usage of monsters we know from main game! The humor! The gasps I made when I realized how eerily similar some things are! The blonde fencer guy representation, I mean, what? (Yes, I did get on Ghent route, yes, I cried at the end of it, why do you ask?)

Would I recommend it to someone who didn't play the main game? Absolutely. Would I recommend it to someone who did? No, because they probably downloaded it as fast as it appeared anyway, so I'd look silly. 13/13.


By the way, if you're like me and play 32bit versions: the game runs really smooth regardless. The only trouble you might encounter would be at the visual glitch effect parts, but even then, consider it a feature, not a bug.


THANK YOU AHHHHH!! Thank you so much for playing and I'm SOOOO happy you enjoyed it! That's honestly exactly what I was hoping—that it would still be entertaining and standalone enough for anyone to enjoy, but also have the little cameos and fun tie-backs to the main game, so I'm very happy to hear that! (and also that you caught a lot of the little things heheh) πŸ€­ Also I'm really happy to hear that you enjoyed Ghent's ending dalkfjasldkfjasdfa his ending is quite near and dear to my heart... πŸ₯ΊπŸ’•

HHHHHH thank you so so much for this hilarious comment and for playing and sharing your thoughts!! It really means so much!!

(ALSO YES, THAT'S THE EXACT EFFECT I WAS THINKING ABOUT WITH THE SLIGHT HICCUP IN THE 32-BIT VERSION. I needed to use an older version of the glitch code that doesn't run quite as smoothly because the newer version didn't work in Ren'Py 7... πŸ’¦)


It's not a bug, it's a feature. Your game gets glitched together with the glitch effect. It actually took me some time to realize that's not how it was supposed to work :')




the way you tied this into Our Wonderland brings up so much questions but Our Fantastic Wonderland is canon to Our Wonderland it seems based on the ending scene alone and man that blows my mind i never saw that coming!!

loved seeing the main crew again and out in action,,, i missed them and their witty, snark-filled banter,,, and some of the lines definitely made me laugh out loud (that poking fun at itself for "not being a visual novel" and the little quips about deadlines felt like you personifying your own troubles with making a game in a month)!! I especially liked the line about shounen anime and the programming riddles felt so fitting for Ghent/Ignatius/Gidget/Iggy's characters that I couldn't help but feel like it was a nice personal touch for the riddles to be stuff about coding (and then Orlam and Genzou just being like "oh, well, okay, that happened" was amusing too)

I think the glitching aspect in the midway point was also very curious too,,, like,,, were they really even playing a DND-esque game together at all?? Were they sharing a connected lucid dream?? it really felt as if they were all gathered around playing a game although a few factors beforehand did feel fishy (like how Hunar magically handwaved the sky to red and how they could all see that change at once...I may not know anything about DND but something about how they witnessed that change without Hunar speaking in depth of it and feeling chilled by the transformation really adds to the reveal of them glitching out of existence later in hindight :P). There's also the fact that underneath Iggy's cloak it looks like normal modern attire (a tshirt and shorts i believe??) which only seems to heighten the suspicion that either Iggy was lazy in designing his character's outfit or, more likely, he was transported to a ""lucid dream"" w/ a cleric cloak on to fit the theme lol??

Also!!! The ATL!! I swear you're just a master at using it to it's most efficient point because everything about it works so well in partnering with the narrative!! From the black bar screen "fade ins", to the rabbit guards attacking, to the way you zordered the group so there's a distinct feel of them walking side by side at times, to the little motions that the sprites definitely help capture such as Iggy falling into the arms of his loved one or how Jerry's face zooms into the camera as a kind of small jumpscare (that was really creepy i gotta say!!)).

also rip to the magic potato and Jerry, they never quite fulfilled their purposes did they :') maybe magic potato will somehow come back to give Iggy happiness in arc 5 of Our Wonderland >o<

(also i realized while typing this i haven't followed you on here already and that is a mistake i have finally rectified haha)

TBH WHEN I STARTED WRITING IT I ONLY HAD A VAGUE IDEA OF HOW IT WOULD WORK so I'm honestly glad it still somehow came out all right in the end LOLOL The whole final half of this game just really goes off the rails in the over-the-top ridiculousness department hahahaha


"were they really even playing a DND-esque game together at all??" --> HAHAHA TBH.......... I'm not even sure myself. I will leave a lot of interpretation up to players about the details about exactly what's going on. I mostly just dove in and started writing without even working out those types of details and hoped the wild ride would be enough to carry everything through to the end.  And also honestly you can consider it canon, you can consider it non-canon, you can consider it just some fun silly intermission before Arc 5... I LEAVE IT OPEN.

HHHHH THANK YOU I'm glad you liked all the animations! It gets a little out of hand and times and took me forever, but I'm pretty happy with how everything turned out in the end, so that makes me dlkafjldk to hear. I feel like this is as close as I'll ever be able to get to like... an actual animated experience with my chars LOL

I MEAN IT DID GRANT IGGY'S WISH ONCE HE FIGURED OUT HOW TO MAKE IT WORK ADKFJALSDK but yeah it was always kinda fated from the beginning. After all, things can't really end until Arc 5 comes out πŸ€­

Thank you so much again for playing!!!! It really brightened my day reading this and I'm glad you got a kick out of it! πŸ’•


Very exciting spin-off for "Our Wonderland"! I loved seeing the characters roleplay in a more relaxed fantasy adventure setting and with humorous story script. It's nice to see Hunar and Bucks too who get less screentime in the main VN, and here we can see them being the lovey-dovey couple. Ghent is really interesting to me, since he has a colder personality than the  bubbly Gidget persona.

A lot of work is put into the Ren'Py programming for the visual flair, which pays off immensely. The sprite art combined with the animation is extremely charming and reminds me of "Paper Mario". There's a great amount of detail for dynamic multiple sprite variants: Iggy being held up-side down and having its own sprite for that made me laugh. Super cool to see the chopped up enemies flying. And I quite like the scene with the two layers of bunny guards lined up in the back and front row.

The choice options are great and can lead to funny situations if you pick the 'mean' option. Depending on character you favour, you get a special scene with them and cute CG in the end.

As for story developments, I won't say spoil too much, but the palace segment is the absolute highlight for me. The sudden dark mysterious atmosphere had me on my seat wondering what the final resolution will be.

I know of the LOTR movies but not super into it, but for the first time I can see the Frodo-Samwise link in Iggy-Genzou, hmmm.


AHHHHH THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR PLAYING AND FOR THIS LOVELY COMMENT DKFAJLSDFKA πŸ’• Heheh, I also enjoyed getting to have more with Bucks and Hunar, particularly with Bucks, as I definitely had way too much fun writing and scripting her parts. And LOL yes Ghent leans quite hard into the stubborn prince role—I think I mostly wrote him as Gidget really diving into and enjoying the role heheh 🀭 I feel like all of them have various... levels for lack of a better word in regards to how much they take to the role-playing aspect of the whole thing LOOOL

Hhhhhhh I'm glad you enjoyed all the animations and sprites!! I probably had a little bit too much fun and went a little overboard in places LOL I also benefit from the fact that my art style makes it fairly easy to whip up sprite variations, so I was able to include some of those random little fun one-off ones now and then.

OH THE PALACE you mean the part with the lights and the disappearances? I am glad ahhhhh!! I enjoyed thinking up ways to handle that part both in the writing and then the scripting when I got there as I wanted to make sure the transition from madcap ridiculousness to "shit starting to get real" actually worked, so that makes me happy to hear!! πŸ€£πŸ’¦ Now I'm also curious as to whose ending you got hehe πŸ€­

AT ANY RATE, THANK YOU SO MUCH!! It means so much that you played and wrote up all your thoughts!! And I'm so glad that you enjoyed it!! πŸ’•


I played it, I loved it, and I returned the Golden Egg Jewel of Happiness to the Sacred Altar (wait, no πŸ˜…).

It was really good, the humor was on point and I laughed a lot. πŸ‘Œ (especially at Orlam's jokes, and his banter with Gen) (also, Iggy and Ghent's rivalry was really entertaining and I enjoyed it quite a bit) (plus, it was nice to see Bucks as her more light-hearted, energetic self, as opposed to OW)

I loved the visuals, from the new fantasy sprites to all the animations in the fight scenes that made the whole thing really dynamic and fun to watch. πŸ’•

I played through both Gen's and Ghent's routes and now I'm kinda torn on who to root for. Gen's route was sweet and wholesome, but man, Ghent's ending made me tear up. It felt really special. πŸ₯² (He's also very pretty and I'm all for that 🀭)

All in all, it felt like a very fun remix of the original and I liked it a lot. πŸ’•
(also, the page looks great πŸ‘Œ)



THE GOLDEN EGG I'M CHOKING. Ahhhhhhhhh thank you so much!!! It means so much that you played it and also these words are so lovely I wanna cry!! πŸ˜­πŸ’•

I'm so glad you liked the humor, especially the banter!! The vibe of this compared to OG OW let me have so much fun with their dialogue, but I always just hope it will still be entertaining to people other than me LOL And OHHHH I'm glad you liked Bucks!! The way her whole entrance scene turned out is probably one of my favorites in the game, it's just so ridiculous πŸ€­ I definitely had a love-hate relationship with the animations by the end—I did love working on them and directing the scenes, but MY GOD DID THEY TAKE SO LONG TO DO.

"Ghent's ending made me tear up. It felt really special." --> HELP YOU'RE GONNA MAKE ME CRY πŸ˜­ I am so glad??? I also really loved how Ghent's turned out. I loved getting to make something sweet with them for once and also I just love Ghent HNNNN DKFLAJSDLFK

Thank you thank you THANK YOU for taking the time to play the game and write up all your thoughts!!!! This was the loveliest comment! I'm really happy you enjoyed the game! πŸ’•


This was so much FUN!!! I lost count of all the times I laughed my ass off in the first part of the game 🀣 The fact that Hunar is writing the story and all the others complaining commenting about it makes it 100 times better!!

I have to say, the programming for this game was particularly amazing!! The way all the background cinematics played, the way the sprites moved, how the screen would shake at the right times, how there would be special effects when something went flying!! Gosh it was so cool!! It made the story much more alive and immersing, as if you were watching a dark fantasy romcom movie!! πŸ’•β€οΈ

The art, as always, was super charming and it was so nice to see the usual Our Wonderland storybook style!! The dialogues are awesome too, I just can't get enough of these characters!! Sure, Orlam is my personal favorite, but I just love them all to bits!! It's not easy to make characters have a very distinct way of speaking, but just as in Our Wonderland, this game did yet again!! So much so in fact that, if they didn't have sprites, you'd still just KNOW who is talking based on what they're saying and HOW they're saying it πŸ₯°

The way the story took a dark turn in the second part was so cool too! The transition from comedy to horror-thriller is really well done, you are really good with pacing!! I also really liked the way you can tell whose route you got based on who disappears last at a certain scene.

Of course, I had to go through Orlam's route first 🀣 And there were no regrets whatsoever. Jfc, flirty/teasing characters are the death of me, I have such a bias, his lines give me lots of butterflies just like Iggy. I liked that he started off as a tsundere when you try to hug him but then he's like "well, well, well, it seems you like me more than you let on, cleric". Gosh, and I'm so happy he finally got a kiss CG, it made the journey all the more worth it 😭

I still have to finish the others' routes (really looking forward to them too cause I love everyone, and I love that Gidget is Ghent!! Trans rights yay!!) but I already love this so much, it's making me more excited to play Arc 5 of Our Wonderland when it comes out.

Great job, Carrot!! ❀️



Omg... thank you so much for playing and for this lovely comment that's as we speak rendering me into a complete and utter pile of mush πŸ˜­πŸ’• I'M SO GLAD YOU ENJOYED IT!!! LOL I'm really glad the humor hit!! Most of it was just my mind going completely off the rails, so I can always only just hope that it will actually be funny to other people besides myself HAHAHA

"It made the story much more alive and immersing, as if you were watching a dark fantasy romcom movie" --> This is such high praise omg ahhhhhhh. I was really trying to go for somewhat of a cinematic effect, so this makes me super happy to hear!! Scripting was honestly one of the things that took the longest out of everything in this whole game, and some of the scenes really drove me up a wall getting them to work the way I wanted πŸ€£πŸ’¦

"The way the story took a dark turn in the second part was so cool too!" --> I COULDN'T RESIST HAVING A SUDDEN DARK TURN. Feel like I can't create anything nowadays without letting SOMEthing horrific happen hahaha

LMAO I'M SO GLAD YOU ENJOYED ORLAM. I definitely got a little unhinged with some of his dialogue kdjalsdkfa I am glad it had the desired effect ohoho~ 🀭 ...OH GOSH IT IS TRUE—he's the only one who hadn't had one in the main game at all up until this point. Heheh I'm happy you enjoy it πŸ’•

GUHHHH THANK YOU SO SO MUCH!!! Both for playing and all your words!! Reading this just melted my heart!! I'm so happy you enjoyed the game! πŸ’•


Uwaaa its good

AHHHH thank you very much!!! I'm glad you enjoyed it! Thanks for playing and for your lovely comment! πŸ₯°

(1 edit)

I have downloaded
But I can't find the executable OurFantasticWonderland in



How can I play this game?

Hey!! Thanks so much for downloading the game! The executable files are in the main folder when you unzip the game (not in the lib folder). There is an OurFantasticWonderland-32.exe file for Windows and an file for Linux! I hope that helps!! πŸ˜„

$ ./

/home/benutzer2/Programme/Spiele/OurFantasticWonderland/lib/py2-linux-i686/OurFantasticWonderland not found.

This game may not support the linux-i686 platform.

Oh, gosh, I'm really sorry but I'm not actually sure then. πŸ˜₯ It could be a compatibility issue with Ren'Py? That is the engine/tool I use to build the game and create the distributables. I'm not knowledged enough in actual software development to be able to fix or change anything on the engine side... Are you perhaps able to try playing the game with Wine?


I fucking love it so much!


DHDHDHRUR thank you so much, I'm so glad!!! πŸ₯ΊπŸ’•


I'm gonna to tell my kids this was Lord of the Rings

LMAO Lord of the Rings with a slight twist hahhahahh πŸ€£πŸ’¦

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