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Eleven-year-old Iggy wasn’t sure what he was expecting when he dragged his friends out to the woods to attempt a strange ritual from a book he found in the dumpster at school, but his wildest imagination couldn’t have prepared him for the land of wonder and magic that awaited them at the bottom of that old willow tree.

Now, however, it’s twenty years later, and he and his friends are past the age of make-believe. The wonderland of their youth has become nothing more than a far-off dream—until one night, Bucks and her newborn daughter disappear without a trace. Soon, Iggy and his friends find themselves pulled back into that world of childish glee. Only their wishes and desires aren’t so innocent anymore, and the world has twisted itself into a land of horror and depravity that’s scarcely recognizable.

Our Wonderland is a horror-fantasy visual novel focusing on the struggles, issues, and deteriorating relationships between five childhood friends (amplified to horrific effect). It contains five different arcs, each with its own ending, and your choices affect the amount of peril the protagonist experiences (hint: how many times Iggy violently dies), as well as the final ending (hint: who Iggy ends up with at the very end, because apparently in some messed-up way, this is also the world's worst dating sim).

As an extra note, this game also touches on a lot of LGBTQIA+ themes.

The intrepid cast or something. (Click to zoom!)

Currently, the first four and two-thirds arc of the game are available to play (the last arc is being released in three parts). Combined, they feature:
  • Four complete "paths," each with their own ending, along with the first two-thirds of the final path
  • 16 to 21 hours of playtime (around 253k words)
  • Storybook-style visuals
  • 411 CGs
  • Some super sweet semi-animated cutscenes
  • 12 ways to violently die!
  • A fun cinematic soundtrack and lots of dramatic sound effects

The last third of the final arc (Arc 5) will be released once it's finished (the game is still in production). Stay tuned for devlogs or check out my Twitter for production updates and information on future release dates.


Our Wonderland is recommended for mature audiences only. The game includes:

  • Strong adult language
  • Strong graphic violence (both illustrated and textual)
  • Sexual violence/assault/unwanted sexual advances
  • Disturbing and potentially triggering elements

And, more specifically for each arc, these general content warnings apply:

  • (Arc 3) Topics involving suicide, self-harm, and self-poisoning
  • (Arc 4) Overarching sexual themes (extra strong)
  • (Arc 4) Intense and disturbing scenes (extra strong)
  • (Arc 4) Bullying and harassment, bigoted comments related to gender
  • (Arc 4) Drugging
  • (Arc 5) Intense action sequences with quick movements, shaking screen and sprites, flashing lights, and eye strain
  • (Arc 5) Arachnophobia
  • (Arc 5) Brief dialogue on eating disorder topics
  • (Arc 5) Scenes revolving around childbirth and gender roles
  • (Arc 5) Moments of extra strong language and sexual references

These are the general content warnings. For those unsure about any of the above or who want more specific content and trigger warning details, please check the lists below for more specifics about potentially triggering content (lists contain vague spoilers):

Arc 1 Detailed Content Warnings
  • Scenes of violence and torture (someone is strangled/choked, someone is nearly boiled to death, someone has two of their limbs chopped off, a large rabbit has its head bashed in by a large blunt object, someone's jaw is broken after being hit repeatedly by a large blunt object)
  • Violent deaths (someone is stabbed through the gut with a spear, someone is eaten by many small creatures and their intestines are shown being ripped out and it's very graphic, someone is stabbed with scissors in the gut and their intestines fall out, someone's neck is snapped, someone crashes into a window and is stabbed and killed by the glass)
  • Unwanted sexual advances (someone is kissed against their will, someone is touched sexually against their will and it takes them a while to say no and push away, someone tries to initiate sexual intercourse with another person without consent (but thinking/assuming they have content), someone continues to kiss and touch another person even while that person is visibly uncomfortable and unreciprocating)
  • Disturbing/potentially triggering elements (cannibalism, bullying, teasing)
  • Mentions in dialogue of suicide, child abuse, self-loathing, violence against an infant
Arc 2 Detailed Content Warnings
  • Scenes of violence and torture (someone's tongue is cut off with a pair of scissors, someone's eyes are jabbed with fingers and there's blood though the eyes don't come out/the person can still see afterward, someone is electrocuted and their eyes melt in their head, generally quite a lot of blood and depictions of blood and injuries)
  • Violent deaths (someone is gored with a spear in the gut, someone is slowly digested in the stomach of a large creature, someone is stabbed in the head with scissors, someone is tortured via electrocution and it's very detailed, someone's head is chopped open with an axe and their brain is visible, someone's stomach is chopped open with an axe and their intestines fall out)
  • Unwanted sexual advances (someone is kissed against their will, someone is touched sexually against their will, someone begins trying to initiate sexual intercourse with another person without their consent (though it is stopped before anything can happen), someone tries to "fix" someone else through sex, i.e., threat of corrective rape (though it is stopped before anything can happen))
  • Disturbing/potentially triggering elements (cannibalism, bullying, teasing)
  • Mentions in dialogue of suicide and self-loathing
Arc 3 Detailed Content Warnings
  • Scenes of violence and torture (someone is stabbed in the gut with a knife, someone is stabbed in the throat with a pair of scissors, someone's eye is pulled out with a pair of scissors, someone sticks their finger in their own open wound and seems to enjoy it, someone sticks their fingers down another person's throat and makes them gag, a scene briefly flashes across the scene of someone with their stomach completely cut open and their intestines are visible)
  • Unwanted sexual advances (someone half-undresses/exposes themselves despite the other person being uninterested and clearly uncomfortable, someone makes sexual jokes and comments to purposefully make someone uncomfortable)
  • Disturbing/potentially triggering elements (cannibalism, child abuse, bullying, teasing)
  • Topics involving suicide, self-harm, and self-poisoning (the after-effects of someone harming themselves through self-poisoning/drinking bleach are shown, someone worries about the possibility of someone else committing suicide, someone comments about feeling hopeless and wanting to die, the effects of a family member that's committed suicide are touched upon, memories of insensitive comments relating to someone else's suicide)
Arc 4 Detailed Content Warnings
  • Disturbing/potentially triggering elements (cannibalism; lots of thoughts about things related to marital duties, obligations to one's partner, etc.;  someone wanting to "fix" an asexual person; comments and themes surrounding body and gender dysphoria)
  • Scenes of violence and torture (someone is shown to have been horrifically mutilated and tortured with their legs amputated and their eyes having been removed; someone is threatened and cut with a large knife; someone is strangled to death; someone is stabbed through their neck with scissors; someone's head is stomped in; someone is bludgeoned to death with a metal object)
  • Strong sexual themes, very uncomfortable sexual situations (someone is touched or forced to touch someone in ways they're not comfortable with; sexual comments are made about someone, which makes them somewhat uncomfortable; someone is made to feel guilty and ashamed for not wanting to have sex; someone attempts to initiate sexual intercourse despite the other person being reluctant and uncomfortable (no sexual intercourse actually happens); someone is threatened with a knife in a way that has somewhat sexual overtones; there is implied off-screen sex between multiple sets of people (the sex is consensual); someone drugs someone else and attempts to have sex with them against their will, i.e., corrective rape (though no rape/sex actually happens))
  • Intense and incredibly disturbing scenes with violent imagery (things already mentioned in the violence and torture section but just an extra added note that much of it is incredibly visceral and emotionally charged)
  • Bullying and harassment, bigoted comments related to gender (someone is repeatedly bullied and has demeaning comments directed at them; someone is sexually harassed with their face forced into someone's (clothed) crotch; someone is made fun of for using a certain bathroom and for not looking like their assigned gender at birth; someone is yelled at for wearing underwear of the opposite gender; bigoted comments are made towards someone from a parental unit for wanting to bind their chest)
  • Drugging (someone drugs someone else and attempts to have sex with them against their will, i.e., corrective rape (though no rape/sex actually happens)
Arc 5 Part 1 Detailed Content Warnings
  • Strong graphic violence (someone is eaten by giant rabbits, a giant rabbit is stabbed in the neck with a screwdriver repeatedly, one rabbit eats another rabbit, someone is repeatedly stabbed through the chest with a large sharp object and the descriptions are quite graphic, someone is stabbed with many sharp objects)
  • Sexual violence/assault/unwanted sexual advances (references are made in dialogue to past sexual assault attempts, someone is stabbed through the chest and sexual references are made re: the erotic factor of the act in dialogue, sexual acts are implied through dialogue to have been conducted with artificially intelligent dolls)
  • Disturbing and potentially triggering elements (rabbit cannibalism, someone has transformed into a grotesque half-creature, mentions in narration of past torture and death in previous arcs, a somewhat intense scene of trying to snap someone out of a distraught daze by slapping them, an emotionally charged scene involving slapping someone to snap them out of their intrusive self-deprecating and self-damaging thoughts)
  • Arachnophobia (mentions of spiders and spider webs in dialogue and narration, someone has transformed into a large half-spider-like creature, references are made to baby spiders in eggs, someone is caught in a large spider web and can't escape)
  • Brief moment of eye strain (an inverted image is shown near the beginning of the arc and lasts for several minutes of narration)
  • Brief dialogue on eating disorder topics (mentions in dialogue of not eating and how this has led to an "ideal figure" though done in a negative light)
  • Scenes revolving around childbirth and gender roles (someone who has been transformed into a half-spider gives birth to a spider egg [not shown, but the egg is shown afterwards], dialogue about the need to create a family and have children, dialogue about the pressures of perfection, particularly on women)
Arc 5 Part 1 1/2 Detailed Content Warnings
  • Strong graphic violence (action sequences include a lot of descriptive depictions of violence, including characters getting bitten, hit, kicked, knocked to the ground, limbs bitten off, bodies ripped open, etc.; someone's previous injury is exacerbated and their stiches ripped out, leading to some blood; someone's arm is completely bitten through by a rabbit; someone is implied to have cut their heart out and the remaining scar is shown, brief flashes of CGs are shown in silhouette of the act occurring; a censored room filled with flayed bodies and viscera is shown while the scene is described in detailed text and it's very intense; multiple people are held captive and repeatedly slammed to the ground, resulting in various injuries, broken jaws and noses, etc.; someone's finger is chopped off and both the finger and stump are shown multiple times in detail; someone bites off a piece of a rabbit's arm; someone uses a knife to cut open someone's chest and then yank it open further rather viscerally)
  • Sexual references, sexual violence/assault/unwanted sexual advances (sexual humor, jokes, and references are made throughout, including usage of the word d*ck; references are made to a past instance of sexual harassment; mean-spirited taunts of a sexual nature about another character are made during an argument, someone has a lascivious-looking expression at times; someone presses their foot into someone else's face)
  • Disturbing and potentially triggering elements (implied cannibalism, both of human and rabbit nature; implied past torture and captivity; multiple characters are held captive and threatened and taunted with a large knife; references are made to past instances of bullying)
  • Intense action sequences, eye strain, and flashing movements (a fight scene against many small red beings occurs in which the creatures are constantly running quickly across the screen, whipping in and out of view, and sometimes zooming large in front of the screen, the screen flashes and shakes a number of times; a fight/chase scene in an attempt to storm a castle occurs in which multiple rabbits quickly flash across the screen many times, coupled with flashing and screen shake; a scene in a darkened room occurs in which occasional flashes of lightning brighten up the entire screen; a chase scene in a castle occurs in which many rabbits flash across the screen and the screen shakes a number of times; a scene occurs in which glitchy text and VHS-esque staticy effects are superimposed across the screen)
  • Moments of extra strong adult language (an argument occurs in which there is an exorbitant number of occurrences of the word f*ck)

There isn't any nudity/on-screen sex/NSFW content in the game. I generally think of it like an R-rated movie (17+). HOWEVER. In Arc 4  specifically, the intensity gets amped up, particularly during the finale. I do recommend 18+ for that arc individually simply due to the intensity and overarching sexual themes. I'm also happy to provide more details if any of the aspects above have you concerned and you'd like to go in prepared! Many of the scenes in the game are supposed to be uncomfortable—but not to the point that I would want anyone to be pushed past their limits. So please reach out to me if you have any questions or concerns and I'm happy to provide more details, screenshots, etc.


As of the Arc 5 Part 1 update, this game also includes a Censored Mode! This mode spot-pixelates elements of gore (intestines, etc.) within the CGs, which may be helpful if you're interested in the game but squeamish about gore.


Updated 14 days ago
StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
Rated 4.9 out of 5 stars
(213 total ratings)
GenreVisual Novel, Interactive Fiction
Made withAseprite, Ren'Py
Tagsasexual, Boys' Love, Dark Fantasy, Gay, Horror, LGBT, Psychological Horror, Queer, Romance
Average sessionA few hours
InputsKeyboard, Mouse
LinksTwitter, Tumblr


Our Wonderland - Arc 5 Part 1 1/2 [PC] 449 MB
Our Wonderland - Arc 5 Part 1 1/2 [Mac] 454 MB
Our Wonderland - Arc 5 Part 1 1/2 [Linux] 436 MB
Our Wonderland - Arc 5 Part 1 1/2 [32-bit Windows/Linux] 475 MB

Install instructions

  • If you haven't played Our Wonderland before: You don't need to do anything special! Just download the game and play from the beginning.
  • If you have played Our Wonderland before and have a save file to carry over: Download the new Arc 5 Part 1 1/2 version of the game and start 'er up. Probably, you won't need to do anything else (because Ren'Py keeps persistent save data from your games). However, if for whatever reason, you don't see any of your old saves, copy over the "saves" folder from your previous version of the game, and paste that into the "game" folder of the new version of the game.


Starting with the Arc 5 builds, the music files have been optimized.  Because of this, you may receive a Ren'Py error when loading any previous saves that were saved at a point when a music file was actively playing. Don't worry, though—simply hit "Ignore" on the error screen and you'll still be able to use all your old saves just fine (they just will be music-less until the next music track starts in-game).

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the game was REALLY interesting, I like Genzou best of the bunch, Gidget was a little too pushy for me, and Orlam was too wild, it turned out to be more bloody than  I had thought but it was still cool, it quite traumatized me a bit so I'm gohad to need a break :)


OK so phew...my comment is gonna be long I know it for sure. I'll give a little bit about my experience of another side game of yours to uh provide context I guess? [Obvious spoilers!] And a TW/CW for brief sexual trauma mention (nothing graphic though)

So I'm familiar with the side game :"texting your awkward ace guy you've had a crush one since highschool" and this made me view Genzou & iggy kind of "better" than everyone else. (Because everyone was complete strangers to me and y'know everyones comforted by something they've already seen before.) To be honest, first going into the game I wasn't sure what I was expecting, like gore, definitely, but what else? I actually...either don't remember or don't know. I was just hooked on curiosity, intrigue, you're immediately set into the wonderland, (ok maybe not technically but besides the point as it doesn't take long lol) and it is like the fairytale. The grandest place for kids to be, like an amusement park.

I really didn't know what rollercoaster I strapped myself in while playing, at first it's calm, maybe a little awkward but I find myself somewhat comforted by Genzou as he familiarizes me to this new world, he's a little mean, but I don't hate characters who are a little rough around the edges. It was admittedly a little unexpected as I thought he wouldn't just swear and insult like a sailor, I mean I thought he would be awkward. ( Though looking back now it's usually only with iggy.) 

You finally return back to wonderland but it's not long before you've come to find things have changed. Not too unlike another game I've played. ( Huge Alice Madness Returns fan) I knew the gore was going to happen eventually ( granted its not shown but we uh, definitely hear it.) And we also see Iggy's and Genzou's reaction to uh, the corpse. After this, things start to pick up, the rollercoaster I've gotten into starts to go faster, practically everything's out to get you, screaming danger. (OH MY GOD when I tell you I hated the first time going on the Kiddie Kruise. I never went to look whenever the collector part came up, the first time I went through this part of the ride I was like scared because of the screaming, but the more times you go on it I would just be antsy around the lighthearted tone the boat ride has like preparing for the inevitable. Just know I FRIGGIN hated when all the options switched to only being able to look. WAAAA) Then you're back to a temporary calm. You see Gidget again, she's seemingly looking and feeling her best. And then, you realize she's not safe either, the false sense of security makes your heart drop. Sure I didn't know literally anything about Gidget other than work I guess up until this point, but the twist makes me basically trust nothing

As someone whose also asexual, Iggy's POV spoke to me. I think I'm fine with that kind of adult content until it gets physical. Until I have to actually be there, there is no disconnection of me and the sexual situation, it, yeah makes me afraid, because I feel like I lose control. I just worry over the thoughts of flashbacks coming back, so yeah the game did.. uh really connect to me emotionally. It was probably the most uncomfortable part to get through, but I knew I wanted to see more of the world regardless.

Not long after you're going, running again. And you manage to get away and to no one's surprise we are leaping into just more danger. Orlam definitely like gave me whiplash because he just acts as a complete opposite to his self outside or wonderland. And uh oof cannibalism tag makes sense now. You find his secret, and he finds you. When ya finally get out oh...sorry genzou. ( I still eat him in Orlams arc though as a combo of just well I don't wanna disappoint him and I also DO NOT want to die, so live and eat I will.)  Orlam was surprisingly charming during his arc as I gained a new perspective and like Genzou a LOT less. I mean I can't believe bro really just, yup talked about bros mother after faking giving him a hug that was so wrongggg. AND HIS DAD TOO. C'mon bruh. Like dubble u tee f  [w-t-f] kinds of what the hell is wrong with you. (God if Orlam was real I would friggin love him to hell, give him a hug and all the love he deserves.) OK OK enough of my simping, myself, lmao.  

Iggy...iggy, iggy. Man I have screamed at him a whole bunch to just like DO something, (lowkey praying for 3rd arc iggy to come back ) but I understand that sounds like pretty out of character for him. (thus understanding why he doesn't) But like I almost want to jump in his body and do what I feel he needs to do GAAAAH. Even if that's selfish, reckless, etc.  

I'm not as uh prepared as another commenter and I didn't write notes but just tried to wing this comment through pure memory. ( I just finished to the latest update and UGHHH THE ITCH TO WRITE ABOUT THIS GAME SHSHSH.)  So I'll write a few more things about arc 5 and then you can free yourself from my uh remix of the dictionary. 

I wasn't expecting Gidget to like...find themselves like who they truly are after they lost Cecil. ( BROS A REAL ONE BTW I LOVE HIM TOO LMAO) Uh yeah so as I said like Gidget like changed so much it's like their a different person like it kind of made me forget what happened in the previous arcs surprising. ( of course till it's brought up again) And god Orlam you were hurting so much you cut your own heart out? Like I didn't think of that in the moment of actually playing the game but it's deeply emotional storytelling. His heart full of hate spread though all of wonderland. Up until he gets a small bit of love he's craved. From a person he'd admire (maybe even still admires). If I was where Iggy was at when he asked what you hate about me I would be like. "UH, well I kinda hated you for basically cooking my friend. Granted I ate him because I didn't wanna die, besides the point. But like now I could only empathize with you bro. Like please let me love you???"  Waiting for the next part definitely!! And the other side game as well cuz I NEED those a03 fanfics to read man! XD 

um....end of my rambling now! 

Ahhhhhhhh!! I'm so sorry for the delay in getting back to this, the last week or so I've been really bad at checking itch LKDJFASDF Feel like my head is all over the place 🤣

This is absolutely the sweetest comment sob. Thank you so much for playing and for taking the time to write all this up??? I swear every time I see someone write something long about the game I want to weep uncontrollably.

LOL COMING IN FROM PLAYING T2A2G FIRST WOULD INDEED BE A BIT STRANGE I THINK. T2A2G is like... so generally just feel-goodsy vibes and comedic sweetness. So going from that this THIS would be... a bit of a shock perhaps LOL Especially since it only shows 2 chars and even with them only a small glimpse. Somehow I feel like I should commend you for taking the plunge into this monstrosity lkdjasdfa 

"It was admittedly a little unexpected as I thought he wouldn't just swear and insult like a sailor" --> LDKJFALSDKFA HELPPPPPP I don't know why but this is bringing tears to my eyes 🤣

Oh, you've played the American McGee's Alice games!! I will admit to be partially inspired by that (amongst a number of other things) when I first started thinking about OW years ago. The music and just general creepy vibes of those games made me want to create something equally as creepy and surreal with a similar Wonderland-esque approach 🤭

" Just know I FRIGGIN hated when all the options switched to only being able to look. WAAAA" -->  LOLOLOL I don't wanna say I'm glad about this but also this is tickling me a lot. I had definitely hoped that the sudden switch-up change from Arc 1 to Arc 2 with this would create some dread LOL

"It was probably the most uncomfortable part to get through, but I knew I wanted to see more of the world regardless." --> Ahhh thank you for being willing to share some of your thoughts and feeling about these parts in particular. I also think that in general, despite all the gore that also happens, these are the most intense parts in the game. And I myself have a hard time going back and playing them, too (or watching people play them, etc.). I borrowed a lot from my own past experiences and thoughts when I was writing them, so in a way, they were quite cathartic for me to work on... but that doesn't make it any easier for me when they come back on screen 💦

"Orlam was surprisingly charming during his arc" --> LKFDJAD yes....... I think Arc 3 was the first time Orlam started to gain any fans LOL And indeed, it's the first time you're finally given more glimpses into Orlam's story and shown different sides of him. At the time, I was nervous when it came out, but I'm really happy with how many people ended up liking him. I think he has become the most loved character in the game just generally by this point LMAO which is... not what I expected 🤣 He is just a very interesting character to me, I am glad people can enjoy his dynamics.

Ahhh and I really like reading your thoughts about Arc 5 so far!!! I always hope that people will enjoy some of the ways the different character arcs reach their high points in Arc 5... I worry a lot about it not being enough after all the build-up of the previous arcs 💦 Though I suppose any writer/dev worries about whether their ending will be satisfying. I know that I personally am really happy with how Arc 5 has turned out so far and I put a lot into it lkadjfa but that doesn't have much influence on how people will eventually see it LOL So I am happy that you enjoyed it and even got a few surprises lkadjfads

"His heart full of hate spread though all of wonderland" --> YESSSSSSSSSS i wanted to really set this up even in the early bits of Arc 5 with already introducing the acid muck, etc. and showing how affected the rabbits all are. I wanted it to really seem like his hatred was seeping throughout everything and corroding everything in it.

" UH, well I kinda hated you for basically cooking my friend. Granted I ate him because I didn't wanna die," --> SOBBING?????

Ahhhhhh thank you so much again!! This was such a lovely comment and I smiled so much reading through it and hearing all your thoughts about the game!! I'm happy that in spite of its intensity and stark change from T2A2G (lol) that you still ended up enjoying this!! My heart is squishing so much 💕 And if you do end up playing any of the other side games, I hope you'll enjoy them, too!! (I'm hoping to put out another one next month!)

Looks great! It was a pleasure to be in the Queer Halloween Stories Bundle with you!



(Okay now on to my essay length review. I wrote WAY too many notes while playing this. I-I'm very sorry, I didn't know where else to post this other than here LOL)

I'll keep my compliments of the "game quality" brief and focus on the story (since it's a Carrot game, OF COURSE IT'S BRILLIANTLY MADE), but I will say that I LOVE the artstyle. It's so instantly recognizable and unique (the pixel artstyle, the faces, the noses, the ears, THEY'RE ALL SO CUTE), and the characters are extremely expressive - I screenshotted so many of the different sprites because they're all so great. I really love the background style; the saturated colors, filter, and framing so that the background doesn't quite fill out the screen gives everything a very dreamlike quality that's fitting of Wonderland. The animations are absolutely top tier; it feels like I was watching a fully animated show. When sprites are present, almost every single line has some sort of animation associated with it, making everything feel so lively and dynamic. The cinematic cutscenes at the end of each arc are absolutely amazing, and they really stirred up EMOTIONS in me like you wouldn't believe! 

The writing style is WONDERFUL, particularly the descriptions and the dialogue. The descriptions really paint the setting so well that it feels like I'm standing in Iggy's shoes, and all of the characters have such lively and colorful dialogue (it's incredibly easy to tell who's speaking, even without the color coding). The dev has a great knack for using words, metaphors, and imagery that really "get under your skin" in the most ghoulish and horrific way. Even the non-gorey moments, moments that are filled with unease or awkwardness, feel just as horrifying and queasy as the gorey ones, particularly the parts where Iggy is confronted with physical intimacy that he does not want. The song choice is absolutely BANGER. There's an incredible amount of variety in the music choices, and they all perfectly suit the scene. I am also simply in awe of the amount of dedication put into crediting all of the background sources, SFX sources, BGM artists, etc. 

Since my comments are pretty long, I'll split them up by arc:

Arc 1: 

The opening scene is BRILLIANT. In addition to laying the seeds for the mysteries of Wonderland, each character is efficiently characterized in only a few lines of dialogue. The follow-up scene just makes it better, as we see how the dynamics of the friend group have changed over time - some things have stayed the same, while others have changed dramatically (Bucks' size, for instance). You also see a lot more nuances: Orlam's clumsy jokes and his lies to cover up his insecurities, the newfound awkwardness between Iggy and Gidget, and Genzou's nonchalance despite not seeing Iggy in a long time. 

The entire arc is very well set up in terms of structure, going over key memories with each of Iggy's friends that portend their warped selves in Wonderland, and ending in a spectacular cliffhanger that gives you insight into Iggy's own problems. The time loop at the end of the arc is simply a brilliant way of making the player intrigued, wanting to know more.

Arc 2:

I'm a bit biased, but this might be my favorite (apart from Arc 5, of course). It was so heartwarming watching Genzou and Iggy get closer, seeing Iggy let his guard down around Genzou and letting himself be vulnerable. I honestly really like Genzou's scenes in general because rather than "Genzou scenes," they really feel like "Iggy scenes", as they mainly center around Iggy being vulnerable and honest with Genzou, who he trusts.

I find it really fascinating that all of the "bad" answers - the ones where Iggy keeps to himself, doesn't open up/talk - are the ones that lead to the "good" ending. I think it's fitting since the good ending is also tragic: Iggy's tragic decisions lead to an equally tragic end, where he regrets opening up to Genzou. 

It's interesting that Iggy is a bit "different" in each arc. Rather than being truly himself, he seems to be a "version" of himself that fulfills the desire of the arc's central character. In Arc 2, Iggy is helpless and defenseless (even losing part of his vision as a result of Gidget's attack - reflecting Genzou's own loss of sight in the real world). He needs Genzou's protection. While Genzou is capable and independent in the present, you get to know his feelings of helplessness in the flashbacks, particularly when he loses his cane during prom in Arc 4. So it seems that here, Iggy's helplessness allows Genzou to be the "protector" as opposed to the one that is protected. 

Arc 3:

At first I was curious as to why Orlam's arc was third, as I expected Gidget's to be next considering the "order" of characters in Wonderland; however, in hindsight it absolutely makes sense. The whiplash from Arc 2 is INCREDIBLE. In Arc 2, Genzou is Iggy's protector while Orlam is his sworn enemy, who just finished torturing him. Orlam seems almost cartoonishly evil, someone that you could never sympathize with. However, in just the first few scenes in Arc 3, you're instantly endeared to Orlam: his awkwardness, his desire to please, his self-harm. It's a brilliant way of playing with the player's emotions and their perceptions.

The use of "saving and loading" starts being really interesting in this arc, particularly when you're presented with the choices to finish off Gidget/eat Genzou. The first time around, you get the choice, but if you make the "bad choice," then you aren't given that choice the second time around. 

Iggy in this arc gave me INCREDIBLE whiplash. He's bold and confident, to the point of being aggressive. He's never afraid of speaking his mind, and he's almost strangely confrontational with Genzou (this hurt my heart more than a little bit considering the ending of Arc 2). Iggy's the perfect partner for Orlam; his partner in crime, a person who is willing to play along with Orlam's desire to be the tormenter instead of the tormented. Interestingly, rather than being himself, Iggy almost seems to "become" Orlam. You're only able to achieve the "good ending" by choosing to eat Genzou - which is what Orlam wants. And, in the end, Iggy's ultimate desire is for cleansing/release, like Orlam; he drinks the acid in the river and dies, paralleling Orlam drinking bleach at the start of the arc. It's interesting because it seems that Orlam has always looked up to Genzou, to the point of wanting to become him (and this is probably why his greatest desire is to consume Genzou - to become him by eating his flesh). So here perhaps Iggy fulfills Orlam's desire to be appreciated/admired in the way that Orlam admires Genzou - because Iggy literally becomes another version of Orlam.

(On a side note, this is the only arc where I thought Iggy's name - Ignatius - was kind of fitting LOL otherwise it's really the opposite to how he usually is)  

Arc 4:

I'll have to say that this really was the most horrific out of all of the arcs (somehow, the threat of Gidget's advances was WAY more scary than any of the monsters!) I'd actually say that while Genzou is my favorite character/my favorite partner for Iggy, Gidget is the one that I find the most interesting, partially because they're a little hard to figure out. I think it's because they're always playing a role, constantly trying to do what they "should" be doing as opposed to what they actually want to be doing.

As this arc heavily revolved around sexual themes, Iggy focuses a lot on "touch" (there are a lot of descriptions of how he feels being touched/touching the other cast members). There's a big focus on how Iggy finds Gidget's touch to be the most comforting/comfortable, while being slightly uncomfortable with Genzou and Orlam. In addition, he "plays the right role" for Gidget - acceding to her requests, going to dinner with her, saying yes to her proposal - going along with her "perfect life." 

This arc kind of stands out from the other two in that Iggy doesn't really "reach a happy ending" with Gidget. In Arcs 2 and 3, Iggy does reach a place of understanding/trust with Genzou/Orlam, but Gidget asks things of Iggy that he simply can't do. (The ending sequence in this arc was the MOST horrific.)

Arc 5:

We're on the final arc and it is INCREDIBLY SATISFYING (as of the release of 5.15). I loved every single scene to bits - Genzou's, Gidget's, and Orlam's "revelations" were all so emotional to see (literally teared up), especially given so much buildup from the prior arcs (ESPECIALLY Genzou and Orlam's relationship). I really loved seeing Gidget embrace their true self and witnessing Genzou and Orlam finally come to a little bit of an understanding after SO MUCH pain and vitriol that had been exchanged between the two of them. I really liked how Genzou's "turning point" was really delivered not during his "central scene," but during his interaction with Orlam - where, for once, he decides to stop spreading hate and truly atones for his actions. 

It's interesting that Gidget and Orlam both seem to have counterparts in Wonderland (Cecil for Gidget, and Jerry for Orlam) - who seem to reflect their true selves. I also like how the characters aren't emerging unscathed from this. Iggy is stabbed in the shoulder, and Genzou even loses a finger - physical injuries in exchange for the pain that they caused in the real world. (I just hope that Genzou's finger doesn't affect his livelihood!) 

I really love the use of game mechanics here. In the early sections, you're given a lot of similar choices to Arc 2, but the choices that originally led to bad endings now lead to good endings (choosing to help Genzou, for instance). Moreover, the game makes use of the "taking away the player's choice on the second play" mechanic - only instead of solidifying Iggy's decisions to hurt his friends, this time Iggy chooses to help them. 

In this arc, Iggy actually DOESN'T make anyone happy. Gidget figures it out for herself during her confrontation with Cecil (her "other self"), and Orlam and Genzou overcome their problems with each other. Iggy doesn't play a significant role in either revelation, and it's very fitting. He needs to learn not to place all the fault on himself. All along, starting from Arc 1, Iggy has been blaming himself for his friends' problems; in Arcs 2-4, he tried to make them happy by being the version of Iggy that would make them the happiest, and it only led to tragedy each time. Even in OFW, where he tried to make his friends happy by giving them love/acceptance, they all died in the end. Now, when he's standing on the sidelines and only acting as moral support, the path to a "happy ending" is finally opening. 

In general:

All of the characters are wonderfully complex and three dimensional, and I love how there is a LOT of thought put into their relationships between one another. They have a lot of history with each other, and it shows in the flashbacks and the way that they interact now. You could write an essay about each of the characters, their pasts, motivations, desires, and issues - which is just a testament to how incredibly well done the character writing is.

As the "normal" one, I think that it's easy for a lot of Genzou's complexities to go unnoticed. Compared to Orlam and Gidget, Genzou seems pretty easy to figure out - he's secretly in love with Iggy, and he has been for a really long time. I think it's because Genzou does a good job of hiding his problems. In reality, he feels insecure and washed out; he's blind, and even though he's doing well for himself he's working a blue collar job with no college education. He's basically resigned himself to eternal loneliness, certain that he won't be able to find anyone, and he encourages the object of his affections to date other people, convinced that Iggy will never love him back. His relationship with Orlam is probably the most intriguing thing about his character. For the most part Genzou is calm and level-headed (almost to an insane degree), a reliable friend in a horrific land. And yet when it comes to Orlam, Genzou is extremely, unnaturally antagonistic. Even when Iggy tries to convince Genzou to lay off, Genzou is steadfast in his taunts - even though he seems to realize that he's in the wrong. In Arc 5, Orlam points out that Genzou didn't become a monster in Wonderland because he was already a monster in real life - and Orlam isn't wrong. I'd say that Genzou's main flaw is "complacency." Rather than trying to find companionship, he accepts that he'll be alone. Rather than fighting against Orlam's bullies, he joined them. Rather than accepting his past mistakes, he continued to pretend nothing was wrong. The turning point of Genzou's character is really the acceptance of his mistakes, as he finally tries to change something about his life rather than simply accepting everything as it occurs. 

Orlam is a VERY interesting character. He's a person driven by contradictions. He wants everyone to love him, to look at him, to appreciate him. But at the same time he doesn't trust anyone, and he doesn't want to get close to anyone. He longs for human warmth and affection, but the alienation that he has faced from everyone around him (Genzou, most of all) limits him to only seeking the shallowest of physical relationships. He appears egocentric, looking down on others and not valuing their lives, but he hates himself most of all. He causes others pain because he's in pain. 

Gidget is probably the character that I find the most interesting and honestly the most relatable, as well, partially because I think that they're the most flawed. Unlike Orlam, Gidget isn't lashing out because of pain that they have endured in the real world (while Iggy did hurt Gidget in high school, it was nothing like the continuous harassment that Genzou subjected Orlam to). Instead, Gidget does bad things because they're a "dreamer"; like their modeling career, they can't give up on the perfect life that they dream about - not because they actually want it, but because society as a whole has conditioned them to believe that they need that perfect life. I relate a lot to those expectations, especially as a person that doesn't really conform much to feminine ideals in my own life. I think that Gidget's character perfectly encapsulates the idea of "Wonderland" - how our dreams get warped and changed by adulthood, circumstance, and society until they're ugly and broken.

I'm very curious to see what happens with Bucks and Saydie in the last part, as we don't really know that much about them (apart from Bucks' cameo as the axe-wielding final boss of every arc). I also wonder if we'll learn what Iggy's real wish was. (I wonder if it was to reconcile with his childhood friends?)

I LOVE the general themes and ideas behind this game, and I think they're something that almost everyone can relate to. Past affections and regrets; how things that you do in the past - things that you do out of emotion, or momentary anger - things that you don't mean - can have a really profound effect on your relationships and the people around you. How your actions have CONSEQUENCES, no matter how young or naive you were. How you grow up and regret what happened in life and how you treated the people around you. How even if you get another chance, you can never take back the things that you did, the things that you said - you just have to grow and learn and try to heal. 

If I had to describe this game in one word, it would be: raw. Raw and authentic and vulnerable and painfully real. It's one of those works where I think, "THIS IS ART" and "I'm truly glad that I was born on this world, so I could experience this." 

Thank you so much for the experience, Carrot; it's truly one-of-a-kind. I will be waiting (patiently) for the final part!







ldkjfalskdjflDKFJALSDKFJLSDds oh my gosh... 😭💕 WH-WH-WH-WHERE DO I EVEN BEGIN?????

FIRST OFF THANK YOU??? Literal tears in my eyes as I'm reading this. All of your analyses and praise and kind words and thoughts and reflections... reading this is sending a whole deluge of feelings straight through me and rendering me quite rapidly into a worsening pile of gooey mush. I can't even fathom how long?? It took to write all this??? And just all the thought and kindness put into it GUHHHHHHHH. I AM VERY MOVED AND TOUCHED. I cannot thank you enough for taking so much time to write all of this up and to say such lovely things.

SECOND OFF I'M GLAD YOU LIKED IT??????? sOB I know it's quite long now and takes a while to get through and also some of the earlier arcs have some rough parts especially the art sO JUST THANK YOU FOR PLAYING AND LIKING IT AND I'M VERY HAPPY AND GONNA CRY.



'I am also simply in awe of the amount of dedication put into crediting all of the background sources, SFX sources, BGM artists, etc. " --> lkdjfasdfLKDJFASLDF ONE OF THE MOST TIME-CONSUMING PARTS HAHAHAHA there is a bit too many maybe at least SFX it's honestly ridiculous; my one consolation is that since i release in parts i could at least split it up so i didn't have to do all the credits for the entire game all at once i can't even imagine how long that would have taken 🤣 SOB I DIGRESS THO THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR ALL THE LOVELY WORDS ABOUT THE ART AND WRITING. My heart is squishing and I'm actively perishing... 😭💕

Ahhhh I'm glad you liked the opening scenes... for some reason I always worry about those first couple of scenes a lot because so much is riding on them, both in like, being engaging enough to keep people reading, but also in setting up the chars enough, because at least for Gidget, Orlam, and Bucks, it's the last time you'll see them until their respective parts in Wonderland. (Also in general because it now just feels like literally forever since I wrote those scenes... LOL) So hearing that you feel like they were effective really means a lot!!

HHHHHHHH YOU'RE TOUCHING ON SO MANY GOOD POINTS AHHADFKASJFASDLKFJ like stuff that I had kinda hoped in my heart people would like kinda pick up on but have never really been sure if they have kinda stuff??? "Rather than being truly himself, he seems to be a "version" of himself that fulfills the desire of the arc's central character." LIKE THIS ONE IN PARTICULAR. You just point out so many little things I tried to weave in there. Hearing you analyze them is giving me so much joy right now lkadfas SOB AND I'M GLAD YOU LIKED GENZOU'S ARC. I-I mean I love all the arcs for different reasons, but Genzou's really holds a special place in my heart because I love Genzy too much because it's just very sweet to me and also the first time while working on the game that I got to have just a really lovely cathartic moment with the bedroom scene *weep*...

"The whiplash from Arc 2 is INCREDIBLE." --> GOD IT WAS FOR ME TOO WHILE WORKING ON IT (and also why I was a bit terrified of people's reaction to Arc 3 lakdjfa)

"Interestingly, rather than being himself, Iggy almost seems to "become" Orlam" --> HELP HELP HELP NO ONE'S EVER VERBALIZED THIS BEFORE BUT I WAS TRYING TO WEAVE HTIS IN AND NOW I'M ONFIAEJFALWKEJFASDF

"I'll have to say that this really was the most horrific out of all of the arcs" --> yes......... it still is in my mind, as well. Both for what happens at the end, the whole stall scene, and just the general feeling of like... hopelessness... it leaves everything in 💦 Like not that all of them aren't horrific but this one just like finally puts everything out on the table with everything that's going on and then just keeps getting worse and worse and worse up to the end. (Part of why I took that break to work on OFW after making it maybe laksdfasd)

"hey're always playing a role, constantly trying to do what they "should" be doing as opposed to what they actually want to be doing." --> I really like this analysis a lot.

"We're on the final arc and it is INCREDIBLY SATISFYING" --> HHHHH I'M GLADDDDDD 😭 one of my biggest anxieties is making sure the final arc is satisfying and builds up well and finishes everything off in a way that feels earned for all the different story arcs and chars SO I'M GLAD AT LEAST SO FAR IT'S BEEN GOOD.

"He needs to learn not to place all the fault on himself." --> LITERALLY WEEPING THAT YOU MENTIONED THIS. Sob this whole paragraph.

"which is just a testament to how incredibly well done the character writing is." --> fjkdsfasldkfjasdf at this point my responses are just turning into unintelligible mashing at the keyboard i'm having trouble forming thoughts...🤣

"he's basically resigned himself to eternal loneliness" -> 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

"I relate a lot to those expectations" --> owowowow...🥺 i'm really glad??? i mean not in the fact that i'm glad you also faced those kinds of hardships but glad that you could resonate with it at least LDKFJALDSKFA 🤣 of all the chars, iggy and gidget have the most of me in them, i think. they're the two that have experiences based off my own, so i feel particularly close to them and their stories. THO THIS SOMETIMES PUTS ME AT ODDS SINCE THOSE TWO HAVE SO MANY ESPECIALLY TRYING MOMENTS LMAO. but anyway i really really like your thoughts and interpretations and analyses here.

"It's one of those works where I think, "THIS IS ART" and "I'm truly glad that I was born on this world, so I could experience this." " --> I TOLD YOU TO STOP THAT RIGHT NOWWWWWW

sob sob sob sob sob

i am left without much words after that... LOL. especially as i'll just be repeating the same feels of wanting to defenestrate myself again and again and again LKDJFADS

But honestly.

This is.

So much.

I am moved to my core by all of this and just so honored and touched and squished and squashed. I feel like whenever I'm feeling down I can come back and read this and just be filled with so much joy and hope and motivation GUHHHH.

So truly thank you. Thank you for playing, for liking the game, and for all your lovingly written up thoughts that will sit with me for days. I can't thank you enough!! 😭💕


Hi, I wanted to let you (Carrot) know that Arc 5 has been a punch in the emotional gut (in a very positive and validating way, if that makes sense).
I'm near thirty and I've never quite seen myself in fiction ever, until Iggy. So I think I now feel less alone in the world and less cut off from other humans, really thanks for that :' )

(I'm also lowkey considering growing a baby rattail lol)

WAHHHHHHH YOU'RE MAKING ME WEEP. I'm really happy you can relate to Iggy so much??? Considering quite a lot of Iggy is based on me and my own experiences and struggles (and weirdness), I always get very emotional when others say they can also see a lot of themselves in Iggy, as well. We can all feel a bit more seen and like we're not so alone... 🥺💦💦

I'M SORRY BUT ALSO GLAD ABOUT THE EMOTIONAL GUT PUNCH???? ldkjfadsf I'm happy it could be so impactful!! Arc 5 is like......... it's kinda just like a series of building gut punches to me LOL because there are so many arcs and pieces of the story that reach their maximum level and it just keeps going because there's so much to get through aldkfkjfa SO IT'S DEFINITELY A LOT. FOR ME, TOO WORKING ON IT.

Thank you so much for playing and letting me know your thoughts, ahhh it really means so much! And I'm really glad you can connect to and get so much out of the story and chars 😭💕Thank you so much for your support!!


: )

(I was formulating a response, but, uh, my humaning.exe is grinding to a halt... so, ": )" )






- JERRY!//??!/1/1/1/11/1?!/?!??!






- NOOOOO JERRYY!!! ILL MISS YOUUUU even though I have only read through your dialogue once or twice-





- Im sure when kid orlam meets adult orlam, Kid orlam will be disgusted :p






HHHHH THANK YOU AS ALWAYS FOR YOUR VERY ENERGETIC AND AMUSING REACTIONS. It always makes my day reading them!! And I'm really happy that you enjoyed the newest part!! 🥰

HHAHAAHAAHA WELL. Regarding OFW... yes... it was originally supposed to be just a silly little thing that tongue-in-cheek may or may not be canon. And it's true that I will probably never say for sure like exactly how it all works between the two games. However, so much of it just felt like a part of the world and story that more and more of it started drifting over into the main game until I just couldn't refute it anymore with Jerry LOL So. Yeah. I mean. You're free to think of the connection between the two however you want, but I do consider it kinda part of the main timeline now and do recommend that everyone play it (I think between Arcs 4 and 5 is the best spot alkdfa)

HHHH I'M GLAD YOU LIKED THE GENZOU AND IGGY MOMENTS 😭💕 The night chat between them in particular was a very important moment to me and one that wrecked me a little while I was writing it and I still think about constantly aldkfas

"Kid orlam will be disgusted" -> OKDJAFDSLKFAD he'd definitely be weirded out for sure...

Thank you so much for the well wishes and for playing and letting me know your thoughts and I'm really happy you had a lot of fun with it lakdfa This part took a lot out of me I think to work on HAHAHA but there were so many moments that I felt were really important for me to get as right as I could, so I didn't want to skimp on anything. I'm really happy if it can be impactful and meaningful and satisfying for players too to see the culmination of a lot of these story arcs 🥺


But I thank you for your thoughts all the same alksdjfas 🤭💕

(1 edit) (+2)

Warning: Spoilers.

I love, LOVE THIS GAME OML!!! This gamed made me vowed to myself to play all 4 of your games. I have not finish the game since I'm going through exams but URGHHHH ITS SO GOOD!!!! I had to forcefully time myself out just from not trying to touch your game. I love, LOVE, LOVE the jokes and my boy Genzou <333 I need him in my life T^T He would be the greenest flag if he learns how to treat Orlam with more respect! But i'll allow it to pass since he finally was able to apologize.. 

Words cannot tell how much I despise Gidget and Bucks. In the first 3 archs I knew she was already a huge red flag. And OH MY LAWD, BUCKSSS. PLEASE GIVE MY BABY IGGY A REST 😭😭😭😭😭 My mood went up and down like the 'Kingda Ka' and the Takabisha. In arch 5, my heart was PUMPING. I was physically sweating at the chase with the 10 rabbits (that probably had rabbies). And CECILLLL URGGEGFYIYWB, your sacrifice shall not go to waste... Istg Bucks, YOU DARE KILL THEM ONE MORE TIME. I SHALL REACH MY HAND INTO MY COMPUTER AND STRANGGLE YOU LIKE HOW YOU DID WITH ORLAM!!!

I love your games! I have played this, 'our fantastic wonderland' and 'T2A2G'. I'm planning to play save the last dance soon after I finish this! I fell in love with  'Our Wonderland' game INSTANTLY when I played the first 10 minutes. This is honestly the first few games I sobbed just from playing. And the words you used to portray your story is magnificent! After playing till Arch 2 I went straight to AO3 only to be disappointed with so little fanfic T^T.     I honestly would write 10 paragraphs on how good this game is but I can't think of any words how too.

To anyone who's planning on playing Carrot's game. PLEASE DO! It's honestly so good and I love the plot! And please reply, It'll be such an honor for my comment to be noticed 😭

AhhhhhhhHHHHHHH!!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH???? This is such a lovely comment and made me smile so much!! I'm so happy that you enjoyed the game and chars so much BUT PLEASE DON'T LET IT GET IN THE WAY OF YOUR EXAMS???? lkdjfaldskfad 🥺💦💦

LMAO YOU HAVE SUCH INTENSE FEELINGS ABOUT GIDGET AND BUCKS. I am sorry they both did such heinous things ldkjfasd (well, along with everyone else). Ahhh I'm happy you like Genzou tho. Indeed he has a number of Key Issues but I still love him with every inch of my heart 😭💕

INSTANTLY WITHIN THE FIRST 10 MINUTES??? My god... LOL I admit I'm not super confident about some of the early stuff in general since I feel like both my art and writing has improved throughout production, but I'm really happy if you could already enjoy it and have such a strong connection so early on!! I'M SORRY FOR MAKING YOU CRY THO 💦

kjfadf that is such a sweet recommendation and such lovely words you're gonna make me sob HHHHH. Thank you so so much for writing up your thoughts and just for loving the game in general! It truly means more than I can say! 🥺💕 Thank you for all your support! I will keep working hard lakdsjfa



i have two friends who have severe brainrot over this game and have named themselves iggy and gidget




I LOVE THIS GAME SO MUCH!! It's one of my favorite games of all time! I'm so glad I decided to play it, because I saw it many times when searching for something to play and I don't regret downloading it at all!! Characters are so great, realistic and human ahhh, their complicated relationships are amazing and so interesting to learn more about, I LOOOVE ost, I listened it so many times now, plot and writting are so good, scenes are so memorable, artstyle grews on you and is cuuute , and ahhhh I can't describe how I enjoyed playing!! <33

Spoilers for arc 5 part 1 1/2 and previous arcs and maybe bad english (sorry :')) below!! And warning - this is a seriosly long comment lol

Okay so arc 5 part 1 1/2... It made me so emotional ;w; I cry very rarely, but Genzou hugging and apologizing to Orlam... It was such a bittersweet, so well deserved and so anticipated moment... I felt, I knew, there will be scene where he apologizes to him for all horrbile things he has done... But it exceeded my expectations anyway-- All flashbacks from their school years-- And them dancing in classroom after/before the afterprom-- It made me cry so hard... I loved that it was such a long running issue; you could see how bad their relationship is, especially in arc 2, and it wasn't anywhere close to fixing itself and patching things up between them. So this made their hug so much better and more impressive. Also whole animation Genzou standing up, being painfully dragged down and standing up again... Orlam being scared, even covering his head as if he expected a punch... You are such an amazing writer and storyteller, Carrot! Also Genzou not hating Orlam... And how suprised he was everytime Iggy told him how bad he makes Orlam feel... Also arc 2 scene when Genzou was crying after killing him... I don't even know how to describe how I love this part hsvdavvdawcajnza

Also same with Gidget and Iggy. I can relate and understand Gidget in some ways, so I was so so so much Hoping for them to finally be themself and be who they want to be. Also it really suprised me when in arc 1 in flashback Iggy told them these all painful things. I rarely see likeable MCs doing bad things that aren't "cool" or understable in other context, so it made game and him stand out even more and interesting imo. But I'm going to talk about Iggy later, so let's go back to arc 5! Seeing Gidget even more "perfect" in arc 5 was... Pretty scary, but also refreshing (and they looked so nice-- Maybe it's just me being biased on dresses heh). Them not clinging to Iggy anymore and being more of their own (perfect) person. Though they still weren't themself... (btw all the Iggys were very cute, I love them; and scene with Iggy acting like he is dying made me laugh!! <3) But anyway... Seeing that apologizing to them (Gidget) doesn't solve anything was so good! Problem was much deeper and even if it was good for Gidget to let all of the rage out, it was so scary... I'm not even going to talk about little spiders... Since arc 3 I wanted Iggy to talk to Gidget and help them... So they would know it is okay to not be perfect and they shouldn't change themself for him. And then it FINALLY happened!! Though it wasn't Iggy who made the change, but Cecil. His death was so moving, it was another very emotional moment... I loved how it was consistent from beginning that he knew arc4!Gidget wasn't the true Gidget and he wanted best for them. And he succeed! Cutting hair was a powerful moment, I love that cg with Gidget still in violet dress, but not looking perfect anymore... Btw, I also love how you handle conflicts, it makes me want to learn more about writing them! And next scene with them made me so happy ;w; I loved it so so much, it made a huge impression on me!! (Also I remembered that weather forecast from before was talking about "PERFECT", sunny weather, and when Iggy walked to his room after fight, it was raining. Such a cool detail!!) Their talk with Iggy in Jerry's base was great too... I'm glad they saw their mistakes and are regretful for that they done and that they will never do something like this!! Great development really!!

And since I mentioned Jerry I like him as well!! He is a very funny character... Hope he won't die...*sweating through laughter*

Okay, now I said everything I wanted about arc 5 I think?? Let me talk about others! Iggy first!! He is such a great and relatable protagonist. As someone who struggles with maintaining contact with friends, as an ace, as a person who has no idea what to say when something serious is happening, even as a person having stomach ache often xD Also he is very likeable, I'm not suprised everyone loves likes him so much!! And it may sound funny, but since his first stomach ache I was happy that there is a character I can relate in this way. I had so many of them, I felt so anxious and bad that I feel that way when someone was too close to me (uh, in romantic way though, I'm aro as well)... Nothing as bad as Iggy experienced has happened to me, but seeing him struggling the same way was reassuring in some way... (though I want him to be happy as well and to not be anxious anymore, don't get me wrong!! I Hope he will be happy in the end with whoever he will be!). Also him blaming himself when others are not happy... True people pleaser as Orlam said. Though his self-blaming is not okay (but adds so much dephts imo!!) and I Hope he will get better after escaping from Wonderland.  Anddd he even made me want to call my friend! And to start showing friends that I care about them more! Also seeing Genzou being such a great ace supporter (I love how he joked about it in Jerry's base) and even Orlam respecting his boundaries!! I'm really Hoping Gidget will join ace-icon-Iggy protection squad (lol) as well! Speaking of which, glad to see them more understanding and respectful in arc 5! <3 

Aaah, talking about this all reminded me of final of arc 1, it was SOOO AMAZINGLY DONE, and great, awesome, and I loved it!! I saw pattern in flashbacks and wanted Iggy to see that he was neglecting his friends. Like he wasn't even thinking about this before and had no idea - I love how visible this is! So when he reached his conclusion, even though his wish was depressing and I didn't expect him to go this far, it was very satisfying (and sad). And I didn't see Bucks killing Saydie to come to Wonderland coming at all!! OH YEAH I WANT TO TALK ABOUT BUCKS LATER!!

Buuuuuut since I'm talking about scenes now let me tell you that Our World song was AMAZING!! IT MADE SUCH A SCARY... Uhh... Those eyes... Poor Iggy... MOMENT EVEN MORE MEMORABLE!! Great choice! 

Thoooough even more impression made Cunning Monsters/Orlam's Revenge!! THAT MOMENT WAS AWESOME!! Genzou saying all those awful things... So close to being boiled alive... But saying them anyway, more and more awful... and then! Orlam snapping with laughter! I LOVED IT, GREAT, OUTSTADING, FASCINATING!! It made me soooo curious about Orlam, I couldn't wait to learn more about him since then!! Anddddd speaking of him... He is SUCH AN INTERESTING CHARACTER!! SERIOUSLY!! I'm pretty used to tropes like "bullied character > shy, poor baby, others has to help them, etc" (I'm not saying characters like this are bad, I even like them!), so seeing a bullied character who has more about them going on... Like loving being around people! Loving parties and living in luxury! Loving eating people!! Being so smooth and a great dancer! And a very very good observator!! I never saw character like that!! (And let me add that his rattail is cute :3) And also I love characters that make me change my opinion after learning more about them! Usually I like very much creepy, kinda pathetic, weird characters, but he made me kinda uncomfortable at first and feel like I wouldn't trust him. But later I found out that he is more than just a creep lying about how popular he is! He is also more than just a king with power in Wonderland! And I really like the fact that he is an extrovert andd that roles in Wonderland turned upside down and the lowest in social hierarchy (I have no idea how to call it better) became a king!! All his scenes, when he appears, were so spectacular, I love themmmm!! And seeing how well Iggy was treated in castle in arc 3... That was very, very, very cute (I'm not going to talk about their breakfast hwedaggs byawfgdfdsdfndfvcv) <3 Also fun fact: I happen to have birthday the same day as him, hehe!

Okay now Bucks~ When I started playing I would never guess that her character will touch topic of being a parent/mother. I think I never saw anyone to potray a non-villain character as a (bad and) very, veryyyy tired mother, who just wants some good sleep night and if she hears any cry or screaming at night she is going to lose it, oh please, just oNE GOOD SLEEP AND QUIET, QUIET NIGHT. It made me realize that being a parent is a great ordeal, much greater than I saw other media made it to be. (Usually when I see parenting problems in media it is when their teenage child is rebelious or something). Anddddd... SHE IS SO FRIGHTENING EVERY CHAPTER. SECTIONS WITH HER ARE SO SCARY. And I love it!! Also there is a detail I'm very happy I noticed and this is that hearing anybody cry/scream makes her blood boil. Like just before she killed Orlam or Gidget. She wasn't as angry as she was after they started screaming. AND IT MAKES SO MUCH SENSE!! IT FITS HER HATERED TO HEAR SAYDIE CRY AT NIGHT SO SOOOO WELL!! I'm very impressed with your writing and cool details like those!!

But hmmm... How could it be that I still didn't talk about Genzou? His character is sooo great!! Just like when I was talking about Orlam I love how he is more than just a bully!! He isn't just an overconfident, mean person for no reason (like I saw many other bully characters to be), it's the opposite! But also his rude behavior towards Orlam doesn't define his whole personality, he has so much beside this!! I love him being overprotective of Iggy and understanding like no one else!! It really shows how he cares for him, awww :'D Though I also very much like that he made such a bad mistake (I'm talking about afterprom, I think I have a good grasp of what had happened there,,,,) and that he still is a good, but very flawed person! He is so reliable and you can always ask him what to do, where to go next, which made him breaking down in the beginning of arc 5 so much more heartbreaking... And I love that he still has plushie Iggy gave him and he even holds it in one cg aahhhh... He really treasures it, doesn't he? They are just too cuteeee TwT And ughhh, everytime he thinks he is not worthy of Iggy's love,,,,, NOOO, YOU ARE SO MUCH WORTHY, PLEASE, CAN't they all just be happy? (I love them for being their complicated messes who have many problems and issues though)


And idk where to write this, but here are other small details I noticed/wanted to mention: Iggy not liking to look at himself in mirror, but feeling that he looks good in suit, in arc 3/// I wonder if arc5!Giget was designed to have enby flag colors (blond hair, white&black shirts and purple as a main color) or it wasn't planned~ also I love that their look is Cecil-inspired aww :'D /// And don't think I didn't notice Iggy's ace-colored mouse pad xD

This is getting too long, but I have to mention that I love how animated chapter 5 is, I mean their fight with tomatos, all the running, etc!! I'm bad at reading scenes where there are mostly descriptions and no dialogue, but they helped me stay focused and were very nice and fun to see!! It shows how much work you put into making this <3

Also I'm willing to make a petition to give everyone a hug and a headpat (if they would be okay with this!) 

Sorry for such a long comment, I Hope it wasn't tiring to read! I just love your game so much that I want to talk about everything I liked in it for hours <333 Thank you so so much for making it and good luck with last part!! I'm going to support your works even after Our Wonderland is finished! And I wanted to add that reading your dev log is a great fun and you seem like a very kind and nice person, Carrot!! But please, remember to take breaks, don't overwork yourself and take care!! Have a great day!!! 83

my apologies for taking a little while to get to this -- i was quite overcome and a little weepy when i first read it and wanted to make sure i devoted enough time to a response because i feel so touched 😭💕

first off thank you so much??? not only for playing and loving the game but for taking SO MUCH TIME?? TO WRITE SO MUCH??? AND ALL YOUR THOUGHTS???? i was smiling the whole time i was reading it!! i loved reading all your little reactions and thoughts and interpretations both about the latest arc as well as about the characters in general. honestly it's one of my favorite things in the world hearing from people how the game and chars made them feel and i feel so so spoiled when people leave long thought-felt comments filled with reactions 😭

i'm really happy you enjoyed the final arc so much (so far)! this arc in general has turned out so so much larger than i ever could have expected (hence, the need to release it in so many different parts lkdsajfad) and it's really pushed me to my limits in many places both story-wise and production-wise. so many of the climactic moments throughout arc 5 took me a long time to write and work on, and i really really wanted to make sure they felt "satisfying" in a way as a culmination of all the various arcs and storylines leading up to them, whether it's gidget's and orlam's arc finales to even just smaller stuff like the "final" collector scene or jerry's whole part. so i'm really touched to hear that many of the scenes resonated with you. and i was really happy to hear your different reactions to and analyses of the various scenes and their differences 🤭(THOUGH I'M SORRY FOR MAKING YOU CRY ASLKFDJALSDKFAJ) the whole genzou/orlam arc climax in particular has been something i've been working towards for years and it was really emotional for me to finally work on this scene that's been developing and living in my head rent-free throughout much of production

"Btw, I also love how you handle conflicts, it makes me want to learn more about writing them!" -> DLKFJADSFA THANK YOU????? HEARING THIS MAKES ME REALLY WEEPY????

your thoughts about all the individual characters are killing me... GUHHH. i'm really happy you can relate so much to iggy??? so much of iggy is also based on myself and my own experiences, so it always makes me extra weepy to hear if people can relate to and empathize with him. maybe it makes me feel a little less alone perhaps. if that makes me selfish i don't know ldskjfasd (perhaps only allowing for ace!romance options is a bit selfish but i don't care LMAO). showing that all the characters have major issues and have done things that Aren't Good was a big thing i wanted to make sure i got across, even with iggy as the MC. because no one is perfect in life and we all make mistakes (sometimes big ones). it would have felt so unrealistic otherwise perhaps...

ahhh thank you also for the lovely words about the music and scene direction!! music is such a big part of this game for me -- to the point where some of the songs themselves have helped inspired and form various scenes in my head. i always spend a lot of time searching for and listening to tracks to find the perfect tracks that will resonate with the vibes or scene i have in mind. i tend to think of scenes in terms of movie scenes in my head, kinda forming the vibe and how everything will play out. then i attempt to recreate it as best as i can when i'm putting the VN together with all the actions and music and sounds, etc. i think this is something i've gotten better at though as production has gone one, which is why later arcs have generally a lot more cinematic production value LOL if i ever go back and do the remaster i've been considering i'll probably try to polish up some of the earlier arcs a bit to address issues and bring them more up to the standard of the later arcs...

LOL your thoughts are orlam are cracking me up. and bucks and genzou too. i feel like not a lot of people talk about bucks much (which, yeah, she's definitely been in the least so far of all of them, so it's understandable alkdsjfa) so it's really nice hearing your reactions about some of her key themes and scenes

"Also there is a detail I'm very happy I noticed and this is that hearing anybody cry/scream makes her blood boil. " --> LKDJFADSK YES I'M GLAD YOU NOTICED THIS??? i am always unsure if people notice some of these various smaller details that i add in, so i'm quite happy to hear if they're noticed

" CAN't they all just be happy?" --> LMAOOOO REAL I ALSO FEEL THIS LDKJFASD 😭

LOL THANK YOU FOR THE KIND WORDS ABOUT THE ARC 5 CGS. yes i've definitely improved in my art in general, particularly the CGs as production has gone on ldkfjads also consistency and such. i've already redone a few early arc 1 CGs that were just so bad i could barely look at them, but there are still many that irk me HAHAH. i guess it happens naturally that my art improves considering i've drawn over 400 CGs since starting production lol. when i first started it was the first time i'd ever even drawn with a drawing tablet before... hahaha. i'm really glad that you enjoy them!!

"I wonder if arc5!Giget was designed to have enby flag colors" --> this might be surprising but i didn't plan that at all LOL but a few people have also pointed this out to me since...

"Sorry for such a long comment, I Hope it wasn't tiring to read!" --> it was not tiring at all, i loved it very much!! thank you again so much for taking all the time to write this up!! i'm very very touched and reading it made me smile!

thank you for all the love and support for the game and characters! it really gives me so much motivation hearing that others can connect and resonate with everything so much. tbh as a small solo hobby dev, my highest goal is simply that people will play the game and have an emotional connection. it's really all i want out of making this game and sharing my story and characters alkfdjas when people love my chars my heart simply squishes 🥺💕


and i hope that you'll enjoy the finale once i'm finally able to get it finished!! 🤣

(1 edit)

Hi Creator, I'm so sorry to bother you and I'm sorry if this was already answered before, first of all, you are great, but I've already told you that 1000 times lol, now the thing is, is it possible that some of the CGs, in the last build are censored by default, even with the censored mode being turned off?




For example, in the scene where Orlan lights up the room and reveals a bunch of rabbits.  Some spots are pixelated.

Anyway I'm loving everything about the latest build, I was just wondering about the censor.  Keep up the amazing work!


Ah! Yes, that's correct. There's one CG (the one you describe) where I made it so the censoring is burned into the CG itself. It was a bit too intense to keep in the game as-is... 💦 So yes, that's on purpose. Though I ended up rather liking the effect it has as it somehow makes it feel even more ominous (at least in my opinion DLKAJDSL).

That should be the only CG like that though. The rest can all be toggled on or off!

(3 edits)

Oh, I see, thanks a lot!  BTW.




Let Jerry live  pleeeeaseeee :(  , he a deserves a happy, and preferably gay, ending lol


I LOVE this games a lot, This games are my favorites for me. 

I REALLY relate to Iggy, I can kinda say that we are the same person, I also love the design's of the characters. 

Keep it up, Carrot!! 


AHHHHH THANK YOU VERY MUCH???? I'm really glad you like the game so much! And jdfklajdsfad I'm so happy and touched to hear you like and can relate to Iggy so much!! Iggy is based a lot on me and my own experiences and struggles LOL so hearing that other people can relate to him always makes me feel very weepy and happy. A little less alone perhaps ahhhh 🥺💕

Thank you so much for playing the game and for these lovely words!! Reading this really made my day!! 😭💕

No prob!

I just LOVE the art and ill send a drawing soon!!

So, Toodles!!


Omg I can't wait to see it???? 😍

still work in progres btw :P

Hello, it's me again and I have a problem. 

Of course, I have already played all of your games, but “Our Wonderland” has problems with saving.

Let me clarify: I completed the whole game - the menu shows that I completed it completely, but when I restart, the menu shows that I did not even start the game (1 arc). And those arts that I came across throughout the game also disappeared, like the Replay.

It was constant, but it’s good that the saves in the walkthrough were not lost, and I can replay these saves (in total I have 18 save slots), but I can’t say about the art and the game menu... I was wondering if I COMPLETELY replay the game, would it be ok even if I turn the game back on? 

This really bothers me, because just to look at the art that I have already seen- 

Speaking of which, even the skip doesn’t work, because I went through them too, the game will tell me: “Yes, I know you have a save, but for me, you’re going through them for the first time!”

Tell me, am I not the only one who has this problem, or have other players also had similar moments? 

Thanks for your reply in advance, and have a nice time!🦊✨

(1 edit) (+1)

(sorry for the delayed reply!!)

Oh that is really strange??? It sounds like from your description that the "persistent" file is somehow becoming lost? It's this file that keeps track of all the persistent data in the game, such as when you unlock CGs/replays, the title screen update, etc. This is especially weird if all your save files are there and intact, as it means that it's not like the whole game/saves folder is being reset you're just somehow losing only your persistent file???

The persistent file should be in your "saves" folder and look something like this (this is mine from my main game folder):

When it happens that you lose all the data do you see this file somehow disappearing? 🤔 No one has ever reported an issue like this before that I know of so I'm really at a loss as to why this could be happening. If you've played any other games made in Ren'Py have you ever noticed it happening to you before? Also what OS are you using? (unsure if for instance the Mac version of the game might do things differently or something).

(Not sure if it helps, but if you're having the problem where you can't skip because of the persistent file, you can go into the Options menu and choose "Skip Unseen Text" which will allow you to skip things even if the game doesn't think you've seen them yet! This doesn't fix the persistent file issue but it'll at least let you still be able to skip stuff quickly even with it.)

(1 edit)

The problem is that even if everything is fine with my files, they have not disappeared, then all my work (since I completed the game), the art, and the Replay have disappeared. I'll look at the files when I'm home and ask what I downloaded - Windows. And only Windows, and about others at Renpai, there were no such problems. 

I suspect that when I was walking through the game, I then found “Start Game” (all over again, from the beginning so to speak) and did this somehow affect the game and the system? At least I think so, I will try it too (oh... How long will it take...I pressed the space bar a lot to skip the dialogues I was reading... Throughout the entire game, I died once in the First Arc between the bridge and the tongue, and that’s it. I completed the game completely, oh! 👀🤣🤣🤣 It will be funny at night) 

But anyway, I'm glad to hear the answer, so thank you very much! And I hope you had a good rest! (I'm on Tumblr and I know about it, hehe) 

Changed: I thought about downloading it, but it’s a complete PC (I’m talking about 449MB). I just don't delete the ZIP files, and when I redownloaded, then... Nothing has changed: all progress disappears, except for my save files. 

Pressing "Start Game" shouldn't reset the persistent data. It WILL change the title screen -- the title screen is set up so that it will return to the screen for whichever the last save filed you played. So if you start a new game, it will go back to the default screen, if you load a save game in arc 3 and play for a while, it will change to the arc 3 title screen, etc. However, it doesn't delete anything in the CG or replay galleries or anything, so that is what is a bit concerning.

I'm really at a loss as to what it could be... 😭 I've never had anyone report this strange error before... I can try to hunt and peck around Google to see if I can find anyone else ever having this error with Ren'Py games but I'm not sure if I'll be able to find anything 🤔

Hello, and don't worry! 

I decided to download the PC (449 which), added my saves there, and played, left the game and entered and the ART SAVED ✨ (Arc CG Gallery, to be more precise.) and scenes from Replay too! 

There was probably some kind of bug when I downloaded the 32-bit version and not the 64-bit version. So, everything is fine! 

And the problem with “even if I read these scenes, the game thinks that this is not so” - too, everything skips! 

Sorry for your inconvenience, but thanks for helping me with the problem! So, I was glad that this is something not serious, this is already good! And I hope your friend's wedding went well✨

OMG, Carrot, have you SLEPT in the last few months? I was not expecting an update so soon after the last, but I'm loving it!  That way of handling Orlam was awesome.  

One minor suggestion for future: Add a way to skip to certain arcs/sections.  My friend had to reformat her computer and lost her save file, and it's kind of a long game to replay to find out what happens next.  I've been jonesing for her to catch up so we can discuss the latest developments!


Thank you tho??? I'm really glad you liked it! I wanted to go a bit all-out for this part since I felt like it's had so much build-up leading towards it this whole game lkdjfads so I'm really happy if people can be happy with how it turned out 🥺💕

Ahhhhh... I did do some updates with this release to make it easier to do that! I added the ability to skip credits and cutscenes that you've seen. (And I also added screen replays, tho that's not super helpful in this scenario.) The problem is that I can't make it so you can just skip around the arcs or skip complete arcs, etc. because you will miss many of the choices. And the choices are all building up towards the end and affect which choices you'll be able to make for The Final Choice that will appear in the finale. If you skipped too many choices you wouldn't have enough "points" built up and you wouldn't be able to get any of the 3 LI-specific epilogues/scenes in the finale if you wanted to.💦 However you can skip through it pretty quickly! With the new credits and cutscene skips, I was able to use the TAB skip to skip through the entire game to the end of the new update in only 10 minutes LDKJFALKDSFJA It's not perfect, but I wasn't sure of any other way to do it without missing out on the choices...

Ok dear, I finally finish the playing. Looking forward to the final part!!🥰 But I truly hope that it could be... SAFE. NO ONE WILL EVER BE HURT IN ANY WAY.

Firstly, let's just talk about the happy part I met.

In fact, I just want to choose "Bid goodnight" in the second option, after I go to Genzou's side when I want to spend the night in the rabbit's den. I, as a bisexual, I don't know which option to choose as an asexual like iggy. But, I feel like I'm asking too much for him at the moment, and I went to Genzou, to his bed, and said what he meant to me. I don't think I can afford to "put my head on his shoulder". I,, I don't want him to feel that I am too close to him, I don't want him to feel that I am pitying him, comforting him, and then what if he hates me because of it. I just want his love, even if it's only a little closer can satisfy me...🥺

He said that line later, the line "I love you, Iggs". I felt the pain, though it is exactly what I wanted him to say to Iggy, I still felt a real pain of sadness. Kind of strange.

Ok, now just talking about the latter sections, shall we? 

After they entered the castle, I have to say that I was really scared to death. The sound of Iggy and the others touching the jars, the sound of switching on and off the lights, and the sound of opening the door really gave me a terrible feeling. As if Orlam would sneak them out of the dark and chop them up...

Now, after they met Orlam. 

ah. . It’s scary, Orlam is scary, but Carrot, you really drew a lot of new moves and standing paintings for Orlam, and the painting style in this room feels obviously much more refined, whether it’s Orlam or Genzou. Really a lot of new moves, Carrot is awesome.

Ah, ah, I forgot that Genzou didn't know that Iggy had eaten his flesh. . And the third week he even feels delicious. Even Gidget doesn't know about it (although Gidget also ate "steak" in Arc4)

OK, Too close,, Gen you are so close to Orlam, even closer than the rabbit with Iggy. But I, can say nothing, since Gen and Orlam, too complicated.  My mind wants to feel jealous about this scene, but I really can't feel jealous emotionally. .😢

...Iggy really hates touching, he has always hated touching being asexual in OW, Orlam said the fact that he's close to Iggy to Genzou, yes. . It's very frustrating.

Ok finally, about the suffer Genzou got. my feeling when I saw the plot was:

Gen, say it, say it. . . You are so scary, your silence is so scary, I feel like my heart is about to pop out. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. I don't want to see the next step, seriously, I really don't want to see it. Carrot, why, why do you always scare me more than I expected, why, I'm so scared. . . A creepy thriller, a dha dja'd ajd ia dskjas dba

Huh, huh, luckily it didn't go down, didn't it go down, right? ? ? !

Later, Genzou's apology to Orlam was very in line with my expectations, very in line with, the feeling of being afraid of being left out, very in line with my guess. But here I won't describe the content of Genzou's apology, because the fact that Orlam started "dying" directly exceeded my expectations, and Iggy and the others can pick Genzou's fingers first.

Also, to be honest, the music is good, really good, the song when they left the castle.💕

This passage can be very out of grammar or something like this. . I'm sorry because I'm in a bit of a mess right now after the playing.😟

Finally, I will send you a tumblr ask...

SORRY FOR THE SLIGHT DELAY IN MY REPLY LDAKJFADSFA I've been busy with family stuff and now I'm trying to get caught up  🤣💦 

LDKJFALDSFAD I... it sounds like you enjoyed the night chat scene? I think?? 💦 I-I mean. At this point in the game and with everything they've gone through, Iggy has no problem putting his head on Genzou's shoulder. (I mean, if you want him too, of course LOL since it's entirely up to you if you're trying to get the Genzou/Iggy ending.) Iggy does enjoy comforting touch and being close to those he is comfortable with (in this case, Genzou). And in Arc 2 he even felt strongly enough about Genzou that he wanted to kiss him (even if it was just a very soft tiny kiss LOL). My intentions with Iggy were never that you should feel guilty if you want him to be with someone, he also has the possibility to very much want to be with someone (he just doesn't like, you know, going further, or at least it would take him quite a long while before he'd feel ok with it). He is ace but also biromantic! S-so please don't feel guilty for choosing the options where Iggy is close with Genzou!! 😭💦 The Genzou/Iggy ship in particular warms my heart to an immeasurable degree, they give me so many warm feels and I love them dearly and I think about them every second maybe who can say LDKAJFLDS

"you really drew a lot of new moves and standing paintings for Orlam" --> LOL YES LKDAJFAD I-I went a bit overboard maybe... 💦

And hahaha yes! I wanted to make sure I addressed the, uh, elephant in the room, being that there was an arc where Iggy very much went along with Orlam and none of them know this (and Iggy himself is extremely regretful but has never had to really "face" it until this moment, so he kept putting it off).

" why, why do you always scare me more than I expected" --> LDKJAFLDSKFA I'M SORRY 😭💦 Th-this arc is definitely the most intense of all those that came before it. Ok parts of Arc 4 may be similar... unsure. But maybe since Arc 5 feels so "fresh" with everything being so completely new as opposed to the looping path, it adds a bit more intensity lol.

Ahhhh I'm very happy you liked the music!! I was really happy with how the music all came together. I'd had a number of songs already chosen or some general vibes I knew I wanted already in my head when I started working on this part. But I also have to hope that I'll be able to find the perfect song for the vibe that I want. So I always spend a lot of time searching and listening to tons and tons of songs before I'm able to find everything. But this part in particular had a lot of memorable songs I feel LOL

HHHHHH THANK YOU VERY MUCH FOR PLAYING?? I hope despite the intensity and the conflict and everything you were still able to enjoy it 💦 THIS WAS DEFINITELY A VERY INTENSE PART 💦💦 But I felt like it was necessary to get the Genzou/Orlam dynamic/arc/whatever you wanna call it to its climax, especially considering it's been slowly building up throughout the whole game hahaha 🤣

Thank you for your lovely words, as always!! 🥰

Please make sure all is well with yourself and family stuff first!💦

From the perspective of CG scenes and injuries alone, I don’t think the scenes in Arc5 are truly more intense compared to the previous ones, even the scene with a bunch of mosaics in Orlam’s room, or the scene with Orlam’s heart bleeding, or the scene where Genzou’s finger was cut... I'm sorry for my unhappy comment on tumblr about Genzou's finger, hope it didn't bother you. The reason why I reacted so strongly was that even though the scenes in Arc3 and Arc4 were more intense, Arc5 could still clear all physical damage with all chars' rebirth, but there would be no next Arc after Arc5 to eliminate physical damage. So even though the cut off finger was much "lighter" compared to being eaten twice, I felt much worse.😭

And in my comment above, there is a part about "Didn't it go down, right?!!". This part is because when Orlam forced Genzou to tell him what he disliked about Orlam, if I stood from Orlam's perspective, I'll feel that Genzou had always been The act of keeping silent is simply because he wants to go against Orlam. As mentioned before in the game, I as Orlam, will think that Genzou wants to show that he is stronger than me so I am so worried that Orlam will actually chop off Genzou's arm in a fit of anger...😢

Then I want to say that in Arc5.15 it is obvious that Carrot has spent a lot of effort, whether it is cg, animation, moves , standing paintings, or the real emotion you invest in each character, which is great! This is also the reason why OW is one of my three most important games. The emotional content present in it is very complex and real, and there are many authentic expressions (as a non-native English speaker, I need to think carefully to understand🤣).

As for the reason why I kind of don’t dare to choose more options to get closer to Genzou, apart from Iggy’s consistent dislike of physical contact, it’s more about my own fear of “getting closer”. I feel like I’m moving too fast. I’m afraid this act will push others too hard. Mainly I don't want to see any of them get hurt, mentally or physically.

Overall, I'm looking forward to the last part!! And hope that Carrot can handle the family stuff and become more relaxed and not be tortured by stress any more. Well,, stress is sometimes good stuff, but just don't let it break you, OK?🥺💕(Also let me say it again, the new cg and music in 5.15 are really awesome!)

(1 edit)

Hello, sorry for the stupid question, I'm just VERY CUSTOMIZED to play the main game as well to get a feel for it all (I like odd and scary stuff) but I wanted to, where do I start?

I just, I want to complete the game completely, and I see these games piece by piece, if I have to play all of them (as parts), then it’s good,
but if there are already (approximately, because I realized that the 5 arc is not ready yet) full version.

I can't wait to get to know Orlam and the other characters 👀🦊


(And I'll still say something: I thought that Orlam and Genzo and Iggy were teenagers... But no, they are almost all 30, I was shocked, that they look young, but they are older (maybe they look younger in Wonderland? This is my suggestion, sorry for the reaction) because I also look young, like a schoolboy with 5'3, but I'm 20 now🤣🤣🤣

Forgive me, my King (Orlam), but I still want to study the Land of Nightmares, because I am drawn to terrible, horror things✨)

(1 edit) (+1)

I decided that I won't write comments until I draw myself in the style of your game, hehehe 👀🦊✨


AWWWWWW THIS IS VERY CUTE????? I LOVE ITTTTTTT 🥺💕 I never see people that actually try to replicate my weird style FJDJFJFUF I feel very honored???? Ahhhh I really love it so much! 😭💕


Hehehe  ÛwÛ🦊~✨

[Black Fox - Satisfied]

I'm glad I did my job ✨

I made you happy with my art (and this is not the last thing I want to draw on your game. I hope) 

And you will make me happier when I play your game to learn what this "Wonderland" is and what rules it has.


[The Black Fox goes to a dangerous place, because of the love of dangerous things. As always, Heh.]

OhhhHHHHH gosh sorry it's a little confusing 💦 It's only cuz I keep making more side games LOL But this game, Our Wonderland, is the main one! It's the one with all the main story, etc. And it's close to being done: there there are 5 arcs total and I'm currently working on the last third of arc 5 because arc 5 got too big 🤣 But all the rest is done and included in the build!

As for the other games: Our Fantastic Wonderland is a side game I created for Spooktober jam. I recommend playing it between Arcs 4 and 5 of the main game? (Is it actually canon? Who can say.) Texting the Awkward Ace Guy is another short O2A2 game that technically takes place before the events of the main game but I recommend getting past Arc 2 before playing it to better understand the chars first. And as for Save the Last Dance, which you already played, it actually takes place during Arc 2 (it's like a hidden scene I never showed before hfhfhg). I hope that helps clear things up a bit! 🤣💦 I have too many games...

(HFHGHGHGH THAT'S PROBABLY JUST BECAUSE OF MY WEIRD ART STYLE. The big ears especially make their heads look rather big 💦 Though indeed as someone who often gets mistaken as younger I also feel this 🤣) They need to be in their 30s how else would they have all this buildup of trauma... 😭

At any rate, if you do play the main game, I hope you'll enjoy it! It's certainly what I would call a terrible horror thing GODDDD

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So, I need to go through the 2nd arch - to get to know the characters better, but the 4th and 5th arches are the main game itself. Thank you, because I don't want to get confused, I want to enjoy the game and understand its rules, hehe 🦊✨

And yes, thanks for the reply! 

This will help me in passing the game!👀🦊✨

WELL KINDA. I MEAN. All five arcs are the main game. They're more like "episodes" in a way, and they need to be played in order. I just call them arcs because I Dare to Be Different 🤣💦 But you definitely learn more and more about the characters (and things get worse and worse and worse) with each subsequent arc LMAO It's like one long roller coaster deeper and deeper into purgatory aldkjfasd

I hope that you'll enjoy playing it!! 🥰

yes, I stopped at the beginning of 4th arch, and in advance I want to say: 

"If Orlam pulled his heart out so as not to feel anything,

then my heart will now crawl out of me BECAUSE of feelings."👀🤣

(I apologize in advance for the long text...) 


The problem is that now (since yesterday) EVERY TIME I see, read, or learn something about Orlam, my heart beats strangely like Iggy at the end of the 2nd arc. Orlam, we both have a problem with our hearts 👀🤣. 

Before, I didn’t have such a reaction, only yesterday my heart was beating in panic, maybe the coffee finally worked?🤣 In any case, when I see the sly, mean, bold, facial expression, action or phrase of this little, cutie, rat King, I hear the line: 

"Bye, Bye Bye~✨" or as I hear:  "Bam, Bam, Bam ~👉💘✨"

(Song: *nsync - bye bye bye)

Orlam... I know the reason why of all the characters in the game that I also like - YOU are ahead of everyone... You will have one problem - it's me.

Which will give so much love and attention that you will die with them, believe me. I am a merciless black fox >:D🦊✨

I want to do something, I have to draw something...👀🦊~✨

i finished this game in about 24 hours? i can count the number of significant breaks i took on one hand. i have played through all three side games. consider me consumed :)

anyways!! i am using this to gush about the game! because my friends are tired of me screaming at them about it!

ngl i was ready to throw hands with arc 3 iggy but thats okay. relate very heavily on being a people pleaser, and always, always just wanting to make those around you happy even if it's absolutely not your duty. him feeling like he ruined everyone's lives is so real of him. i am also ace! he is just like me fr! i really felt the "broken/i can fix him narratives" in a more general sense (i've gotten more subtle "things change/are you sure/youre too young/general assumptions that i will end up in some sort of heteronormative relationship) but also with gidget and them both trying to fill the roles set out by society and the expectations set by each other and themselves. two different characters commenting on iggy's pathetic small wet cat nature being cute made me cackle.

GIDGET!!! i went from kinda sympathetic but also fuck off to them being my favorite of the main cast. im transmasc and the instant i smelled gender dysphoria i started going rabid over them. anyways expectations of society + trying to be good for others + always being compared to an older sibling is very nice to explore and i was absolutely cheering for them when they flipped a table and chopped off their hair. the urge is strong for me too. WHEN THEY LITERALLY LOCKED CECIL AWAY it took me a hot second but physically locking away your masculinity/general non-femininity but not being able to kill it and it still finding its way back to you (is what i got from it no idea if it's less literal but it's my interpretation and i do what i want).

orlam. is the most sympathetic for me. but also. still a greasy little man. i think he needs new friends. and therapy. but i loved his vibes! they were very discomforting! will probably play his route next! i dont know why! hes kinda slimy but i can take that apparently! hes not justified but like. i get it? good character. i tried to be nicer and defend him starting in arc 2 because he is Sad. i think the crayons and the scribbled drawings really remind me of childhood. and his lack of control and powerlessness compared to his father. orlam's wish is for control, mostly, and i feel like it's partly because of how his friends treated him but also because of his childhood and feeling helpless in the face of his father. anyways. did i make up the rabbit as his father in one of the drawings or no (i havent slept correctly in two days). all the toys in his room despite is being so ornate and kingly..........and i thought i was going a little insane when i thought orlam had a crush on genzou. that is what happened. right. i am too aro to properly discern relationships. but that tragedy is so delicious.

genzou is very friend shaped and i love him. hes so cute. talk 30 miles a minute and still not be able to say whats important. very relatable. other than eating him so many times was getting kinda awkward i really loved him and going through his route. he feels like the safest choice but also! he is warm and safe and i think iggy just needs someone to hold him yknow. i was very "babygirl we need to talk" when it came to him and orlam's relationship but when he finally was able to shut up and tell Orlam he never hated him?? fuck me i guess??? the emotions were emotioning. he has a lot to answer for, and it's not justified, but again, i get it.

nothing on bucks yet as we havent really gotten too much but i am intrigued :)

adding the doll here because the bag just moving in the real world means that wonderland is not as cut off. you dont keep any injuries you sustained and not even your memories most of the time but that doll is Moving. the dolls hanging in the woods outside bucks' cabin, the doll in the dreams asking to kill her....im so hyped for the next update man holy shit.

jerry!! jerry is a real one. i did say that it was too bad he'd end up doing a noble sacrifice and dying for us. but then he did about 2 minutes later. too soon man. hes witty, hes brave, hes strong, hes kind, i love him. anyways spinoff where we kiss the rabbit man when (jk jk). 

the absolute dread and discomfort throughout was amazing. the non-violent scenes were even more horrific for me a lot of the time. the vibes were awful. the dread was building. incredible writing. and the soundtrack? holy shit. amazing. gorgeous. will listen to on repeat for a long while. everything fit so well. i really appreciated the absurdity of it all. the killer tomatoes, the iggys, a huge eye with a tongue. it's so silly, i love it, and it balances out the awfulness of everything.

i probably forgot. most things. it's been a long day and a bit. here's to a happy ending where they get therapy.

OH GOSH YOU PLAYED IT STRAIGHT THROUGH IN LESS THAN 24 HOURS LKDAJFASD th-that is... that's quite intense... I'm incredibly touched tho? ALL THREE SIDE GAMES TOO??? you're slaying me HELP 😭💦💕

Oh geez though AHHHHHH I'm so happy that you enjoyed it so much?? LOLOL I APOLOGIZE TO YOUR FRIENDS MAYBE.  Your descriptions of the characters and your feelings on them are really squishing my heart. I'm always so curious especially how people will react to the different chars differently and which ones for instance they end up liking more or less (especially as it often seems really all over the board LDKAJFSD I feel like I can never guess). I'm especially glad you were able to relate a lot to Iggy and feel for him. Of all the chars, Iggy has the most of me in him I think LOL so he is also the one I tend to feel most self-conscious about as it's like, highlighting so much of me in big giant letters hahaha. So I'm happy that you were able to resonate with him. Ahhh... it really makes my heart happy honestly 🥺💕 AND GIDGET GUHHHH. Gidget also has a lot of me perhaps (so with Iggy and Gidget essentially butting heads violently for much of the game it gave me a lot of conflicted feelings LOL). I'm perhaps always nervous about Gidget because of everything that happens and people coming away having nothing but hate for them. I know obviously you can't just take it all away, but I had hoped with some of what happens in Arc 5 that the seeds of forgiveness can start to bud a bit and people would be able to understand and feel for them a bit more. So that also makes me very happy and tearful to hear, that your opinion of them especially changed over the course of the game alksfdja

"(is what i got from it no idea if it's less literal but it's my interpretation and i do what i want)." --> LMAO YEAH THAT WAS BASICALLY IT

ORLAM THE GREASY LITTLE MAN HELP wheezing a little bit. So real though. He does need therapy. Well, they all do. I guess Genzou's already getting it (though with his attitude it's perhaps not helping him as much as it could 💦). I love Orlam to bits despite the fact that the whole first two arcs don't color him in that great of a light. What can I say -- I like to introduce things gradually LDKAJFSD same with his complicated feelings and dynamics with Genzou. I LIKE A SLOW BUILD. Orlam definitely deserved a much better childhood and I weep for him in my heart of hearts. Even if it's hard to remember to feel bad for him when he's literally chopping people up 💦💦💦Alas. I am very glad you like him, it somehow always pleases me a lot when Orlam gets fans 🥺💕

"he is warm and safe and i think iggy just needs someone to hold him yknow." --> SOBBING SO REAL. I truly madly deeply love all the possible ships/pairings with my heartest of hearts, but Genzou will always hold a special place in my heart for the cathartic ace moments and unconditional love he gives to Iggy that just turns me into a literal pile of goo that can no longer function like a human being. And it doesn't help that he's so soft and warm and gives amazing hugs to Iggy either. Sigh... Tho yes he... he really... has a lot needs to work on... and discussions to be had... and things to answer for... BUT I STILL WEEP FOR HIM, TOO.

"anyways spinoff where we kiss the rabbit man when (jk jk). " --> LAKDSJFALSKDFASDF SOB. I am so glad that a lot of people have ended up liking Jerry, especially considering he started out as a one-off joke and turned into one of my most beloved chars and I love him so much LDKJFALDSKF

Sob sob sob thank you so much for the lovely words. I'm glad you like the music, too. The music is such an important part for me??? It has given me so much inspiration for scenes and direction and just really turns the ideas into my head into something so much more cinematic and I love it. I spend a lot of time finding the perfect song for the vibes/scene in my head. AND LOL I'M SOMEHOW GLAD YOU LIKE THE ABSURDITY OF EVERYTHING. It does get....... very..... silly and absurd at times...... mostly because I somehow just go off the rails a bit. I do sometimes worry that people will be like wtf is this. So. I'm glad that you enjoy it LOL

GUHHHHH this comment literally just made my whole day though. Thank you so so much??? For typing all this out? And playing and loving the game and chars so much???? Tears are leaking out of my eye balls ahhhHHHHH. THANK YOOOOOOOOU 😭💕

HI <3333

it was indeed very intense but it was so fun 

honestly have never related to a protagonist more than iggy. he's sad, he's anxious, he's confused he just wants everyone to be happy, he takes responsibility for things that arent entirely on him. putting a lot of yourself in a character is scary but iggy is just so relatable and distilling aspects of yourself into a character makes them much more real and i appreciate that about him a lot.

i became a gidget apologist the instant i realized they were suppressing un-cis feelings my toxic trait is forgiving any character who is vaguely trans. and i can definitely empathize with changing yourself completely for those around you. they committed many crimes but look how cool they were once they stopped putting up a front. i love them.

i dont think i could find it in my heart to not like orlam. he is just a sad little guy. he's just so deeply tragic and i want to hold him and make sure he's okay. also whenever he was committing violence the soundtrack was absolutely bopping so i was having a delightful time.

 genzou did some things but like! look at him! he takes his respecting iggy's boundaries juice every morning! just the unconditional love and support and acceptance and adoration and loyalty. my heart. he needs to have some conversations and stop being as terrible but everyone in this group needs that to various extents.

i love this game so much and i cannot wait for the next update thank you for this <333

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the 3am tears. im not even done with the arc...pure pain.



J-Jerry is an interesting character that started as a tiny joke and has grown into an integral character LMAO He first appears in Arc 2 (he's the rabbit that slaps Iggy with his spear after Iggy tries to go to town on them with the rake lkdjfdaf). And then he comes back as a major character in Our Fantastic Wonderland (which is why I've now included a screen recommending that people play OFW between Arcs 4 and 5 lkdjfalsd). And now finally here in Arc 5 he has become A Very Important Part of the Plot LMAO

I'm very happy you like him though, I also do. He is very near and dear to my heart 🥺💕


(1 edit)

I knew this update wad gonna awesome, I loved the interaction between Iggy and jerry! My heart died when he protected Iggy and got hurt. (Pls let jerry be alive and survive somehow) Anyway, the way you make characters interact with each other makes it seem so real(i strive to write character interactions like that). This is one of the best visual novels i ever played.

The characters. Iggy. He scared, scared of a lot of things people down say out loud in the real world. He makes me... mad? I wouldn't say that's the right work but I'd say its close. because at time I'd be like, "Iggy! Get up! Fight!" Then I'd remember 'oh he's weak', in comparison to Gidget, I feel like their more active and stronger. Speaking of Gidget I love them. The way they changed after they accepted their wrongs even though they didn't forgive themselves of it. Genzou, I love him. He's done things he's not proud of. He didn't say anything to what he hated about Orlam when I honestly thought he was going to. But he didn't, he even lost a finger. It shows that he can shut up sometimes. Even if it hurts him. I teared up a little when he said he didn't hate him. Orlam, I can't say much about him, but i like him more now. I didn't like him at first because well, he's weird and creepy. But, he spoke the truth. About everyone when didn't want to hear it. And I wish I could do that to sometimes (even if it hurt me). Orlam removed his heart so he couldn't feel the pain. Which lots of people want to do, but that doesn't work. Even though he removed his heart, when Genzou didn't respond (the one he liked the most) he felt something. He began to panic when Genzou came closer to him.

man these characters are deep

This story is so well written!

But what got me the most is when they didn't hold Iggy over a pedestal. Instead they forgave him. Like he forgave them.

Anyway I love this game, and I can't wait to see Bucks, and I can't wait to see more from you!

THIS IS SUCH A LOVELY COMMENT, THANK YOU????? Ahhhhhh I'm really touched!! Thank you for taking the time to write up all these thoughts, and just for playing the new update in general! I'm really happy that you enjoyed it so much! 😭💕

Thank you for the kind words about the character interaction. And kdjfalsdkfjad I'm glad you liked Jerry! He, uh........ eh.... I-I'm afraid I can't give you any good news regarding that tho 💦

LMAO YES... YES I WOULD NOT SAY IGGY IS PARTICULARLY STRONG. He is quite weak in many ways. But I also feel like that's OK. You don't have to be strong and perfect and resilient all the times. Sometimes you have to be confused. Or scared. Or unsure. And I do feel like Iggy is strong in other ways. Just maybe not the typically obvious ways ldkjfalsd 🤣 Besides, where would all the drama be if all the characters were strong and steadfast and full of resolve all the time?? I'm really glad you liked Gidget, though! And Genzou! I feel like both those two in particular kinda, I don't know, stepped up to the plate in this part a bit, whether it was in small things like with Gidget, or big things like with Genzou and the castle stuff.

LOL I'M GLAD YOU LIKE ORLAM A BIT MORE NOW. Hahaha that's a good point - that he's the one who's always saying what the others won't say, pointing out the unsightly truths, etc. and forcing people to face things in his own way...

HHHHH YOU'RE TOO KIND. That is very sweet ahhh. I'm really glad you like the characters and the writing and their dynamics. I feel like this game kinda hinges on that as it's such a character-driven piece despite being also filled with ridiculous weirdness and horrific elements, too. I'm very glad that you enjoyed this part so much! Thank you again for leaving such a wonderful comment -- it really put a smile on my face!! 🥰

found the time to get to this and i see the call back to Our Fantastic Wondering in the new update hee-hee, currently going through the game now lets see where this new addition goes.


And yes huehuehue there will be... several...... references to OFW, though perhaps the largest and most obvious one will be, uh, obvious, for lack of a better word LMAO

Thanks so much for playing! 💕

Where do I even start... First off this is honestly one of the best visual novels I've played so far. I'm IN LOVE with every element of this game and I haven't even gotten to the last arc because I'm savoring every bit of it: The gorgeous illustrations that have me staring at my screen for unreasonable amounts of time before continuing the story, the enchanting ost that fits every moment perfectly, the way the cast of characters are written, the plotline and how when I start a new arc it NEVER feels repetitive whatsoever, the way the story is narrated with a sense of familiarity that makes the player feel completely immersed; and definitely my favorite aspect of the game: the impeccable choice of words throughout the whole game. The descriptions of scenes, backgrounds, characters and mood are so precise that I feel like I could close my eyes the entire time and be able to visualize everything perfectly in my mind. And the music and sound effects accompanying these descriptions make your real surroundings vanish. 

I have cried countless times throughout this story because these characters feel just so REAL. They all just wish to escape reality, for one reason or another: Iggy wanted to escape his day-to-day work life, Genzou wanted to spend some time with him, Orlam wanted to make his own rules and finally have power over others for once and stop being pushed around, Gidget wanted to become a famous model so that Iggy would fall for her after so many years of trying, and Bucks never wanted to have so many responsibilities and have to take care of a child for the rest of her life, she never wanted to seal her fate and marry Hunar because she's a free spirit. But these childish wishes quickly turned everyone into delusional monsters, the fantasy gave them too much power.

They've had to rely on each other all these years because they didn't have any other friends outside of the group, but despite that, they managed to do completely unforgivable things to each other all due to the same problem: miscommunication. If Genzou had worked up the courage to confess his feelings to Iggy, he wouldn't have tried to steer him towards Gidget. If Gidget had realized earlier on that Iggy was oblivious to all of the signs pointing towards her liking him, then she would've been honest with him, and he would've had the time to digest the information properly and start deciding how he felt about things sooner, therefore coming to a conclusion much earlier than he did. If Iggy had stood up for Orlam when he was being bullied by Genzou, Orlam wouldn't have wanted to rule over everyone and get his revenge. If Bucks had realized that she didn't have to marry Hunar nor have a kid if she didn't want to, she wouldn't have been so overwhelmed by adulthood and wouldn't have tried to run away in the first place.

All in all (as I think you can tell), I really enjoyed the depth of the characters and the way the story was written, so thank you so much for working so hard on this game, as I will most likely play it all over again several times and share it with friends once I'm done with it.

AHHHHHH YOUR COMMENT IS GIVING ME LIFE AND MAKING ME CRY????? dlkjfalkdsf this is too high praise I shall melt into a puddle of vegetable goo LOLOL 😭💦💕


Gosh your words are too much. I'm so happy that you enjoy all the many different aspects of the game, especially the writing ahhhhhh. Not a ton of people ever talk about the writing as it's kinda just the conduit for getting the story out LOL but hearing that makes me really happy. I feel like a bit part of, well, maybe not my goal, but kinda just how I naturally have put the story and everything together is to make it feel somewhat cinematic, more like a movie, so I'm happy if the writing can feel so immersive and visually appealing.

" they managed to do completely unforgivable things to each other all due to the same problem: miscommunication" --> GOD SO REAL. A combo of miscommunication with... simply... not even knowing HOW to communicate what they're feeling. Like not even being able to understand things about themselves, and so then ofc unable to communicate that to others (or in the worst cases, for their lack of understanding to turn into them lashing out because of their own pain and confusion and inability to cope).


If it's any consolation, I also cried a number of times while working on it... sigh. I have a few certain scenes that basically always trigger waterworks when I think about them 💦

Hhhh I'm really happy you enjoy all the characters so much, though. I really wanted them to be relatable in a way. And also for none of them to be more "correct" than the others in their, I don't know, moral standing or something LOL Like you can't point to any of them and say "yes, this person is definitely better than the others" or something because they've all done regrettable things and all have their own issues and demons and things they need to get through and figure out for themselves (with a bit part of that being accepting and working through things with the others, as well). Hearing that they've had such an impact makes me feel very weepy, especially as many of their struggles (in particular those of 2 of the chars) are ones pulled from my own experiences that I've also struggled with both in the past and continue to struggle with even to this day, so parts of this game have been quite cathartic for me LOL

Thank you so much for taking the time to write up all your thoughts and just for playing the game in general and for loving it and the chars lkdjfads 💕 And I hope that when you get around to the final Arc (or at least the 2/3's of it that are available right now LOL) you'll enjoy it, as well!! It's the arc that finally starts to, uh, tie up... some of the stuff... in a way... lots of climaxes happening for many different threads of the narrative hahaha. So I hope it'll act as a satisfactory resolution at least for some of what's going on (even if it's not fully finished yet 💦). Thanks again for all your support! It means so much!! 🥰

HEy im a huge fan of your game its awesome. but i broke the device i had my progress saved on and it seems like ill have to start from scratch to get to arc 5 1/2 (wouldnt be a problem if i hadnt already played it 4 times 😭) do you have a way to skip to the newer arc? its fine if not, im happy to replay it again

Hey!! Ahhhh, I'm very sorry!! Unfortunately, there's no way to skip directly to an arc because you'd bypass all the choices throughout the game, which would then make it so you wouldn't be able to get any of the epilogues once the finale is released (among who knows how many other possible errors it might create with skipped variables) 💦 You can skip through a good portion of the game fairly quickly though if you use either the CTRL or TAB key (CTRL will skip quickly so long as it's held down, and TAB will skip if you just click it once until you click it again). If you go into the settings and choose the option to "Skip Unseen Text," you'll be able to skip straight through even things that the game doesn't think you've read yet (which would be the case if you don't have your old persistent save data anymore):

I've also added the ability to skip cutscenes and credits that you've already seen with this update ---- however, this won't help you at least this first time, as the game won't register that you've seen them yet since your persistent data is gone alkdfjasd so I'm really sorry about that 🙏💦But at least if you need to go back again after this at any point, you'll be able to skip them then.

Hopefully this will help a bit 😭 I tested skipping through the entire game so far with the newly implemented credit skip option and it only took around 10 minutes to skip through the entire thing LOL Though in your case it will take a bit longer because you'll have to sit through the credits and the handful of cutscenes 💦

OH cool!! thank u sm!!!!

I never left comments on the games I played out of shyness, and I feel really anxious posting this haha !

However, after playing this game again yesterday because of the new release I felt the NEED to write about this game. (Maybe I am overeacting but anyways.)

I already played your game a first time, before the new release.

I just fell in love.

I really want to say that it is perfect, at least for me, cause this is exactly the type of games I love : The art, the animations, the story, the universe, the characters... I loved everything.

I became quickly attached to your characters. They're all well worked, thoughtful.

They all have their pasts, worries, traumas, qualities and flaws.

After finishing what was in the game, I followed your updates on twitter and I was very excited to have the sequel. So you can imagine how happy I was to hear that the new release was coming.

(I even have a section on my phone's gallery DEDICATED to your game LOL)

I played it last night, I restarted the WHOLE game, I rediscovered the characters, the illustrations, the music...

When it was over, I was just there, overwhelmed, my face covered with tears.

/!\ For those who haven't played the new part of the game (or the entire game) yet, SPOILERS ALERT. /!\


I can't count the number of emotions you made me feel. From the start, this game kept getting better and better.

I cried so many times.

During the "nighttime chats", at the death of Jerry, and especially during THE confrontation with Orlam.

I must say that I suspected, like Iggy, what happened between Genzou and Orlam.

But, like Iggy, I didn't really want to admit it.

Hearing it (...rather reading it) EXPLICITLY really did something to me. (especially when I saw that AMAZING illustration of Genzou and Orlam dancing :') )

I don't know how to explain it, and I don't know what to think of it at the moment.

I must say that Genzou has been my favorite character since the beginning but I found him very unfair to Orlam. And so my affection for him (as for the others, I'll explain it right after) makes me feel guilty.

Although their actions are "understandable" given the situation, I cannot love the characters without feeling guilty.

I truly love them all. I love Iggy, Genzou, Gidget, Orlam and Bucks.

But I feel guilty for loving them because of what they did throughout the game, before and during the trip to Wonderland : Iggy's very (too) clumsy advices and remarks, when he ATE AND KILLED GENZOU >:( ,Genzou's behavior towards Orlam, Gidget's sexual assaults on Iggy, Orlam's tortures and murders, and the final scenes with Bucks....

I could only get rid of this guilty feeling that I have when they'll have this much-needed (At least for me ^^'') discussion. They apologized, more or less "forgiven", but they didn't really discuss all of it. (and well it's understanble because they didn't really had the time lol)

So I can't wait, now that they all seem less reluctant to open up, and once they bring Bucks to her senses and are all safe, to see them talk, explain, forgive themselves and eachothers for real.

I realize by writing this, that it may sounds like a “complaint”, BUT REALLY NOT !!

On the contrary, it is this paradox of feelings that I feel towards the characters that makes me love this game so (maybe too) much.

Honestly, your game made a HUGE impression on me the first time I played it.

It marked me even MORE after playing it again and discovering this new part.

And I know it will mark me EVEN MORE when I'll play it a third time and discover the end.

Reading the comments, I wondered how people could write so much, but now that I'm writting myself I understand better !

I can say for sure that this game is my FAVORITE.

Thank you so much for this. <3

(I'm french so sorry for the mistakes if there's any !)

Oh my gosh... you're going to make me cry 🥺💕 This is such a sweet comment??? Thank you so much for taking all the time to write this up. Ahhhhhhh it's really melting my heart!! I'm so happy that you like the game and chars so much and that you've enjoyed this new part so much!!

"(I even have a section on my phone's gallery DEDICATED to your game LOL)" --> LDKAJFLSDK A WHOLE SECTION YOU'RE GOING TO MAKE ME WEEP????

Also I can't believe you really played through the whole entire game again?? IT'S SO LONG HELP LDKFJASLDKFA Oh my gosh... I am really so touched... and also that you even still enjoyed it so much after already having played everything 💦

I'M SORRY FOR MAKING YOU CRY SO MUCH THO??? I admit I also cried a number of times while making this part and thinking about, well, certain scenes in my head. Felt like all the building emotions throughout the whole game was pushing me into these scenes and really tugged at my heart while I was working. I'm glad they could also feel so impactful 🥺💕

I get what you mean tho as I also feel many of the same things about each of the chars -- how I love them to death but literally every single one of them has done some, well, less than stellar things, we'll put it that way LMAO So I also have these conflicting feelings despite how near and dear they are to my heart (and despite the fact that I made them this way to begin with ldakjfasld). At the end of the day though, you're right that it really comes so much down to them finally actually facing these many things that they've been ignoring or refusing to acknowledge these many years and like, actually hashing things out, getting things out on the table, starting to work through things and their struggles and feelings and the hurt they've caused each other. I hope that by the end of the game I'll be able to resolve many of them in my own heart -- and that players will also be able to get some resolution, as well.

"And I know it will mark me EVEN MORE when I'll play it a third time and discover the end." --> A THIRD TIME ALKDJFASDKFA

Ahhhhh this is really so sweet tho this comment really touched me!! I really enjoyed hearing your thoughts and reactions and how you felt about all the characters and their dynamics. I love hearing these types of things from people who have played and seeing how they respond to the chars and story so much!! So really thank you thank you thank you for typing everything up despite your shyness ahhhhh. I am also quite shy and have a hard time expressing my thoughts a lot to others, so I definitely get it alkdfa But thank you very much. And thank you just in general for playing and loving the game so much!! I hope that I'll be able to finish this thing up in a way that will be meaningful for you in the end!! Thank you for all your support! 🥰💕

I'm so glad my comment touched you, yeah I was kinda nervous to post it but your reply was worth it :)


I'm really glad you did, it was such a bright spot in my day!! 💕

HELP 173 QUOTES AND ILLUSTRATIONS LAKDJFALSDKF I am both touched and boggled of the mind LMAO 🤣💕

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Arc 5 Part 1 1/2 was certainly not disappointing to go through. I kinda forgot about the game for a few months, but it instantly recaptured me once I played through the new update.


Kinda interesting to see Jerry's presence in the story. I'm assuming he's the main antagonist from OFW (which would explain why Genzou was so furious at him)? I presume the one-on-one interactions with him and the adoption of the nickname "kit" for Iggy was to make everyone feel attached to him and so they would distraught at the trio leaving him. Makes sense after all; he's really only a significant presence in OFW, and he's there to be more of a villain than anything. Kinda sad that there wasn't much for him after the trio entered the sewers though.

Honestly, I think I said all I needed to say about Genzou in my past comments. He generally stays very caring and protective of Iggy, as well as his respect of sexual boundaries. Though I like this emphasis on his issues; while we (the players) are made aware of how shit his treatment of Orlam was, we perceived him in the eyes of Iggy, and so he appears to be this very kind and heroic person. It brings awareness to the fact that despite not being as blatantly monstrous as Gidget and Orlam in the peak of their "worlds", he very much still has fundamental issues as a person (though that can be derived from his self-deprecating talk and lack of optimism anyway). Orlam basically says this when he's talking to Genzou, so yeah.

While I still love Genzou (cause he's sweet like that), I've started to take a liking to Gidget now that we've actually started seeing them in a positive light and without their forced hyperfemininity. They express their care and concern for Iggy differently from Genzou, seeing how there's a lack of physical affection and moreso small acts that indicate that they're thinking about Iggy. They also have a particularly serious side, and I always love that in characters (mostly because I have a serious nature myself). The surprisingly nuanced vocabulary makes them sound smart, and I am also loving that aspect of them. There still is the previous arcs, the entirety of Arc 4, and the beginning of Arc 5 to consider... Gidget has certainly done bad things. But I wouldn't say they could truly be written off as a bad person, considering their own motivations and fundamental issues (one of them being gender identity; very big mood).

Orlam certainly is interesting. His whole thing seemed to be centered around avoiding his emotions and seeking short-term gratification (though that's more emphasized in his arc). So much so, that he removed his whole heart and put it on a podium. Considering how much torment he faced, it's not unreasonable for him to want to reject his emotions entirely. After all, it's only brought him pain. Genzou was the main perpretrator, Gidget mostly cared about Iggy, Iggy didn't do much to interfere, and Bucks and Hunar were not as close to the group. The crush and temporary joy he had with Genzou was destroyed because of Genzou's own fear for himself. That does put things into perspective, and it makes sense why he would look towards dating apps and whatnot. They don't need as much commitment and they don't cause a person to feel pain, but they provide quick and easy satisfaction. The "game" scene... of course, it's the person that "hated" him the most that didn't say anything he hated about Orlam. And the apology he needed to hear from Genzou truly "touched" him. I interpreted him crying the black tears as the evil (representative of his hatred, resentment) sorta "draining" from him. That would make sense, since the heart started spewing out what seemed like blood, which shows that Genzou's words reached him and his humanity is returning to him. The hatred no longer remains.

Uhh. I didn't expect to write that much, though it isn't NEARLY as long as my previous comment (I probably won't write anything that long again anyway). But overall, I enjoyed this update as well! I'm looking forward to Arc 5 Part 2 (unless there's gonna be a Part 1 1/2 1/2 or something), and how the group deals with Bucks. ^^

HHHHHHHH THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR PLAYING AND FOR THIS VERY LONG COMMENT????? WEEPING SLIGHTLY... AHHHH....... I'm glad that even despite not thinking about the game in months you were able to still dive back in and enjoy it. That's part of the problem when it takes me a while between releases I suppose... 😅








"I'm assuming he's the main antagonist from OFW" --> LOL YES. Yes, he is. He first shows up in game in Arc 2 as a random one-off joke. And then I rolled with that for OFW and made him the antagonist. And then I've fallen in love with him so much since and was already planning in my head even before this some type of resistance and so it all seemed to come together quite well somehow hahaha.

"Kinda sad that there wasn't much for him after the trio entered the sewers though." --> HE'S DEAD NOW???? LKDJFALDSKFA I-I perhaps didn't make this clear enough 💦

"It brings awareness to the fact that despite not being as blatantly monstrous as Gidget and Orlam in the peak of their "worlds", he very much still has fundamental issues as a person" --> Yeah, Genzou has always been a bit of a interesting role for me to write as he doesn't have the same "Wonderland Treatment" that the others get (even Iggy, to an extent) so instead it was more of a long-game introducing all his flaws and the crap he's got going on and needs to work through. And I've noticed he gets some of the most vastly different opinions between people who play the game -- either loving him or hating him LOL And I kinda like that about him because I like making characters with many different sides and major flaws lkdsajfasld I feel like with each arc he's gotten closer and closer to finally taking that deep inner look into himself that he needs to and verbally owning up to and acknowledging things. With all of it culminating here. So it was one of the aspects I really wanted to like, make sure I tried to do as well as I could so it could have the impact and weight it needed to have 💦💦💦

Ahhhh I'm really happy to hear your thoughts on Gidget!! I feel like mine are somewhat the same tbh lakdjfa As someone being in Iggy's shoes in a lot of ways, I feel like I would have a hard time forgiving them for a lot of what happened, but then another part of it is very much in Gidget's shoes because of how much I relate to their issues, as well, so I also feel bad for and want them to grow and figure themself out more and be able to achieve some manner of restored trust and comfort with the others, too. IT'S VERY CONFLICTING THOUGHTS AT TIMES. So I wanted to hopefully try and ease things back in a little with this part. Just planting a seed and showing them also start to be more comfortable with themself in general. I hoped that others would also be able to accept them into their hearts, as well. So I'm find myself quite happy at hearing you say those kinds of things about them 💕

dfakjldsf yes, your thoughts on Orlam also resonate quite closely with my own, too, along with pretty much what I was aiming for. I quite liked the imagery of not only him removing his heart, but the fact that his heart now exudes this slowly spreading poison that's overtaking all of Wonderland and part of what caused many of the predicaments in Arc 5 Part 1. Something something Genzou needing to wade through the poison and push through the pain he was partly responsible for in Orlam in order to save Iggy during the Kiddie Kruise scene LOL Even though at that point you don't know where the poison/acid is coming from yet. 

" it's the person that "hated" him the most that didn't say anything he hated about Orlam" --> alkdjfalkds yes... the one person he wanted to hear it from the most. But it's the first time Genzou is actually finally able to stop his mouth from running away from him, even despite the pain (and threat of even worse pain 💦). Ahhhh........ somehow this scene ended up working so well when I finally wrote it even though I only had a vague mental image of what I wanted before diving in. I'm really happy with how so many of the character arc threads ended up coming together ladkjfasd (and maybe lucky tbh...... LOL)

"(unless there's gonna be a Part 1 1/2 1/2 or something)" --> OH GODDDDDD I HOPE NOT. THERE BETTER NOT BE LMAOOOO I-I truly in my heart of hearts don't know how I could possibly make the finale so long I'd need to split it again. So. If that happened there would be something very wrong with me maybe HAHA

HHHHHHHH AT ANY RATE I REALLY LOVED READING THIS AND ALL YOUR THOUGHTS AND INTEPRETATIONS AHHHHHHHHH. I love hearing these from people so much lakdjfad especially their thoughts on the characters. My heart is so full 🥺 SO THANK YOU??? And thank you just in general for playing the new update and for all your wonderful thoughts in the past too. I'm really happy you ended up enjoying this new part!! I hope you'll enjoy the finale once I get that finished up!! Thanks again for all your kind support, it means so much!! 😭💕

To clarify something, I knew that Jerry did die during the fight scene 💀 But I guess I should've phrased it better. I meant like... it's sad how the trio didn't talk much about him after he died, but I guess there was silent acknowledgement from Iggy crying after they all got into the sewers. I kinda get why Genzou and Gidget didn't say much since they didn't interact as much with Jerry, but I think he was important enough for Iggy: I guess Iggy was still kinda detached from the fact that OFW was indeed something that happened, and so Jerry's apology didn't really strike him in any way. There were still these occasional moments that brought them a little closer though. I found myself wanting the trio to say a little bit more about Jerry, but it's understandable why they didn't: they're more focused on getting to Orlam at that moment and Jerry was a minor part of their lives, even if he served a pretty significant role in this arc.


That's a very fair point though LOL My main goal in that next scene was just to get them into the castle fairly quickly. I often worry about "down-time" scenes stretching too much and losing some of that sense of urgency/impending dread or that people could get bored LOL So I probably went through it a bit too quickly when I could have spent a bit more time on the aftermath of the whole castle assault scene 💦💦


my heart did a few flips while i played this methinks...


GETTING COMFORTABLE WITH THEMSELF ??? THEY'RE SO ADORABLE AND SOMEWHAT RELATABLE IN THAT SENSE AND I JUST LOVE THEM SM (obviously doesn't make what happened. right. but yknow. inflluence of the place + trauma and all that fun stuff so I STILL LOVE THEM SM)

and orlam

omg i sobbed (not commenting anything specific bc i'm too lazy to do the spoiler thing BUT I THINK I SOBBED ABOUT HIM THE MOST RAHH)


Ahhhh I'm really happy you liked Gidget in this part, too!! I was somewhat nervous in general with them simply because of everything that's happened in the rest of the game. Like. I didn't want to just wash over everything. But I wanted to plant a small seed towards working towards a place of comfort and understanding, even if it's still a ways off. Also for some reason I really had fun with their dynamic with Genzou this time around LMAO I enjoyed how they played off of each other 🤣

The Orlam parts also made me sob, especially the final cutscene. Even just planning and imagining it in my head while working on it would make my eyes moist LDKFAJDSKF So I'm glad it was able to have some impact... 🥺

Thank you so much for playing -- I'm really happy you enjoyed it despite the rampant tears??? Your support means a lot, especially even taking the time to write out your thoughts lkdjfasd So thank you very much!! I hope you'll emotionally recover soon 🤣🥺💕


AHHHHHHHHH I'LL BE LOOKING FORWARD TO HEARING YOUR THOUGHTS!! Thanks so much for taking the time to play it!! 🥺💕

Question how do you skip in the game, I had to redownload a new our wonderland game and so I have to skip multiple dialogues 😭

You can use either the CTRL key or the TAB key to make it skip very fast!

Thank you!!

arc 5 part 1 1/2 was so good i need to jump off a bridge 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭so so good...

HELP PLEASE DON'T??????????????????????????????????????????? 💦💦💦💦💦💦💦💦💦💦💦💦💦💦💦

I-I'm glad you liked it though 😭💦

Another delicious morning scrolling through my emails 

And whats this? Itch??? Did my account get hacked or something???


.   .   .   .



I am now in the procces of playing it, took a little break to start writing this before I get to see the one and only Rattail King (and get the trauma affiliated with him ;) ) 



As a very strong supporter of Giggy???? Iggenzou??? Do they have an official ship name??? Idk, BUT! whatever it is, as a big fan of it, that whole scene got me crying BUCKETS esp the last line 


holy shit. no way. i am absolutely speechless.

i now know true pain (tears were shed)

loooord why they gotta be so angsty in their 30's (still love them all)


Def didnt expect our local ginger to SCOOP OUT HIS HEART

But thats fine they solved it with the power of friendship


As I said this was such a rollercoaster but hell do I absolutely love it

Was it traumatizing? No? Kinda? Yes? I am not quite sure but it was way more angsty than traumatizing. I really hope Orlam and Genzou get to talk it out properly after this thing is done or before the story concludes. God I just want them all to be happy (Iggy kinnie much

Overall I really enjoyed it, I hope they all get their happy ending, even tho ik they will in the end (RIGHT???? ILL GO INSANE IF THEY DONT) and yea

Oh and ABSOLUTELY LOVED THE CUTSCENES ESPECIALLY THE  BIG ONE , you can clearly see there was a lot of work and time put into them AND THE WHOLE THING ACTUALLY

Thank you Carrot for offering this absolute masterpiece for us all to enjoy


I really wanted to write more but I am not a very great writer so thats that (even as a not great writer, your writing is majestic I swear to god)

If something else pops in my head Ill probably write another thing

Sorry if I am wasting your time but I cant help to not share my love for this masterpiece. 


(respectfull) Muah

LMAOOOOO WHAT A WAY TO FIND OUT 🤣💦 I do like to keep people on their toes. Maybe. Who can say.

KDFJALDSKFA I'M GLAD YOU LIKED THE GENZOU/IGGY NIGHT CHAT (I call them "Genzy" 🤭💕) I really enjoyed how it turned out and it made my heart become both very twisted and very soft dlkjafsdf

"loooord why they gotta be so angsty in their 30's (still love them all)" --> LMAO I FEEL LIKE THIS IS SUCH A GREAT SUMMARY OF THE WHOLE GAME TBH HAHAHAHA

"God I just want them all to be happy" --> No, same... 🥺💦

I'm very happy you liked it though!! And the cutscene especially! That dang thing took me so long.... LOL But it was such a clear scene in my mind that i really wanted to get it across as close as I could to what was in my head. 

"Sorry if I am wasting your time but I cant help to not share my love for this masterpiece. " --> YOU ARE NOT WASTING MY TIME???? Comments like this honestly give me so much life and make me feel so motivated and glad that I've put in all the time to work on this game and try to make it the best it can be lkadjfads 💕

Ahhhhhhh at any rate thank you so much for playing the new part!! And for taking the time to write up your thoughts ahhhHHHH. It honestly means so much, and I'm so happy you enjoyed it!! Thank you for all the support! 🥰

(4 edits)

What a master piece!!!❤️❤️❤️I absolutely adore the art, music, and characters<333 Putting my own affection aside, I really do shed my tears when the climax comes.

***Spoiler Alert ⬇️***

Just something is not really adding up to me. I'm still quite confused with Genzou's behaviors. Why would Genzou fall in love with Iggy (maybe I forget, but seriously idk anything now)? He clearly had some precious moments in the past with Orlam, and they even danced secretly in high shool. Now he confessed that he never hated Orlam. Then, why wouldn't he fell in love with Orlam instead of Iggy??? 

Since the player is seeing the perspective from Iggy, I remembered the awkward kiss between Iggy and Genzou in Arc 2. If Genzou indeed loves Iggy, and Iggy has to do it because of the plot, I'm fine with that. However, if Genzou, in fact, loves Orlam and just uses Iggy as a cover, and then he takes (probably) Iggy's first kiss, I'm not really okay with it. There is a feeling of betrayal, especially when I wish Orlam and Iggy can have a chance to end up together. Now, I'm so perplexed whether Genzou loves Iggy or Orlam. I mean if Genzou loves Orlam, and they want to be together in the end, then I guess I can only wish them the best, if that'll make Orlam happy, tho I still can't quite accept the fact that Genzou bullied Orlam in the past.💔

LOL, seriously right before Genzou's confession, when Orlam asks Iggy what Iggy hates about him, I really hope Iggy can answer that "I hate that you've loved Genzou who has not been good to you for so long. I hate that you won't lay your eyes on me, and consider me as a better option than Genzou, even at the very moment." Except, Iggy will never say something like that. Just my tiny imagination for my ship. How I wish Iggy can be stronger, struggle to be free from the rabbit, and hug Orlam so hard that he wishes to have his heart back to experience the happiness in this very moment. Then, Genzou does everything I want Iggy to do... For the fans who ship Orlam x Iggy, the future seems dark and misty. Genzou x Orlam and Genzou x Iggy have a much better chance to happen. TAT 

I still can't believe that they are around their 30s and are now trying to reconcile their childhood drama LMAO.

(1 edit)

AhhhhhhhHHHHHH THANK YOU???? That's very sweet and I'm really happy you enjoyed this part!! I really wanted it to have a lot of impact and be satisfying to everyone aldkjfasd especially as it was a Big Moment for me with the story and chars and one I'd been working towards for a while LOL So thank you very much!! 😭💕








Re: your thoughts: ahhhhhhhh........... I generally try to keep from like, fully explaining everything, saying yes or no about interpretations, head canons, etc., as I do want a lot of this to be left up to interpretation and/or how people relate to it themselves. But regarding this I will at least say that it was never my intention for Genzou to come across as seeming like he was originally in love with Orlam 💦 Quite the opposite, he's regretful because he didn't love him yet he still led Orlam on and allowed Orlam to get close to him because he was feeling so depressed (because Iggy started avoiding him after the accident, because he was doing so horribly in school, because of his family life, etc.). I think in particular a few of the scenes in the night chat scene he has with Iggy hint at this (about him letting Orlam get too close, etc.).

So it's all just quite convoluted LOL with Genzou liking Iggy, Iggy being oblivious (and then avoiding Genzou for a while because he was scared after what happened during the sleepover), Orlam liking Genzou, Genzou allowing Orlam to get close so he doesn't have to feel so alone, Genzou failing to confess to Iggy and assuming Iggy and Gidget will get together and returning to Orlam only to then have extreme regret about it and falling back into depression when everyone heads off to college and leaves him alone again.... essentially... LMAO That was at least the jist of my intentions while writing everything hahaha. Though people are ofc free to interpret things as they wish.

Hahaha don't worry tho -- there is still the final choice you'll get in the finale where you'll be able to choose who you want Iggy to end up with (or no one). This will depend on the choices and such you've made throughout the game lakdjfad but Orlam is an "LI" for a reason and a ship that I also very much like and really enjoy their dynamic. It's just that for this series of story arcs to come to their conclusion, Iggy wasn't involved as much LOL Similar to how Iggy wasn't really involved that much in bringing Gidget's arc to their conclusion since so much of it was actually within Gidget themself. But Iggy and Orlam can certainly still end up together if you want them to 🤭💕

"I still can't believe that they are around their 30s and are now trying to reconcile their childhood drama LMAO." --> HAHAHAHAHAHAHA so real and true tbh.

At any rate, thank you again for playing!! And for writing up all your thoughts!! I'm glad that you enjoyed this part, and I hope you'll like the finale once it's finished! 🥰

Collapsing. Withering. Becoming nothingness. Et cetera et cetera. 

(As always, thank you Carrot and great job on the latest update 💜)



I'm really happy you enjoyed it tho ahhhhhhhh... 😭💦💕 Thank you so much for playing and for all your constant love and support, it truly means so much and I always look forward to your fun comments and theories and lore LDKAJFDLSKA THANK YOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOU 🥰💕

(8 edits)

It's 5:38 in my area and I'm playing OW Arc5 Part1 1/2 as soon as I can...

It's just, a huge desire for me to meet dear Genzou. I'm dying to meet him. Carrot, you are really good at plotting... 

Ok, detailed things I'll add after I play it.

Now I'm still in the forest and I meet the nightmarish tomatoes!! I can't help but to think about one strong and cute halfling knight... Then I saw a huge close-up of a murderous tomato. Oh, how thick the white border is!!! (wrong emphasis).

Ohhhh, The rabbits were appearing so handsomely, weren't them? I have to say they're much handsomer than I expected... Ok, TOO CLOSE!!! You are too close to Iggy's face,and as we always say, such a distance means either a fight or a kiss~ Ok, quite too close.

Ha? I want to know why Genzou so angry.. From his words I think he's into the anger towards what Jerry had done in OFW, is it? Or it's just he hate rabbits as in the 4.5 Arcs rabbits were all their enemies?

BOYTOY???!!!! Wow! I have never hear about something like that, it's, fascinating🤣I like it. Boytoy of Gen, strange but ok.

LDKAJFLDKFAJDSFA OMG SO EARLY PLEASE GET SOME SLEEP????????? 🤣💦 I'm glad you're enjoying it so far tho!!! lakjdflakdsjfa this running commentary of your playthrough is making me laugh a lot!! LOL GENZOU HAD TO WATCH JERRY BREAK IGGY'S HAND AND THEN KILL ALL OF THEM HE STILL HAS SOME RESIDUAL ANGER BUILT UP FROM THAT LMAOOOOO

Glad you enjoyed the tomato ambush hahahahaha. Hope you'll enjoy the rest when you have a chance to play it!! 🤭💕


Carroty, carroty, carroty...  WHAT HAVE YOU DONE???????????????

I'll have to be honest with you, I CRIED GOSH I NEVER CRIED SO MUCH PLAYING A VN????????????????????? I'll explain in the spoilers part why but AAAAH MY HEART IS ACHING AND I'M CRYING (transparent lol) TEARS EVEN AS I'M WRITING THIS YOU MADE ME NUMB AAAAH (for players trying to understand what this means: the climax of part 5 1 1/2 is very emotional, and the perfect conclusion to what has been going through so far, and sets all the characters before what is the final confrontation).

The art? IMMACULATE, gosh, I loved the sprite work (at first I thought "Wow, Orlam looks like a [redacted for spoilers]" AND THEN THE PLOT AND THEN WOW????). I have to highlight the quality of the animations too, some parts of this VN really just feel like watching a animated feature!!!!!! The way the things are presented, the timing with the EXCELLENTLY chosen tracks (for instance, the one played in what I'll call the "rabbit hole" is a song I genuinely like! Thanks for the discovery!), WOW?????? I would say it was as amazing as usual but somehow, everytime it all gets better erfrgbhrfrfv undefeated Ren'Py animator, the inspiration behind me playing more with colour matrixes, animations and blur in my own games erfgntr

The writing also was extremely good for a stylistic standpoint!! I loved how there was a lot of French expressions, some I didn't even know were used in English (well, admittedly, this only concerns "bric-à-brac", but the more you know!). I don't think I ever underlined how good the writing is in your game, but let me emphasise it here: the vocabulary is always perfectly chosen both to describe what is happening and to set the mood. The characters all have a very distinctive way of talking which helps selling their personalities.

Now, that's all I can say without spoilers, so now, if you guys can forgive me, I'm going to spoil below.


ORLAM ISN'T THE ONLY ONE WHO NEEDS TO TAKE HIS HEART OUT OF HIS CHEST APPARENTLY BECAUSE YOU HIT RIGHT WHERE YOU SHOULD!!!!! Orlam deciding to end his own suffering by BASICALLY BECOMING A ZOMBIE (that's what I actually thought when I saw his sprites: "Wow, he looks like a zombie??") BECAUSE ALL HIS MEMORIES BRING HIM AWFUL FEELINGS??? HIS ABUSE? HIS PAST RELATIONSHIP WITH GENZOU (somehow, it really gave an Adam x Alex vibe although YOU MADE IT SO MUCH MORE EMOTIONAL 3EFVBGFTEBDFDERFGHNGERFV5214DERFVB)??????? And the conclusion???? The climax?? Genzou finally opening up to Orlam, and holly golly did I not expect you to take the internalised homophobia turn (although Orlam is bi if I remember correctly)? Genzou just bullying Orlam because he represents everything he hates about himself?? It's hearbreaking for the both of them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Orlam finally becoming human again (well, if you go beyond the metaphor, finally feeling a bit of peace about his trauma) once Genzou finally acknowledges that the way he was treated was wrong?? When Gidget and Iggy couldn't? When Genzou could have just insulted him as he's used to???? This made me cry so much, you have no idea Carrot, I have a headache so I hope I make sense but it was intense and beautiful????? Certainly my favourite scene in a VN ever????????????????????

In general, I also liked how the characters start taking accountability for their actions and decide to forgive each other (Iggy forgiving Gidget, for example, for everything they did to him in Wonderland; and reciprocally, Gidget forgiving Iggy for everything he said to them IRL; Genzou admitting he isn't a good person and needs to do better, and actually DOES better!!!). And the fact Orlam's character arc here is all about questioning this?? Is it enough to be sorry to excuse one's actions?? Can words heal years of trauma, of abuse or of resentment and bitterness? The answer is of course "no", but they are a starting point, it's finally accepting to adress the problem, to acknowledge its existence and to tiptoe your way to healing. It was addressed very well, and that's why the final scene with Orlam felt so emotional! Gosh, you certainly made of Orlam my favourite character (despite Gidget actually frightening me more for asexual reasons), when he was my least favourite before!!!!!

Regarding the action, I enjoyed the contrast between the threats in act 1 and the same ones in this part. While they participated in paiting the world the characters fell in in Arc 1, and were tools to let us explore the depths and dangers of Our Wonderland, they hold here so much more narrative weight! The building-up made throughout the whole game is nothing short of brilliant, Carrot, and it was intense!! I also really enjoyed the whole dyanmic between Jerry, the characters, their connection (even to childhood memories), and the whole "let's make a big plan to reach out to Orlam", it really set an interesting vibe which contrasted so much to what we got after, in the most perfectly crafted way.

Carrot, I really don't know how to conclude my reviews anymore. This is nothing short of a masterpiece, but I guess I already said that in the past... This game is intense, this game is beautiful, this game is everything a person, a soul, an artist, a writer, a human, heck! a carrot could put into a game. This is grandiose, and thinking of the time it must have taken you, of the care you put into this, of the love, the insecurities, the vulnerability you accepted to share with us... I just want to thank you for making me experience all this (I'm crying again writing us, because I'm genuinely moved)... All this feels somehow so personal and yet so intense? More than an inspiration to all game devs, as I explained before, you're just this kind of people, or souls, or hearts, or whatever we look for afar, so close and so far, that we immediately identify with and which has so much to tell; and yet, yet, it's almost as if we couldn't dare to brush you, because what you are giving us is already so intense, so strong and so generous? I'm sorry this review is less analytical than usual and more on the emotional side but I guess that's what you get for turning me into a crying mess (and I wouldn't have it any other way)!

(3 edits) (+1)

[Like your comment❤️]

LOL, our thoughts are so similar: the compliment part and the zombie part are absolutely identical. I mean how he stands from the chair really does seem like a zombie. I would never imagine what cause this movement can happen here, and also every one can be a doctor in the Wonderland 😂


SOBBING I NEEDED TO LIKE. COLLECT MYSELF. AND GIVE MYSELF TIME TO REALLY APPROACH THIS BEFORE MY REPLY lkjdfalkdf You're literally making me sob over here GODDDDDD. Unsure I've ever gotten quite a response like this before and it's making me melt a tad (tho the fierce heat of today isn't helping much ldkajfdl).

I'M SORRY FOR MAKING YOU CRY. I also cried a few times. Especially while working on the final cutscene. Even just imagining it / planning it in my head together with the song before and while working on it would make me tear up dlkajfsd It was just a Big Emotional Moment for me with the game and chars and I wanted to try and get that across and make it have impact (which is why I "had" to make it a cutscene to begin with LOL).

Ahhhh I'm glad you liked the music in this part!! THE RABBIT HOLE SONG. I also liked that one a lot. It and a few others (like the preparing for battle one) gave me so many FFXII vibes and since that's basically my fav game and soundtrack ever I couldn't resist LKDJASLDK Picking out music for me is both fun but also slightly nerve-racking as I always worry about whether I'm going to be able to find the perfect track for the vibe / scene in my head. Some of the tracks for this part I already had chosen long ago (for instance, I think I've had the castle chase song chosen as something I knew I wanted to use in Arc 5 since... over a year ago, maybe even longer lakdjfs) but others I chose during production by my usual method of listening to 50 million songs from composers I already knew I liked or by using vibe filters LFAKSJDFA This part also had a lot of "image song" style music with the actual songs rather than BGMs, so I was hoping it would go over well with people and feel somewhat impactful as a result.

"I loved how there was a lot of French expressions, some I didn't even know were used in English" --> DLKASJDF I PROBABLY DIDN'T EVEN REALIZE MOST OF THOSE IN QUESTION WERE FRENCH. I didn't know bric-a-brac LMAO That's one of those words that got ingrained in my head as a child from watching Nightmare Before Christmas on repeat I think hahaha. Thank you so much tho for all the kind words about the writing ahhhHHHHH. I feel like no one ever really says anything about the writing when it comes to VNs (which I do get, like, it's only one part of the experience, and you're not likely to even notice anything about it over the story and chars and art and literally everything else), so I guess hearing that specifically somehow makes me even more wibbly and gooey jlkdfajds 💦 I've always felt I have a bit of a weird writing style in general so I'm never quite sure how people, like, react to it while reading HAHA. Particularly some of the odd turns of phrase or word choices (or how I apparently repeat things about chewing on the inside of cheeks or uncomfortable bowels again and again and again without my noticing LMAO). At any rate, that really means a lot. I'm really happy you enjoy the style and dialogue, etc.


"(although Orlam is bi if I remember correctly)" --> Yeah he is, though at this point in time, neither one of them had all the answers about themselves and were just really confused mostly but did kind of both know they were similar in a way (and Genzou knew at least that Orlam liked him). In my mind, it was a combination of Genzou's own confusion about himself, his fear about people judging him like he saw them judging Orlam, and also the sheer fact that Orlam was just so wimpy and scrawny as a kid (something that Genzou never wanted to be seen as) that all contributed to Genzou's actions as a kid (along with the sheer fact that he kind of just was a mouthy brat to begin with and couldn't [and still can't] control his words or temper).

"When Genzou could have just insulted him as he's used to????" --> LDFKAJSDLFKAD I'M GLAD YOU POINTED THIS OUT. I wanted it to be like this juxtaposition where he finally actually is able to keep his mouth shut, which is so beyond what Orlam could have expected or imagined at this point and it just broke him. 

"I have a headache so I hope I make sense" --> OH GOD ARE YOU OK???????? 😭💦

I'm really glad you like how the scene turned out tho......... this was a scene that I had semi-pictured in my mind even way back like over a year ago, that I knew I was working towards, but hadn't actually worked out most of the details. And it wasn't until I was actively working on this part that it started to form further, and then when I was actually writing it it finally all came together. Like so many of  my scenes I tend to go in semi-blind with just a single mental image as a guide and hope that while I'm writing it all falls into place LKDJFALKSDF

"The answer is of course "no", but they are a starting point, it's finally accepting to adress the problem, to acknowledge its existence and to tiptoe your way to healing. It was addressed very well, and that's why the final scene with Orlam felt so emotional!" --> GUH YOU'RE GONNA MAKE ME CRY ALL OVER AGAIN. I'm happy this came through well......... after everything these characters have been through, I didn't want to rush to "omg everything's better" when clearly it wouldn't be LMAO but I did want to start planting seeds of hope and forgiveness that could allow for a path forward for them. They've all hurt each other so many times at this point. But at least now they're finally meeting it head-on rather than ignoring it like usual...

"This game is intense, this game is beautiful, this game is everything a person, a soul, an artist, a writer, a human, heck! a carrot could put into a game. " --> THIS IS SO BEAEUTIFUL AND SWEET I'M WEEPING HELPPPPPPPPPPP. I don't even know what to say... except that I'm so glad that it could be something so meaningful and that my story and chars could speak in such a way. And also thank you??? Not only for the beautiful and kind words but also for playing and for all your wonderful support and encouragement and motivation. It truly means a lot 💕

I can't even begin to thank you enough honestly for this review. I feel so touched and honored and emotional and can't stop reading back through parts of it. Thank you so much for taking the time to write out all your thoughts and emotions. GUHHHHHHHH I'M JUST A WIBBLING WEEPY MESS NOW FROM WRITING OUT THIS RESPONSE. Reading this honestly has made my entire night/day/weekend LDKAJFLDKAFD Going to go cry a thousand tears now... 😭💦💕

Thanks a lot for making me feel things. I love these characters (though I do have favorites WWW) This was one of the most HHHhhh arcs, but also one of the most beautiful. I'm looking forward to, but also dreading, the conclusion. 


I cant believe you murked Jerry what the FAQING FAQ!?!?!


KDLAJSDKFA YOU ARE WELCOME?????? I hope it wasn't too much. I also felt many things and may or may not have cried multiple times, especially while making the final cutscene 🤣💦 I'm really glad you enjoyed this "arc" (part arc, one-third arc, WHATEVER IT IS). HHHHHHH I REALLY HOPE I'LL BE ABLE TO MAKE THE FINAL CONCLUSION OK AND LIVE UP TO EVERYONE'S HOPES AND DREAMS. Thank you so much for all your support and your love for the game and chars!! 🥺💕

(KDJFLADSKFDS WELL........ what can I say...)

still playing through it but so far omg it's so good and so fucking compelling. Had to try it out after playing Save The Last Dance and I'm so glad I did.

Omg thank you????? I'm so touched that you wanted to give it a try after playing StLD! And also that you're enjoying it so much ahhhhh!! Thank you for the kind words, and I hope you enjoy the rest of it!! 🥰💕


omg this is the best game i have played in years all the characters are so lovable and i cant help but hope we see a lot more of them after the game especially igg

AHHHH THAT'S VERY SWEET?? I'm so glad that you enjoyed the game so much and that you like the characters!! 😭💕 lkjalkdsfa I hope to keep making more with these characters even after the main game is done -- even if it's just some side games or art, writing, etc. I feel like I definitely won't want to say goodbye to them even after the game itself is finished 🥺 I'm really glad you like Iggy so much!! Somehow hearing that makes my heart very happy. Thanks so much for playing and for letting me know your thoughts! I hope you'll enjoy the last parts of the game! 🥰

i loves this game,10000/10😭❤️‍🩹🙏.

HHHHHH THANK YOU VERY MUCH??? I'm very glad that you like it!! Thank you so much for playing! 🥰💕

very very good game!! when it has been translated into portuguese brazil i will play again

Thank you!! Though I have to apologize as I don't really have any money for translation, so it will probably never be translated (it is quite long, after all) 🥺💦

(15 edits)

Only recently heard of "Our Wonderland" about about 2 days ago, but MAN--I feel spoiled being able to binge all of Arc 1 to Arc 5 1/2 within those 2 same days. Cause, that's how f*cking engrossing the whole storyline and cast of characters is!!!
And the fact that there's newer features like a helpful CG Gallery and title-detailed save files makes me feel extra spoiled-rotten, compared to the fans who played this game since its early beginnings (lmao). 100% COMPLETION GET!!!

That said, this whole story portrays and explores upon a lot of LGBTQIA+ and mental/emotional health themes that I WISH a lot more stories did with such sensitivity and nuance. Just feels so nice to be "seen", you know? Personally, a mixture of Gidget's + Iggy's + Genzou's issues hit me really hard--but also, felt damn cathartic watching some other character articulate these similar experiences for me, on-screen.  
I also enjoy the depth and details that go into characters that you seemingly dismiss as purely dislikable or treat as "purely heroic" on the surface. (In my case, I like getting my expectations subverted when getting to learn more about Orlam--who I initially wrote-off as some jerk-ass incel, but have grown to like; and Genzou, whom I still like, but still hold accountable for going overboard sometimes). 
Everybody in this cast got their share of personal traits, strengths, and flaws; all of which feels real, well-developed, and not just "tacked on" to earn Social Cool points or whatever. Instead, whatever traits they possess--to me, they just feel organic, natural to the circumstances they found themselves born in and just really nails home the complexity of human beings and human relationships. (Iggy...I feel you HARD on making senses of human relationships and How to Socialize 101).   
Hell, I like the fact that all of these people hold backgrounds and lifestyles that feels delightfully down-to-earth? Like, nobody here has flashy "romanticized" jobs that you'd find in some mainstream dramas--but rather, jobs and emotional preoccupations of the unglamorous day-to-day. How most humans (read: us, peasants) got to cope and live amongst the daily grind, yanno? Everybody here got their own issues, all of which are too real and relatable, esp. depending on who your parents are (ugh... Gidget and Orlam, I've seen that sort sh*t in my life and with other friends' parents. SMDH.).  
These characters--despite their silly names (lmao... IGNATIUS, I'M SORRY BRO)--all feel like somebody I'd meet from just off the street, yanno? 

All of the arcs tore out my heart in some way...all of the deaths were delightfully mortifying and delightfully creative...all of the wonderful irony, double-meanings, and eyebrow-raising implications (Orlam's Arc was chock full of those--ugh, his poor rabbit T_T)...all of Genzou's creativity in swears and metaphors also win a gold star in my book... and NGL, I just love the interactions (especially all of Genzou & Iggy's, but eyyyy what can I sayyyyyy~).
Don't mind me, I'll just be here in my corner, with a swooning-dopey expression like Gidget does in some of their scenes (I see what shout-out reference you did there~ lmao). 

Man, I wish I can be more concise & articulate on why I love this game--rabid, almost mouth-frothing so--and what makes it's so unique and immersive for me, especially having spent so long with the characters (across multiple timelines in fact, lmao). But yeah, I'll be rocking back-and-forth happily in my chair--awaiting the Part II whenever it comes out--cause no matter the length of the wait, Our Wonderland has just that kind of storyline and cast that sticks with you. Of just being too memorable to forget.
(Definitely can see myself replaying this whole game, just to spend time revisiting/"hanging out" with the characters--almost as if they were my own friends or something, lmao.) 

Your effort really shows!!! Just keep doing you!!! Whatever the heck you're doing writing-wise, me likey!!! (*A*)

[P.S: And thank freaking god there's spin-off games to "Our Wonderland", such as "Our Fantastic Wonderland", cause all of these characters deserve a freakin' comfort break from their main storyline (lmao). Me too honestly...I just want them all to be happy if possible. ;____; ]

(1 edit) (+1)

Same! I just hope they all have a happy ending at the end of the story. With no injury! Whether mental or physical...  For me, I'm too upset to see Genzou dies so miserable in all four Arcs, especially the Arc 4... He only got his sight back in the wonderland, then it was taken away from him, with such violence way. Such violence.🥺

(1 edit)

For reals -- I hope all the characters come out (relatively) unscathed and happy too. Some probably will need further therapy after this whole experience, but hopefully they'll have each other as support too. T__T  

And yea, Genzou exemplifies the true Ride and Die.
NGL, I can appreciate from a writer's standpoint the amount of creativity/irony that went into some of Genzou's Death/Pain CGs (ahahaha, OF COURSE YOU WOULD REMOVE HIS EYES, ORLAM, BUT OF COURSE) but damn... I feel you, cut this poor man a break!!! ;__;

I guess it does balances out in that Genzou gets a LOT of comforting/deep interactions with Iggy (<3), if that's any good karma meant for him...lmao. (Poor guy needs it.)    



Firstly just thank you so much for taking the time to write all this up??? My heart is squishing! And secondly thank you so much for playing the game to begin with!! I'm so happy that you ended up liking it so much ahhhHHHHH lkajldskfa 😭💕

LMAO IT'S TRUE THE MOST RECENT UPDATE DID BRING ABOUT SOME NICE QOL TYPE STUFF I FEEL A BIT ASHAMED WASN'T THERE EARLIER. I will probably continue to do a few other QOL things as well before it's completely done. I actually would like to finally do a bit more with the GUI for instance....... it's a bit... default in places... and now that I've learned more about how to edit and work with the GUI a lot better, I'd like to polish it up a bit lakdjfasd

"this whole story portrays and explores upon a lot of LGBTQIA+ and mental/emotional health themes that I WISH a lot more stories did with such sensitivity and nuance" --> HELP THIS IS TOO HIGH OF PRAISE LKJKAFD I am really glad you think so though. Many of the... things... that happen in the game are based wholly or in part on a lot of my own experiences and feelings and attempt to work through stuff about myself. So it really means a lot and touches me greatly to hear that others can also relate to it and feel some catharsis 😭 The more I worked on the game, the more personal it became to me, and the more each of the characters became a different sort of reflection about parts of myself (that I then proceeded to promptly twist in on itself and weep a thousand tears as it broke me into infinite tiny pieces again and again and again LOL). I always just hope people will be able to relate to at least one of the characters!! Or perhaps at least understand them I guess, even if not being able to personally relate.

"I also enjoy the depth and details that go into characters that you seemingly dismiss as purely dislikable or treat as "purely heroic" on the surface." --> I REALLY WANTED TO GO HARD INTO THIS SO THANK YOU??? Like. I wanted to (and hoped I'd be able to) create characters that felt very human and gray because all humans are complicated and gray and there's literally no one out there that will ever be perfect or never do anything bad or never make you want to rip your hair out of your head sometimes kdjfadsaf

"Orlam--who I initially wrote-off as some jerk-ass incel" --> I AM SOBBING??????

"(Iggy...I feel you HARD on making senses of human relationships and How to Socialize 101)" --> It is truly an impenetrable enigma sometimes... 💦

"These characters--despite their silly names (lmao... IGNATIUS, I'M SORRY BRO)" --> I JUST CHOKED.

"--all feel like somebody I'd meet from just off the street, yanno? " --> And them immediately teared up because this is very sweet HELPPP.

"all of the wonderful irony, double-meanings"  --> I REALLY HOPE PEOPLE ARE ABLE TO GET SOME OF THE VARIOUS THINGS I WAS TRYING TO DO WITH... WITH STUFF........ I NEVER KNOW. (also other stuff that I had zero idea I was even doing apparently and people pointed out to me later...........)

"all of Genzou's creativity in swears and metaphors also win a gold star in my book" --> THIS PLEASES ME.

" mouth-frothing" --> MOUTH-FROTHING 😭

"(Definitely can see myself replaying this whole game, just to spend time revisiting/"hanging out" with the characters--almost as if they were my own friends or something, lmao.) " --> My heart just imploded??? I have no words....... 🥺💕

"I just want them all to be happy if possible. ;____; " --> GOD me too....


This was absolutely too much and too sweet and too stabbing directly into my heart lakdjfas I'm really so so overjoyed that you like the chars and their stories so much. I-I WILL KEEP WORKING HARD 😭I really want the finale to be work it for everyone and to live up to everything that's come before it, so I feel like I'm putting double the effort into making everything as good as I possibly can for the last bits... BUT ALSO I'M VERY NERVOUS AND ANXIOUS ABOUT IT AND JUST HOPE PEOPLE WILL LIKE THE CONCLUSION.

Thank you again for this wonderful little message that just really brightened my day and brought (plentiful) tears to my eyes!! 🥰

(5 edits)

Yay, I'm glad my comment was uplifting to you (text-dump wall that it was). Thank you for liking my ESSAY of a comment, lmaoooo~
I know you're working hard on the game, but I also just hope you're having fun with your characters as well!!! From what I've played, it sure feels like you're allowing yourself to have fun (SUPER IMPORTANT TO KEEP SIGHT OF!!!)--and that same passion/devotion shines through in the gameplay. Players easily catch onto that; it's just infectious passion, yanno? 

And yeah, I can see how creators understandably feel nervous on how their audiences might perceive the ending(s) of their story. That extra mental energy is definite gasoline for the creativity tank, ya?  
This is just my two cents SO TAKE IT WITH A GRAIN OF SALT, but since you're the one who knows your characters best, I'm sure you'll discover the conclusions for each character that feels the most "truest"/"right" for their personal journey.
If you just continue on with your knack for good & consistent characterization, the majority of readers will come out ultimately satisfied.
Sometimes worrying about people's negative feelings about an ending is besides the point, anyway; especially if a character's series of (ahem, BAD) choices & cause-effect development logically foreshadows/lead them up to their tragic ending (eg. famous Greek/Shakspearian plays like "Oedipus Rex" and "Hamlet").
While I know there's RL people's feelings about the ending to consider, focusing more on the characters' feelings on how far they come + where they end up is the higher priority, IMO. 

Given what I played from your games thus far, you've given me a lot of material to where I can say that, I trust you as a storyteller. I trust that you care enough about each of these characters' unique journeys and honoring who they were, who they are, and who they may become. Unlike some TV shows, where they pull a total ass-pull of an ending just to "shock" against audience's predictions, despite zero prior characterization or plot-foreshadow leading up to it. 🙄 
To me, you possess good balance between knowing when to keep consistent characterization VS. show psychological/circumstantial nuances that go against a character's usual behavior patterns. The fact that you drew parts of it from your own personal experience,  just shows your alchemic ability to transmute your raw unique experience into material that illuminates the humanity within all of us.
It's definitely vulnerable and difficult to find ways to organize all of those rampant emotions & thoughts into something as concrete as a game, but hell--you managed to!! And you even invited others (us, players) along for the fun, wild brain ride!!! Thanks for giving players like me, such a rewarding emotional experience (and lovely memories) revolving around such an awesome cast of characters.   


"I also just hope you're having fun with your characters as well!!!" --> I definitely am!! Tbh the chars are the major reason why I'm still chugging away after all this time and why I'm still so motivated to keep working each and every day on it lakdjfasd I normally am not super great at actually finishing larger projects that I start out to but the chars and this story overtook me to the point where it's been the largest part of my life for the last...... gosh almost two years now 💦

"I trust you as a storyteller." --> THANK YOU????? That honestly means a lot and gives me a lot of confidence lakdjfas This story has already grown so much larger than I ever expected it to when I first started out, and the characters, too. I know where I'm headed with them in my head for the finale -- I just hope I can actually make it work when it comes to writing and directing it LOL And I want players who've been along for the ride to feel like the ending is deserved ig 💦

"The fact that you drew parts of it from your own personal experience,  just shows your alchemic ability to transmute your raw unique experience into material that illuminates the humanity within all of us." --> THIS IS TOO MUCH?????? YOU ARE FLAYING ME WITH YOUR WORDS LKASJDFLASKDF

"Thanks for giving players like me, such a rewarding emotional experience (and lovely memories) revolving around such an awesome cast of characters. " --> YOU ARE SO WELCOME. It fills me with joy every day to be able to share something that's so meaningful to me and have people enjoy it so much (despite also making me feel a bit embarrassed LOL).

Thank you so much for all your words of encouragement!! I've been pretty up and down lately due to general mental health stuff so honestly this means so much and is really giving me a lot of joy and feels right now. Thank you for taking the time to leave such a wonderful and sweet comment!! 😭💕

(2 edits)

It's amazing! Although when I first read this story, I felt a bit uncomfortable with many of the violent scenes, especially the scenes in the fourth act where his legs were cut off and his eyes were gouged out. Yes, I just want to say that Genzou is too miserable! Every time I remind of the scenes that he dies (among all four Arcs), I feel very painful and can't help but shed tears. 😭

I want to know why Genzou is blind in real life. And one thing that I also care about is that, Genzou was rational from the beginning, and even when he restore his sight back, he knew we should go back to reality. However, compared to Genzou, the other three people are much crazier in my feelings. 

I do know that Genzou bullied Orlam since childhood, but in return, Orlam boiled Genzou, or cut Genzou into pieces( and then made him into a dish in front of me? I don't fully understand what happened in Arc 3), or digged Genzou's eyes out and cut his legs down. I think Orlam's too crazy,,, I can't imagine, is it just because he's such one kind?


Ahhhhh thank you very much!! I AM SORRY FOR SOME OF THE INTENSE SCENES 💦 G-Genzou really does go through it. I feel like he suffers the most out of all of them when it comes to sheer painful deaths and torture... 😭  (though Iggy has his fair share in Arc 2 dkjaflsd) I'm glad that you were still able to enjoy the game even in spite of the intensity and the Genzou!suffering💦💦 Thank you very much for playing and for taking the time to write up your thoughts!! It always means so much to me to hear from people who've played it 🥺💕

"I want to know why Genzou is blind in real life." -->  The accident in junior high. It's in the flashback scene towards the end of Arc 1.

"And one thing that I also care about is that, Genzou was rational from the beginning" --> I would say some of this probably has to do with the fact that he and Iggy are there the least amount of time as all of them. Wonderland has a tendency to twist them further the longer they stay down there. Plus when the other three first arrived, they were treated very well and got to live like royalty essentially. Whereas when Iggy and Genzou first arrived, everything was already turning horrible and they had to run for their lives in order to survive LOL so Genzou (and Iggy, too, even though he didn't wish for anything yet) couldn't really get lured in and twisted like the other three (well, except for Iggy in Arc 3 LKDJFASLKD). I do wonder what would happen if for instance Iggy and Genzou had arrived in Wonderland earlier and had a nicer time how it would have turned out... would be an interesting AU perhaps LOL 🤭

"I think Orlam's too crazy,,, I can't imagine, is it just because he's such one kind?" --> What do you mean by that? 🤣💦 Mmm... I mean... Orlam would never do any of those things in real life LOL Much of it is Wonderland twisting his thoughts far beyond anything that could have been possible in reality. Obviously he already had a (warranted) grudge because of all the suffering and heartbreak Genzou had caused him over the years but he would never kill or torture him in the real world laskdjfasd Just like Gidget would never assault Iggy in the real world 💦 That's one of the things I find most interesting about Wonderland tbh -- that it hooks into their base feelings and conflicts and amplifies their thoughts and emotions by like... a thousand LOL So you end up seeing them as the most twisted versions of themselves and have lost much of their ability to see reason.

"I don't fully understand what happened in Arc 3" --> Lol yes you were right, he feeds Genzou to Iggy, basically.

Thank you again for all the lovely thoughts and for playing the game!! I'm glad you enjoy the characters! 🥰

(2 edits)

Ah! I played the first Arc again just now. I wonder about the accident related to Genzou's eyesight. Did he fall off the stairs while checking the hallway, for Iggy? 

With Bucks', Gidget's, Orlam's past, now I do know why Iggy wanted himslef not to exist...Even in Arc 5, he still blamed everyone's problems on himself. And I have more feelings about Genzou's words, he in Arc 5 said that "Don't you fucking say that. Do you hear me?" The last time I see these words, I thought Iggy was talking about waht happened in Arc 4. You know,, Genzou was severely harmed. Now I see that Iggy was talking about Genzou's eyesight, didn't he? I feel even more heartbroken about them now, much more than I first played this game.

Carrot is so good at making splendid stories 55555. 🥺

Yes, that's what happened!

And yes about the convo in Arc 5, too. Iggy blames himself for what happened to Genzou --> not only for the accident itself, but also for the fact that he abandoned Genzou for a while afterwards because he still felt uncomfortable and confused about what happened. There's a whole lot of complicated emotions at play but that's the jist of it, at least 💦

HELP that's very sweet. I'm really glad you like it and the chars 🥺💕


ladies and gentlemen, i introduce you my latest hyperfixation

seriously though, this game is fucking amazing. I started playing it this morning thinking ill just play for a few hours to get my mind off of things and its 3 am before i know it x_x cant wait for part twooo



Thank you so much????? That means a lot ahhhhh 😭💕 Thank you so much for playing!! And for taking the time to leave a comment. THOUGH I'M SORRY IT'S TAKEN OVER YOUR BRAIN??? I hope you were able to get some sleep 💦  I'm working very hard on the next part!! Hope to be able to share more soon!!

Can someone help me? I tried to download the game several times but it always says that the file is corrupted when unzipping 😭😭😭

Hey! Which version are you trying to download? (for which OS) and what is the exact error you're getting? Like when you try to run the game? Or before that? No one has ever reported an error like this before so I'm not sure... 💦

I've been trying to install the latest version for Windows and whenever I try to unzip it, this appears:

"! C:\Users\xxxx\Desktop\new folder\OurWonderland-5.0-win.zip: The archive is corrupt"

thank you in advance just for try to help me :'D


What a strange error... 😵‍💫 I'm at a bit of a loss as I've never had anyone have this issue before and when I redownload from the site myself it works just fine... 😭🤔

I've tried looking up general errors about unzipping stuff on Google. I have some potential suggestions/further questions:

1) If you download the 32-bit version (the last one in the list) does it do the same thing?

2) Do you have an antivirus with a strict rule? If you disable it while downloading/unzipping does it change anything?

3) What program do you use to unzip? Have you tried WinRAR or 7-zip?

4) Does the downloaded file size match the file size listed next to the download on the game page? (to make sure it's downloading the complete file)

5) Do you have any special characters in your Windows username? If you change the file name of the zip file to "ow.zip" does it change anything? (just testing if the period in the file name is doing something)

6) Do other Ren'Py game zip files you download off itch work? For instance if you download the file for one of my other smaller games does it unzip successfully: https://carrotpatchgames.itch.io/texting-the-awkward-ace-guy-youve-had-a-crush-o... 

7) If you download it somewhere else other than your computer (for instance on your phone or a different computer) and then transfer it, does it change anything?

These are some of my initial suggestions/questions after reading about people with similar issues extracting downloaded zip files. Let me know if any of these change anything!

thank you very much for the help! for some reason my antivirus has a problem with the 86 version of the game so I went to download the 32 version, and it worked! Thanks, I was really looking forward to playing your game!!!

U3U mwah mwah mwah mwah

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