Our Wonderland: Arc 3 Out Now!

Top o’ the time zone, kidney beans! Ready to get seduced by a cannibal? I hope so, because the arc of fuckery is upon us!

In the previous arc, we explored Iggy's (relation)ship with Genzou. But in this arc, Iggy calls Orlam first, which sets off a whole chain of fun events that turns Iggy into a white-topped conduit of (A)SEXUAL RAGE™. How might this affect the sequence of delightful happenings in Wonderland? (hint: it fucks things up) (also hint: but what doesn't, am I right or am I right?) Said sequence may or may not involve some silly cannibalistic shenanigans (k-kids these days...). You will laugh! You will cry! You may or may not want to throw things at your computer screen! You will (probably) want to kill me! (but p-p-please don't). Either way, I hope you'll enjoy this lovely romp through uNpReCeDeNtEd pUrGaToRy.

No, but I've done the burn-in-HELLwork.

But before I get too excited, let's take a look at exactly what this new arc brings with it (besides the obvious, of course).


  • 3 to 4 more hours of gameplay! (around 40k new words)(bringing the total up to around 138k)
  • A brand-new complete story with ending!
  • A WH-WHOPPING 38 NEW CGS! (not including everything in the ending sequence... which is admittedly more arbitrarily determined in this arc, but still)
  • A new cinematic ending sequence! (slightly different style this time but overall contains around 30 different shots/CGs)
  • 2 new ways to violently die!
  • More incredibly poor choices than you can count!
  • And, just in case you missed the gIaNt tExT earlier: CANNIBAL. SEDUCTION.

Stop talking about cannibalism, Carrot.

I mentioned this in an earlier devlog, but... this arc actually took on a huge mind of its own as I was writing it. And I think the rest of the game is going to continue in a similar fashion, tbh. When I first began thinking about the Game and its Story, I envisaged three middle paths that were kind of... static? Like. Truly three completely separate paths/possibilities that weren't even all that different from each other besides a few key scenes and the final endings. But as I was writing and working on this one, the characters just kinda... did their own thing, no doubt heavily influenced by Arc 2 and expanding and growing off of what I already knew about My Little Fucked-Up Babies™ and their stories. LEADING TO A BUNCH OF EXTRA UNPLANNED FUCKERY. And now my brain's been using this downtime between completion and launch of Arc 3 to start fleshing out story beats for Arc 4 (while keeping me up at night, as is the yooj)—and it's looking like it's going to be similar. Each new arc is like an expansion on the previous one with things getting pushed further and further.


I'm about 80% positive that when I release Arc 4, I will remove the ability to play the arcs in any order you want.

I-it's just gotten to the point where the upward flow is not gonna work anymore if you don't play them in the right order. They're forming a really nice crescendo leading up to the final arc and also I'll lose that delightfully sensational ability to pLaY wItH yOuR eXpEcTaTiOns from one arc to the next (I do SO love playing with expectations...) So y-yeah. That'll probably happen. For right now, though, I've left it, even though I still recommend playing Arc 2 before Arc 3 (you need the feels of Arc 2 to carry over into Arc 3 so your heart can be ripped from your gaping chest and smashed with a hammer).

BTW as a Fun Preview™, here's what the, uhhhhh, g e n e r a l  o u t l i n e is currently shaping up into:

  • Arc 1: Everything is fucked.
  • Arc 2: Angsty love triangle.
  • Arc 4: Angsty love triangle (but turned up to 11)(may or may not end up containing the most fucked-up scene in the game)


Anyway, though, ENOUGH RAMBLING. Lemme just yoink this handy GIF I made for the previous release:

The install for Arc 3 should be basically the same as for Arc 2.

  • If you haven't played Our Wonderland before: You don't need to do anything special! Just download the game and play from the beginning, and you'll be able to start Arc 3 once you're finished with Arc 1. Do note, though, that as stated earlier, I recommend playing the arcs in order (Arc 2Arc 3Arc 4), which, in game, is "Call Genzou""Call Orlam""Call Gidget" on this screen (you'll be given a confirmation screen upon selecting an arc):

  • If you have played Our Wonderland before and have a save file: You'll want to download the new Arc 1 + 2 + 3 version of the game, copy over the "saves" folder from your previous version of the game, and paste that into the "game" folder of the new version of the game:

Copy over the entire folder with all your save files and persistent data into the "game" folder of the new Arc 1 + 2 + 3 version of the game.

Once you do this, start up the game like normal and load the file you saved on the final "who to call" question. If you've already completed Arc 2, you should only see "Call Orlam" and "Call Gidget" available. (If you've only completed Arc 1, you'll see all three "Call Genzou," "Call Orlam," and "Call Gidget.") To start Arc 3, choose "Call Orlam."

To finish up this tl;dr launch devlog, we, of course, have the content warnings. Arc 3 once again abides by the same general content warnings as Arcs 1 and 2; HOWEVER, I'm adding an extra Arc-3-specific warning to the general warnings as even though this topic has come up in the game before, it's more pronounced in this arc, and I want to be extra careful:

  • Strong adult language
  • Strong graphic violence (both illustrated and textual)
  • Sexual violence/assault/unwanted sexual advances
  • Disturbing and potentially triggering elements
  • (for Arc 3 specifically) Topics involving suicide, self-harm, and self-poisoning

And, as always, I have a more-detailed list of specific broken-down warnings for Arc 3 for anyone worried/concerned/unsure about any of the above. I've hidden it below for spoiler reasons, but all you need to do is highlight it to read it:

  • Scenes of violence and torture (stabbing, eyes being pulled out, sticking fingers in open wounds, forced gagging, stomachs completely cut open)
  • Unwanted sexual advances (undressing/exposing self despite the other party being uninterested and clearly uncomfortable, making sexual jokes and comments to purposefully make someone uncomfortable)
  • Disturbing/potentially triggering elements (cannibalism, child abuse, bullying, teasing)
  • Topics involving suicide, self-harm, and self-poisoning (harming self through self-poisoning/drinking bleach, worrying about someone committing suicide, comments about wanting to die, effects of a family member that's committed suicide)

As always, if you'd like additional information, details, screenshots, etc., of anything listed above or have any questions, please please please reach out! I don't want anyone going into the game unprepared for something that may be too much for them!!


You'll probably notice that, with this release, I've now changed OW (lol) to PWYW format. PLEASE DON'T FEEL OBLIGATED I'm honestly doing it more just for kicks and giggles and because I've been asked a few times in the past if there's any way to support. But to me this is and always will be a completely free game, so I don't actually expect anyone to donate. However, because of this change, I also needed to make a few changes in the game itself, which is the more important part of why I'm actually even bringing it up. As everyone probably knows, this game would never have been possible without a whole lot of amazing royalty-free/creative-commons assets (and a few songs that I paid for because I couldn't help it...), and while the majority of the assets are used under either public domain or attribution licenses, there were a handful that were "non-commercial." In order to change to PWYW, I had to replace these assets with ones that allowed for commercial use. This included about 12 or so sound effects and 1 song. Probably no one would even notice the replaced sound effects except for me, but those that have played Arc 2 will most likely notice the song, as it's the song from the Arc 2 ending sequence. Despite how much I tried, I was unable to find a recording of that piece that allowed for commercial use, so I needed to change it out entirely. I actually quite like the new piece though and it still fits really well and I made tweaks to the timing, etc., so it still (to me) works just as well. But I just wanted to let people know in case they ever replay that scene and suddenly wonder if they're having a fever dream because the song isn't the same LOL.



NOW, OFF WITH YOU. GO PLAY ARC 3. LUST AFTER A RATTAILED CANNIBAL IN A SUIT. DON'T THINK ABOUT HOW CUTE HIS ASS LOOKS AS HE'S EATING YOU. And, as always, feel free to check out my Twitter for updates, art, ridiculous shitposts, and general tomfoolery. YOU WON'T REGRET IT.

(You might regret it.)

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I played arc 1 and 2 on a Mac (have a bunch of in-game saves), but could not find the "save" folder as i search through all package contents (i see "cache" and "tl" folders tho)..  could it be somewhere else or do i have to play through everything once more? thanks!

hm wait i actually just accessed arc 3 through the new downloaded game without moving any save files??

(1 edit)

Oh, gosh... I realize that I'm not sure how the "saves" folder works on the Mac now that you're mentioning this. I had assumed it was the same as on PC, but apparently it's in a different spot if you can't find it??

OH but it looks like RenPy still does the appdata saves then on Mac! RenPy actually saves your games in two different places—the saves folder and your appdata on your computer. It can sometimes be not foolproof, which is why I always recommend copying over the saves folder to make sure everything is there, but it looks like yours is working fine! If you were able to see all your save files and start Arc3 even without moving anything, then you should be good to go!!! (And I will still go and look into the save folder thing on Mac versions...)

thanks for the reply!  

Mac does have its own ways... (but it's weird that the only thing missing from the "game" folder is the "save" folder, and everything else in the "game" folder seems to be the same as those shown in your PC screenshot)

(1 edit) (+1)

After playing this arc, I have a sudden desire to see Iggy and Orlam cosplay as The Postal Dude and Champ, respectively.

LOL I've never played Postal so I don't know the full implications of this, but just from looking at a picture of them on Google, I'm amused by this hahahaha.

(1 edit) (+2)

Firstly, for anyone who isn't Carrot or hasn't played Arc 3 yet, UNMARKED SPOILERS AHEAD.

...are they gone yet? Good.

Wow. I did not peg Orlam as a hedonist and suicidal but...here we are in Arc 3, also also known as the GET FUCKED, MY SO-CALLED FRIENDS, I'MMA LITERRALY EAT YOUR ASSES WITH MY REAL BEST FRIEND ORLAM arc.

...I do find the madness montage at the end darkly sweet. Orlam and Iggy become best buds, being the two people on the face of the Earth who actually understand and respect each other - like, I get the sense from their bed scene together that Iggy is the only exception to Orlam's sexcapades (unless Iggy actually wants to be) - and how Iggy goes hardcore gaming during Orlam's orgy sessions...while both are in the same room.

...and Orlam once again shows he's the only one who seems to know what's going on, as his little bathtub experiment finally lets him 'figure out' Iggy as Orlam wanted to do in Arc 2.

There there's all the peeks into his home life, how either the death of his father or Genzou's rejection of his advances were the straw which broke the camel's back and started his descent into depression and eventual depravity, and the fact he can be just as manipulative in the real world as he is in Wonderland, likely inherited from his father's own behavior, is just...

...a lot to take in.

The reveal that Wonderland amplifies any desires which aren't innocent, which would explain why Genzou and, in the first two arcs, Iggy are largely unaffected by the madness which has beset the rest of their friends, is a nice one.

Also, love how Orlam's wish falls apart the moment he meets the forest warden Bixby. Too clever by half, he forgets he can only get everything he wants if he has power - and in Bixby's domain, she has the power.

I could go on and on about all the little details I love, but then this would just be me rambling and hitting the comment length limit. :D

Also...is Gidget going to do some uninterrupted R in Arc 4? And will Genzou be the target since "fuck Genzou, that asshole" seems to be a newly-added minor theme to the story?... *gulps in terror* [insert scared emoji here]

TL;DR: Orlam's Wild Ride did not disappoint. Can't wait for Orlam's Final Form in Arc 5....

Oh, and two more things: when the final ending is reached, it would be nice to have a multiple-choice ending (with save warning, of course)...though I get the feeling the obvious choice of wishing Wonderland never existed would just cause the inciting incident to play out in a similar, though depressingly-mundane manner.

Also, since it's clearly possible to track the player's progress through the story, it would be nice to have an arc selection screen so I can replay my favorite arcs and find all the dead ends I missed. As quick as the skip function makes it, it would still be nice to just jump to an arc I've completed instead of having to start a brand-new game or remember to make saves at the beginning of arcs.


Dang it, I called Genzou "Orlam" when asking about a possibility in Act 4. How did I get those two polar opposites mixed up?! Thank God for the edit button.


LOL I ALWAYS LOOK FORWARD TO YOUR COMMMENTS. dkfjasdfas thank you as always for all of your lovely words and also for playing the game and I'm sO GLAD YOU ENJOYED THIS ARC LOL. I had quite a bit of fun with it, I admit, evidenced enough by the fact that I drew so many CGs for it lol.

The montage was such a delight to work on despite it taking forever to draw all of those detailed CGs hahaha. I really enjoyed how their relationship ended up turning out, despite how fucked up it is lol. In my head, I see it as kind of a queerplatonic thing, but of course anyone playing is also free to interpret it however they want (I love people bringing in their own views on things lol). Whether or not Iggy would ever partake in Orlam's escapades is another thing I'll leave it up to the audience to decide on in their heads LOL I see Iggy as being somewhere between sex-repulsed and sex-neutral, being fully repulsed until he's VERY comfortable with a partner. So I give people rein to explore that dynamic in their heads if they want.

The thing I love so much about these middle arcs in general is getting to show more about each character and what's made them into what they are today, while also weaving it into the present-day Wonderland story. And also how each of his friends shapes Iggy in a different way.

I'm pretty excited to get started on Arc 4 production as I feel like it'll end up pushing every single theme that's been introduced even further. We'll see though once I actually get the thing written LOL As far as Genzou goes, Iggy at least will be done being mean to him after this arc (b-b-b-but I won't be...) Even though the main focus of Arc 4 will be Gidget, I feel like 50% of my planned story beats already involve Genzou, so he will a major part of it, too, hence why it's looking like it'll be the angsty love triangle turned up to 11 arc LOL

OH THAT'S A GOOD IDEA ABOUT AN ARC SELECTION SCREEN. I have a few QoL-type ideas I want to eventually implement by the time I've completed the full game, like a gallery, etc., and that would be really cool to do, too, so that people could jump to any arc they want to replay it. I'll def look into that!

Thank you SO MUCH for your words, as always!! It always makes my day!! And really really happy you enjoyed it! 😭🙏I was a bit nervous going into it because this arc takes some TURNS LOL but I'm glad that people are still enjoying the wild ride that is this Fucked Up Game of Mine lolol


I can't NOT look at Orlam's ass. It's my favorite thing about him 😩👌🏻💞

Lmao, once again! Congrats on release!! So proud of ya 🥳🎉💞💞💞



Thank you so much, though! 💕 This week has left me SPENT.

Pshaw, your fault for making it look so peachy 😗🍑🍑💞

Yeah, I bet! You deserve some rest now 😁🙏🏻💞

I am gonna love this so much!